Husband Borodina does not give the son to see the presenter and children

Epic breakup Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov continued. Almost every day in the media there are new details this process. Their “pour” as spouses but also their close aides.

Last week it turned out that Borodin decided to put an end to relations with Omarov when I found out about his infidelity with Alena Vodonaevoy. Today Kseniya says that increasingly is coming to its end, because the Eid even blocked the access to his son Omar to the family Borodina, which in that time the boy became friends and became like family. As you know, eight-year-old Omar and seven-year daughter Xenia Marusya immediately found a common language and having a great time. Now this children is denied.

“We don’t talk and no contact. When he wants to know the news of the Thea or to arrange a meeting with her, calling my assistant-the nurse” – confessed to reporters Borodin. “I’m sorry that Omar is now impossible to visit in our home. Daughter misses so much! Asked how he was doing, and the answer is nothing – because they communicate now can’t. I remember when I was pregnant lobster dinner was hugging my belly, talking to Thea. But as he rejoiced at her birth! Now he can see her if you’re his dad.”

By the way, to cope with two children Borodina helps nurse that by chance the other day for the first time showed the face of the youngest daughter of the presenter. It happened in that time, Xenia was broadcast in Periscope, where he answered questions from fans.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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