How to get rid of jealousy, anger and resentment: 5 effective ways

Stressful situations that surround us everywhere provoke negative emotions. To fight back emotional stress, which destroys not only the nerve cells but also the entire body, the following techniques will help get rid of negativity.

Envy, anger and resentment — feelings inherent in even the most gentle and friendly people. However, the impact that negative emotions should be stopped immediately. Not everyone can just up and get rid of emotional tension, but to replace the thoughts with positive thoughts available to anyone. That is why positive thinking is the best way to get rid of stressful situations and to stop the growth of negativity, switching with emotions on a sober resolve the conflict.

Get rid of anger, envy and resentment

To completely get rid of negative thoughts and emotions — is impossible. But they can take it out, replace, or overcome. The people know the easiest way to liberation from anxiety. However, in very stressful situations, the positive effect is negligible. In rare cases, either cause the opposite effect, cutting the ground from under his feet. Scientists in the field of bioenergy has identified 5 effective ways to get rid of negative emotions, a method of restoring harmony and vitality the old man.

1. To release feeling at will

It is very important to allow yourself to experience negative emotions without suppressing them. In any case, whatever your feelings, don’t be ashamed of them, and forbid not to feel what I’m feeling. Even if it is unworthy. Know that happiness and anger are the same emotion, the only difference is in the inner limit.

Try to put your emotions out. For example, you can beat a pillow, representing the face of his enemy. If this practice is not for you, that is another wonderful method for you to scream that there are forces. It is desirable to retire or close in the car and start to shout in all throat, that torments your soul. There is another alternative: write an angry letter, putting in every letter of all his pent-up emotion, and then to burn it.

2. Do not accumulate negative emotions

The best option to get rid of anger, envy and resentment — to say everything to the person who made you feel this way. State your opinion: “Look, not very nice when doing this to me…” or “I’m upset that you’re better than me…”. However, remember that the views expressed in the face is not always acceptable. You can sometimes cause an even greater surge of negativity on the part of the offender.

In delicate cases it is necessary to refer to the human mirror. In other words, reproduce, touched you, in front of a mirror and Express all your emotions on this, introducing in the mirror the cause of your oppressive state. Expressed negative emotions literally dissolve into the air, freeing you place to positive. At this stage try to take the place of your man, understand the cause behind his actions and forgive him his liberty. It is a sincere forgiveness will allow you to forget about anger and resentment.

3. Count to ten

To pacify his ardor by using easy way: in the moment when you are overwhelmed by negative emotions, take a deep breath and count to ten. It is desirable to combine this practice with a walk in the fresh air. The movement and the peaceful atmosphere will help to cope with rising adrenaline.

Also the negative rinse well after contact with water. No wonder scientists recommend in moments of anger, envy and resentment to take a shower. Water will give the required discharge. When you feel that the emotions almost out of control, and you barely hold back, not to say the wrong thing — imagine if you typed a mouth full of water. This popular practice will help you to keep your mouth shut and emerge victorious from any stressful situation.

4. Get rid of energy blocks and anxiety

Exercises to get rid of the energy blocks will help you in any stressful situation to return to a state of harmony and spiritual peace. In a moment of rage, envy or resentment try to clear your mind of all thoughts. Relax all your body, especially the muscles of the face. For a moment feel the weight of resentment and misunderstanding begins to leave your body. At this moment, focus your attention on the corners of the lips, which should form a slight smile. Try to feel your lips pulled themselves slightly noticeable smile, and throughout the body there is a feeling of happiness.

5. Revenge for the benefit of

If negative emotions are not released, and only intensified with each passing day, covering your head, even in this situation, you can find benefits and profits. Take it and repay her abuser, only in a positive way. The best revenge is your happiness and successful life. Think in a positive way, bring people joy, and you don’t pay attention to how quickly you will achieve great results, pushing all the negativity.

It is impossible to get rid of feelings of anger and resentment, constantly avenging his enemy, how could it fail to oust the envy, living with her in his heart. It is impossible to resolve the internal conflict by accumulating negative. Attract positive emotions, let your feelings out, want joy, prosperity and happiness. Only then you will see how all the negative emotions will disappear from your life. We wish you good mood, success,