Hugh Grant told the whole truth about their star colleagues

57-year-old British actor Hugh Grant, when journalists asked him about his colleagues, not only makes a lot of jokes, but puts it all on the line. In a recent interview, the celebrity said that he thinks about actors Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Robert Downey Jr. and others.

Grant worked with Thompson on the paintings “love” and “sense and sensibility”. He’s a colleague described the word “genius”, however, I forgot to add in her address a couple of barbs. Hugh says about the actress that she is slightly insane, and every year it becomes even more crazy.

Actress Meryl Streep, his partner on the film “Florence foster Jenkins” , the Brit is also called a genius but forgot to tell you about it Loh vision. Grant said that Meryl sees the bad, but to wear contact lenses refuses. All this filming can lead to the fact that it can become a Denzel Washington.

About Robert Downey Jr Grant said they did not get along during the filming of “Royal grace.” According to Hugh, a Robber hates him. He just looked at it and immediately wanted to kill.

But about Renee Zellweger the actor said another. The actor said that he loves her and she him. Of course, it is from the point of view of madness in the same category as Emma Thompson, but she’s an amazing actress and woman with a big heart. Grant says that Renee once sent him a lot of photos of naked women. He remembered, because got pictures before the flight to Marrakech, where the album was confiscated.

Very soon, we will remind, Hugh Grant with his lover, 39-year-old Anna, Alberstein will become happy parents. For the Grant this child will be fifth in a row. And Anna third. The couple are raising two children together: 2-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. Two children Grant from a relationship with actress Tinglan Hong.