How to store money in the wallet to more

Financial position largely determines our mood, attitude, after all, when NS is constantly haunted by money troubles, and life seems dark and hopeless.

Many people think that in order to become richer you have to be born from rich or have huge reserves of good luck. It is not, because you have to start small. Need to learn how to save money, not to keep off positive energy.

The experts of Feng Shui

First, let’s turn to ancient Eastern teachings, which is over 3,000 years old. As they say the Eastern sages, like money order. To keep in your purse they are better separately. Coins should lie separately. Bills better to straighten and put carefully.

As for the purse, the better. So he was red. Red attracts positive Chi energy. With this wallet you can go for any shopping and not to be afraid of deception. Credit cards are best kept separate, although on this occasion the particular tips in Feng Shui are hard to find.

If it is not possible to buy red purse or you just don’t like this color, then attach the red ribbon. This would be a great replacement of the buying a new purse. By the way, about the new wallets. They should always be in good condition, so as not to scare you good luck and the money flowed.

The energy of negative color for the purse — gray or white. Acceptable are considered to be yellow, orange, blue.

Signs on the wallet

Don’t leave your wallet empty, never, under any conditions. Must have at least one coin and at least one paper bill. Even better would be if the last coin or bill will be there constantly the same, like lucky charms.

Thin wallet attracts failure. Money in torn purses stored very poorly. Always buy a new wallet to replace the old, if its appearance is far from “commodity”.

You cannot store money in the found wallet. If you found a wallet with money, then don’t wear them in her purse. Spend them as soon as possible.

No trash in my purse to not be. This applies to travel tickets, candy wrappers from candy and other things.

The opinion of psychics and experts in bioenergy

Each person has a lucky stone talisman amulet or other. If you put it in the purse, it will have a positive impact on attracting financial good luck.

Do not let anyone your wallet for a long time. If the house you put it in the bag, jackets, pants or other clothes, put it in a dark place, away from the mirrors.

The purse can be imposed curses and hexes, as the person who owns the wallet. If you suddenly started to catch up trouble for no particular reason, try changing the wallet.

A purse is not only a place to store money, but a place to store your fortune. Take care of this thing very carefully. Monetary success will not be able to get you a party, if the purse is in order.