Hugh Grant admitted that he had mental problems

Hugh Grant rarely makes itself felt. The actor says personal stuff, and journalists trying to dig up family secrets, thanks to his lawyers punishes financially. Recently the actor has been a guest on the talk show of CBS, where he made so personal a confession that many of his admirers forced themselves to love again.

So, the star of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” admitted that 2007 brought him many trials, including a nervous breakdown, which nearly ended the treatment in special institutions.

“I came back from holiday in the Maldives and suddenly felt strange. I decided to distract myself and opened the newspaper to read about football. And suddenly my eyes flooded with tears… the Next three weeks I cried continuously. I couldn’t leave the house because completely lost the ability to control yourself. For example, I could go to a cafe to drink coffee and cry in response to the question of the waiter — what kind of milk I prefer… I only tried hypnosis and therapy, but everything was useless…” — said the actor. Fortunately, after some time, the state of his nerves was normalized by itself.

What was the cause of a nervous breakdown, Grant chose not to speak, but fans comparing the facts and understand it all. In their view, the mental state of idol is influenced by his breakup with Jemima Khan.

Note that since Hugh normalized their personal lives, and even, quite unexpectedly, had children. Four! From two different women!.

Chinese actress Tinglan Hong gave birth to Grant Tabitha and Felix, and Swede Anna Eberstein gave the actor a son and a daughter.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: spletnik.ru

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