How to save power and to protect themselves from a foreign power: tips Elena Yasevich

Every day we are exposed to negative influences that destroy our power. How to save your hand and save a fortune, said the winner of the 12th season of “Battle of psychics,” Elena Yasevich.

The negative impact is not only the damage or the evil eye, and all harmful factors that we encounter in the modern world. Stress, fatigue, overwork, dealing with “difficult” people — all this has a negative impact not only on our physical health, but also on energy. When such factors become too much, the protective functions of the biofield weakening it is exhausted, there is formed a gap through which flows the vital energy. Elena Yasevich told about the 10 simple rules, doing that every day, you can protect yourself, save your strength and stay active and awake.

1. It is impossible to sharply get out of bed. You need to stand up, turn sideways and slowly lower feet to the floor. So you gradually and painlessly enters the awake mode and saves power, accumulated during the night.

2. In the morning, definitely need to ventilate the apartment. Even in the cold season, you should crack a window for even five minutes. The fact that the house accumulates a lot of negative energy, and it should “release” out. This is especially necessary if you were having a nightmare. By the way, washing with cold water will perform the same function — will help to refresh energy and wash off the night fears.

3. Do not engage in lively conversations for at least 30 minutes after you Wake up. The energy that you will realize in the course of the day, it is still very unstable and weak in the morning she goes through the stage of formation. Spending it on conversation, you will reduce your productivity for the day.

4. During a trip to work on public transport try not to look at the faces of people and especially do not look them in the eyes met the gaze with an energy vampire, you will give him a part of their energy. If you need something to occupy myself, looked at items of clothing or accessories of other passengers, think of them an interesting combination or the whole image — this will help “start” the brain and activate the imagination.

5. On the way to anywhere, try not to turn back without having — thus you are depriving yourself of energy.

6. Get rid of unreasonable anxiety and negative thoughts from which flows the life force, you can use the elemental talisman: on a small piece of paper or cardboard, put a big point — it will symbolize you and enclose it in a circle — this will be your protection. Wear an amulet in the pocket all day and in difficult moments touch his arm.

7. Even if you have had a very difficult day, come home with a smile. Your emotions greatly affect the power house. If you go into the house with joyful emotions, he will give you even more strength and energy.

8. Never swear or raise your voice before going to sleep. Quarrel and without having a devastating impact on our energy, and in the evening and at night they can cause irreparable damage.

9. If the conflict still occurred, or you were just nervous, Elena Yasevich advised to light a candle and gaze into its flame from one to two minutes, imagining that the fire burns the negative. A clove of garlic, put under your pillow to keep bad dreams and cleanse your energy.

10. Hug your child before bedtime: so you will strengthen its protection. According to Elena Yasevich, because of this small ritual children will grow healthier and more spiritually developed, and more than kind.

The magic lies not only in ceremonies and rituals — at times it lies in the ordinary daily activities to which we attach little value. Previously Elena Yasevich shared the secrets of domestic magic that will help you to attract luck and prosperity every day.