Husband Anfisa Chekhova confessed to cheating

The reasons for his divorce with Guram Bablishvili, Anfisa Chekhova says evasively. The presenter noted that she and her husband have started different Outlook on life, but she never failed to mention that Guram would cheat on her. Yes, Anfisa herself claims that her hand too was not cheating.

However, in the program, Lera Kudryavtseva Chekhov found out about the infidelities of Guram. Celebrity had no idea that her husband “walks” to the left. But fans Anfisa suspected that her husband has had an affair after the provocative picture from the pool. Guram took a selfie, capturing the frame son Solomon in the company of pretty girls. Then Anfisa and her husband denied the speculation, saying that the photo is a relative of Guram. However, Bablishvili admitted that he cheated on his wife.

The man said that he did not have a permanent mistress, but “male nature” took its course and was a one-time infidelity. For Anfisa, it was shock.