Hugh Hefner sold the estate Playboy neighbor

From the famous house of temptation Playboy is now the new owner. The property stayed on the market for only a few months, and despite rumors that he’s not worth a tenth of the requested $ 200 million, was sold for a large sum.

“We confirm that the Playboy estate was sold to Darren Metropoulos. The amount of the transaction is confidential, and we are not at liberty to divulge neither her nor other details” — said in a Playboy edition of the E! News.
While official representatives are silent, journalists found out that the legendary home of Hugh will receive more than one hundred million dollars for its luxury accommodation, situated on five acres in Holmby hills. As agreed in the sales process, Hugh is allowed to live in the house until his death. The house has 29 rooms, theater, pool and much more. Near the house is a house for guests and visitors with four bedrooms and a spacious hall for events.
“This is a good time to find a new owner for this incredible property, which is to understand the role of our brand and will be able to continue it’s storied history. The house has a creative business center we met hef, who stay there for more than forty years, and even after the sale of real estate, he will remain there” — told one of the managers of Playboy Enterprises Scott Flanders.
And yourself happy owner of a house? In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said that “heritage of ownership goes far beyond its popularity” and that “to serve her is a great honor” for him. At the same time to disclose the amount of the purchase Darren refused.
Earlier, real estate professionals said that the cost of the house is clearly overpriced. The house itself is not worth 20 million, especially because a large part of it requires a major overhaul. The requested amount was based more on the legend of real estate. Plus, the presence in the house Hugh until his death is also a disadvantage in selling. Well, congratulations Hefner and Metropoulos with the transaction and see how it will affect the development of the offspring Hugh Playboy Enterprises.

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