How to wear jewelry: the energy of right and left hands

People have always paid special attention to the selection of jewelry. But you must know that each of them can have certain properties, and wear it the right way.

Watches, rings and bracelets — I guess everyone has on hand at least one of these ornaments. They can be made of various metals and materials. Most people do not gives importance to the fact in which hand to wear jewelry, but this is quite important. After reading this article, you will learn what energy have on hand and which hand to wear jewelry that they not only complement your look but could become an amulet and talisman.

Decoration on the right hand

The right hand attracts energy. You should not take something from another person’s right hand, otherwise it is likely that you will transmit negative energy. Especially this rule applies to money after all bills are constantly moving from hand to hand and take a large amount of human energy.

Jewelry worn on the right hand, also tend to attract energy. So try to put on the right hand articles of gold and silver. Golden ornaments symbolize the Sun and have the ability to absorb solar energy. Filled with energy of the gold jewelry is able to convey it through the right hand.

Silver is a lunar metal and also has the ability to store energy. Special influence on the energy of the silver provided by the Moon, which is considered the patroness of the night, therefore, silver jewelry can absorb not only light energy but also dark, night. Accumulated energy, positive or negative, can go to you. To charge the negative energy is not handed to you, take with right hand silver jewelry before you go to bed.

Decoration on left arm

Left hand, unlike the right, tend to give energy. This can be used in order to get rid of the negativity or to protect themselves. For the left hand should choose two types of decorations. One should protect others to help get rid of negative energy.

Protective properties have of decoration round shape: rings, bracelets. For example, the bracelet’s desires will not only protect you but also will help to attract money, love and luck. A decoration of precious metals have the ability to protect from the evil eye and spoilage. In addition, jewelry from white gold have a unique property to protect against negative energy.

To get rid of the accumulated negativity will help pendants of any shape. If your jewelry is old or inherited, it should be worn on the left hand. This decoration accumulated energy of the previous owners will eventually disappear, because our left hand is able to get rid of it.

Energy stones

The stones are always attributed to strong energetic properties. They were believed to have a positive effect on the human energy. However, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of stones. There are many ways to choose a piece of jewelry with a stone: for example, Zodiac Sign or date of birth. But in General, any jewelry with stones carry their own special, unique energy and is able to perform the function of a talisman.

In addition to jewelry of precious and non-precious metal accessories are available in different materials-leather, fabrics, wood, plastic and so on. Most often such decorations do not have protective or adverse properties. Products made of such materials you can put on both the right and left hand, without fear of consequences. I hope that the tips collected in this article, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru will be useful for you. Be always irresistible