How to place icons in flat

Since ancient times, icons adorn not only the walls of temples and churches, and believers. To icons become a talisman for your home, and the saints have helped you in any difficult moment, must be correctly positioned.

For Orthodox believers own house as Church is an important place that needs God’s protection. Icons as one of the most important subjects of religion, should occupy the place of honor in the house. Saints were always in plain sight and guarded dwelling and its inhabitants.

Modern people are less likely to attach importance to the correct location of the icons in the apartment, so I often opt for the wrong place. To the icon has not lost its power, and the saints have always been able to hear you, consider how and where to correctly place the Holy image.

Where to place icons in the house

Very often not only inconsistent, but also neighboring objects affect the force of the icons. Of course, only you can decide where you would like to see the images of the saints in his house, but try to pay attention to those things, which will be located next to the icons. Many details, including photos, Souvenirs and even ordinary statues that may affect the power of icons, and instead of a talisman they will become a regular decoration. If the cabinets you keep your home library consisting mainly of books, not having a theological nature, then also you should not attempt to place the sacred images. Choosing the right location for the icons, you will be able to protect you and your home.

Since ancient times and to this day the most correct location for sacred images is a “red corner” — the corner of the house, facing East. In Ancient Russia it was believed that any man that comes into the house should first honor the Lord, and then head home. There is usually installed a small wardrobe, or hanging shelves, where were located the icons. Currently, the layout of apartments is not always possible to set the icons in front of the entrance. If you are not able to organize the apartment “red corner”, the icon can be placed on the right side of the door.

If you have a small child, the icon can be hung over his crib as you’ll be able to provide the child a permanent protection. In this case, pay attention to the mother of God. As a patron of the family and children, it will be a talisman for your apartment and for all households.

To arrange the icons in any room, definitely in a prominent place — this will ensure you maximum protection and will protect your home from accidents and intruders.

If you decide to place an icon in the kitchen on the dining table, don’t forget to pray to God before every meal that God has blessed you, and you thanked him for all that you have on the table.

As it is impossible to place the images of the saints

You should not place the icon next to the electric appliances, as their constant use can weaken the power of the Holy image. If you want to place the icon in the workplace, where there is a computer, it is desirable to put the icon is not on the table, and place it somewhere nearby — on the wall or on the window. In this case, the action icons do not hurt, and the Holy face will help you in your work.

It is impossible to place icons with statues, Souvenirs, Feng Shui ornaments, and other trifles, as in the spiritual world, icons have a special meaning, and for believers it is unacceptable to equate the Holy images to the usual home décor. For the same reason, can’t put the icons next to the pictures.

It is impossible to put icons next to the photos or to hang next to the posters of famous people. It is believed that in this way during prayer you deify a living person. Your request to the saints in this case is unlikely to be heard.

It is impossible to arrange the icons on the shelf with books that have no theological content. Any manuscript adopts the mood and energy of the author, and not always it is positive. In order to avoid accumulation of negative energy around icons, it is advisable to place the images of the saints in the bookcase.

How to place icons in the house

It is desirable to hang the icons on the wall or put them on the shelf below depicts the saints could cover their eyes the rest of your apartment, thereby protecting it.

If you have decided to place the iconostasis in the “red corner”, get the shelf-frame. It is easier for you to arrange the icons in a prominent place and, as expected, the images of the saints are drawn to the entrance.

In the centre of the iconostasis have to be the icon of the Savior. On the right side should be located the icon of the blessed virgin, and the left — the image of John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ. The presence of these icons and their correct location will give your iconostasis extraordinary divine power.

Above the icons you can install only the crucifixion — the most important Orthodox shrines.

Complementing the iconostasis with images of other saints, following the principle of the Church hierarchy, it is impossible to put them above the icon of the Savior.

If you want to decorate the icons, you can do this with the help of fresh flowers.

Correctly aligned icons in his apartment, you can protect yourself and your family from troubles and misfortunes, and at the time of prayer nothing can keep you praying to saints. To best protect your apartment will help you icons, amulets. Peace to your home,