Husband Nargiz Zakirova: “After my divorce, I never met a new woman”

Philip Balzano told about participation in the project “the Voice” and family relationships. According to the artist, he was recognized on the streets of new York, and in the social networks sometimes harshly criticized. Ex-husband of the popular singer admitted that sometimes feels lonely, but in the heart still keeps the memory of his beloved.

Since the beginning of participation in the musical project “Voice” Philip Balzano caused an unprecedented interest on the part of journalists and admirers of the project. Many are of the opinion that he decided to try his hand in the TV show after the programme had been a huge success Nargiz Zakirova, his ex-wife. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the team member Pelageya told about the participation in the project, relations in the family and impressions of their stay in Russia.

— Philip, how was it to work with Pelageya? We were a little crossed on the set. She seemed very nice person. My team gathered a great group of kids tried to help each other, support. I have made new friends. — Where you live in Moscow? I took a small apartment located 300 metres from the Studio “Mosfilm”. Cozy place. I love Moscow, although the Russian capital is an expensive city. But in new York city to live cheap. — How is your communication with Nargis? She knew that I go on “the Voice.” We don’t talk very much, just discussing some family matters. Nargis was surprised when I turned all the judges. — You still love her?I think that if you really have deep feelings for someone you will always love him. In my heart Nargis has a special place. We parted as friends.

— You decide financial matters?I admitted his guilt, was in a difficult position and he needs to get out. It’s my business. — Nargis communicates with her daughter?Leyla and Nargiz often talking through a mobile application making video calls. Fortunately, they have a great relationship.— What do you think will change your life after the project?I doubt it. I’m not one of those people who have the illness star. The show is an honor and exceptional experience. It’s funny, when I walk through Moscow, nobody recognizes me. But in new York! Russians who live in USA, stop me in the streets and ask to take a picture with them. I think there are many fans of “the Voice”. I came to Russia for show, to make people understand, I’m not a monster, how I was introduced to the media. — Not afraid to attack fans or inadequate people?I can walk around the city, shopping. There are no such problems. But once I watched a video on Youtube with his participation. In the comments under it people were trashing me. Like any artist, I am very sensitive to such reviews, so stopped reading. Many people don’t know can hurt them words. Have you ever had moments when you feel lonely?Of course I miss my family. I spend a lot of time at home, watching TV. I have not met a new woman. — What you thought the Russian people?I think in the US a completely distorted perception of Russians and the country itself. I don’t speak Russian, so wherever I went, everyone was polite as a foreigner. If your countrymen will come to us, you’ll understand that Americans are also very friendly. Everywhere there are bad and good people.