How to make an amulet, wish-fulfilling

The amulet is said to grant wishes and help to fulfill your wildest dreams. Magic item made with your own hands, can work miracles.

Sometimes the execution of the desire we have to resort to the support of the higher forces in the face of the Universe. Switching her attention to help magic items: talismans, charms and amulets. But not everyone knows that unlimited power have charms have access to the human biofield. In it is important, not the thing itself, and your personal involvement in its creation.

The amulet of desires

Work with any magic assistant implies a certain conception of action. It is important to understand how the universal laws work, have a clear idea of how wishes come true and, of course, be aware of principles on the conduct of the amulet.

The amulet is said to grant wishes — not fiction. To your dream has moved from words to materialize, you can configure mascot for execution of a particular task. In our case it is the realization of dreams. After that, the amulet will start working for you.

Of course, this does not mean that the sky falls on you manna from heaven. Your personal assistant will attract the attention of the Universe and its positive flows: optimally distributing the energy, he will direct her in the right direction, so your life will seek a good opportunity. The main thing — do not miss them.

To fulfill the desire of you can use any thing. The main thing here — not the object itself, and invested it in energy. When creating the amulet only you give it power, so it’s important to believe that everything is possible.

How to make a magic amulet

To create an amulet for fulfillment of deepest desires is not difficult. Encourage the assistant to realizing a dream is possible with the help of the basic rules that are rooted in the distant past. For centuries, the tradition of making magic items has developed, improved, transferred to descendants and then, finally, came to us in perfect condition.

Bought the amulet at times inferior to the hand made. The fact is that when you create the helper you configure it to your own biorhythms. He becomes one with you and your energy.

Such strong magic as wish-fulfillment, no negligence. Choosing a future amulet, follow all the established norms and regulations. Depending on personal appetites and desires, preference is thing that is already proven in this or that area of life.

The amulet is said to grant wishes related to money

Legumes have long symbolized prosperity, security and well-being. Desires that are directly associated with cash acquisitions will be fulfilled through the creation of rosaries. It is best to use green beans or white variety.

The number of beans in direct proportion to your desires or desired income. One bean is equal to ten thousand. Pass through the core of each bean thread, tie tightly at the base. Carry the amulet with you in your pocket or bag. Every morning, toss bean rosary, think about their desires, tuning in a positive way and reciting cash affirmations.

Amulet, any wishes

You’ll need lavender, more precisely, her crushed flowers, blue cloth, candle, honey, rope and a small sheet of paper. When creating the amulet we turn to the ancient ritual, which helps in achieving any purpose.

To attract positive flows, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru suggest on the growing moon. Four candles — the four cardinal directions. Place them on the floor, at a small distance from each other. Now the most important task: on the sheet you need to describe in detail his dream or some wishes. From scraps of fabric make a small pouch in which to put the lavender flowers and your handwritten dream.

Light the candles, stand in the middle, firmly squeeze the bag and repeat your wish until then, until you feel that you are filled with positive energy. The bag can carry, and can be hidden in the house. However, after your dream will come true, don’t forget to burn the amulet.

Fire amulet

The dream implies not only execution, but also deliverance from all hindering factors that put a spoke in the wheel. To save space from the energy blocks will help the element of fire. You’ll need white rope and an ordinary candle.

Getting rid of everything unnecessary only during the waning moon. Your amulet, which will remove all obstacles and interference, you must first charge. For this the ropes have to stretch in different directions, thinking of the hated objects, who are on the way. The more you release anger, the better.

Then rewind rope candle from beginning to end. Light the wick and let the candle burn. You will then receive the amulet, destroying danger and blocks in the implementation of desires. Put it in a secret place that nobody found and accidentally got it.

For you we have selected the most effective and time-tested charms, perfectly executing desires. As mentioned earlier, you can choose absolutely any assistant. Even a simple bracelet can turn into a personal amulet, charge it properly. We wish you fulfillment of all desires, success and good luck. Be happy