How to protect yourself from the evil eye, envy and corruption: a strong protective charms

The most powerful weapon in the fight against the negative influence are protective charms. With their help, you will be able to protect your life from someone else’s intervention and get rid of destructive energy, destroying your good fortune.

The negative impact creates the human biofield huge hole, through which flow the life force and positive energy. Envy is the source of many ills: it often encourages people to carry out magical actions aimed at the elimination of rivals.

Evil eye damage and can cause irreparable harm to your physical and spiritual health. The first signs of magic effects directly connected with sharp deterioration of mood and overall body tone. The apparent decline in physical strength indicates the presence of magical intervention. To repel the negative effects will help protective charms.

Protection from any magical effects

It would be useful if you will find a sacred item that will become a patron of your personal happiness. Amulets, talismans, and amulets designed to protect the power of the person, not allowing her negative impact.

However, if you think about the need for a protective talisman too late and have already become the victim of a magical attack, you need to read fast and effective conspiracy:

“The anger and envy, the evil eye damage and get myself back. All that’s pointed at me (name), will return a bad person. Black adversity is not to keep me in captivity. As I said, said, so be it”.

When reading the plot it is desirable to imagine how you enveloped in a protective silver film. Visualization enhances the effect of the conspiracy.

A conspiracy from the evil eye and spoilage

Any evil eye can be removed at home, without the help of psychics, magicians and sorcerers. Strong protective ritual is rooted in depth of centuries, to the origins of the formation of magic. In ancient times, the plot was treated the terminally ill and possessed people. His power contains a huge reservoir of healing practices aimed at strengthening the biofield, protection and freedom from negative programs.

Was there a conspiracy in the 15th century and is still considered one of the strongest. Spoken words are healing from corruption, envy and the evil eye, protect from fishing and they are envious. Read the conspiracy is necessary in the pitch dark and all alone. Text:

“The sea hides from the eyes of unworthy of the island. On the island there is a Church of pure gold, it had swaddled Jesus Christ himself. I shall find the servant of God (name), the Holy place and the unknown and touch the altar. Sacrifice will bring their faith. In an instant all the evil eye a bad, bad word, diabolical slander and damage to disappear.

Fire fist don’t hold, so the damage wouldn’t stay on me. Like water off a duck comes down, and I will do all the words of evil. Like the grass in the morning dew dries, and I the evil eye Yes, all the witchcraft wither. Water puts out fire, as the damage goes out from my words.

Mind, disease morning and night, visible and invisible, and deadly sabotage. In the black mud send you where you do not go with the dog or a wild beast, and no man there will not come. In the swamp you can stay forever. Said my word hard. So be it. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

A protective ritual against envy

This plot is read every morning before leaving the house. To protect yourself, you’ll need to read the words of conspiracy on a long needle, knife or needle. Text:

“All ill-wishers and envious persons to come across the edge sharp when committing acts of evil. They never know happiness in this life, if happiness they want to take. The Lord God will protect me and will punish them. My life anyone to change nor to destroy, nor to ruin nor to eat. As said, said, so be it. Amen.”

After reading the plot it is necessary to hold around itself a blessed thing invisible circle. Any pointed object accumulates positive energy discharges. Therefore, performing such actions, you surround yourself with invisible but powerful energy shield.

The locking action

The locking action is normal daily activity, combined with a short power plant. Every day, going to work, study or a walk, watch what you are doing. The locking action is considered tying my shoelaces, headband, and scarf, zipping zippers, buttons, fitting ring, bracelet, closing doors, locks and so on. Aligning them with the words of the conspiracy you firmly close all the streams private protective bio-field that will protect you from the negative effects. The text of the conspiracy:

“By their actions, I’m locking all locks from evil, evil eye, black words. Access to me and never will be. Neither in the road nor on the road or at work or on the street, neither in the morning nor in a dream of evil men come near me. And these words of the castle locked and the key removed. So, as I said/told”.

Not to hold rituals on the removal of damage, preferably in advance to protect yourself and your life. Else’s envy can destroy your happiness, therefore, with caution trust your secrets to a stranger. We wish you good mood and success. Take care of yourself