How to make a wish on the Old New year

If in the New year for some reason you forget to make a wish, you can do it on 14 January. The old New year, not less than a magical time in order to turn their dreams into reality.

It is believed that winter is a truly magical time. During this season we have the opportunity to make a wish that will come true in the near future. Despite the fact that the New year is over, you still have the opportunity to get what you want. Old New year is around the corner, and that means you’ll again be able to believe in a miracle and to realize their dreams. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru will tell you how to get what they want already January 14.

Make a wish on the Old New year: the first stage

For starters, think about your desire. Of course, each of us wants to get everything at once, but still refer to the Universe you have requested the execution of the most cherished dreams. You can write your wish on paper or just keep imagining what you want to get.

In the night from 13 to 14 January, stay alone with yourself and mentally visualize your desire. Remove all doubt about what your dream can not be realized: first of all, you must believe, that you can have what you want. It is best to write down his wish, but it is important that it is formulated correctly. The particle “not” use is strictly prohibited, as such a denial will only slow the process of fulfillment of your dreams.

While you ponder your desire, try to be in a good mood and keep only positive thoughts. Your dream should be kind and not bring harm to other people, otherwise, it will never come true.

Make a wish on the Old New year: the second stage

At midnight from 13 to 14 January, when you have already decided on the choice of desire and ready to make it again write it on a sheet of paper, definitely after completing your entry with the words:

“My wish will come true!”.

After that you should get rid of the sheet, where it is written above the desire. You can burn it or bury it away from your home, the most important anyone tell you performed the ritual. It is advisable that you forgot about his dream, sending out to the Universe with faith that it will come true. Be sure that the result will be positive.

What to do after you made a wish

For a few days you should forget about your desire, but after some time again, think about it, visualizing every detail. If you want to travel, visualize in your mind even what you want to go to the desired city or country. Imagine as you walk the places you want to visit. Try to add in your desire colours and the fine details.

When we make a wish, then advance to mentally believe that it is true. Sometimes the result is not in line with our ideas, and there are seven simple reasons. Avoiding them, you will definitely get everything you want. May all your dreams come true,