How to change hair color can affect the life and destiny of man

Many factors in life can affect the destiny of man, and hair color is no exception. Be careful, experimenting with the image to change did not change your destiny for the worse.

A person’s appearance creates a first impression and says a lot about his character. It concerns the appearance as a whole, clothing and, of course, hairstyles. Your haircut and hair color are not only part of the image, but also reflect your nature. Every person is born with a certain color type, and has for life makes changes. First of all it concerns hair color.

Not only women, but many men sometimes want to radically change your look and start thinking about a new hair color. But do not forget that any changes in appearance, is fraught with consequences. They will be positive or not, depends on you. If you are determined to dye your hair, learn how these changes will affect your destiny. The team dailyhoro.ru will help you to choose the color of hair, which will positively affect your future.

Bright shades of hair

For most blondes are characterised by openness and light-heartedness. People with this natural hair color is much less than brunettes or brown hair. If a person decides to give your hair a lighter shade, most likely, he wants to add to its image of elegance and lightness.

That hair color is ruled by mercury, which completely destroys the stereotype of stupidity and naivety blondes. On the contrary, under the influence of this planet is curiosity, friendliness and sociability. They always easily find contact to any people, love to learn something new and unusual, I prefer not to sit still, as active rest, traveling to different cities and countries.

Giving your hair a lighter shade, you will strengthen the influence of mercury. This will help you to open up, to Express themselves, contribute to self-development and achievement of goals. However, it is not necessary to forget and about the negative traits of this planet. Many people falling under the influence of mercury, be less sociable, talkative and how much false. Lost a sense of responsibility for the words spoken that might offend others and thereby turn away from you even the closest people. Your thoughts can become chaotic, and focus on a specific case will be very difficult. So think carefully before you lighten your hair. Perhaps over-confidence and openness will harm you and detrimental to your future.

Dark shades of hair

For brunettes characteristic durability, guts and determination. Often, however, people with dark hair color attributed to excessive rigidity and prudence. Having decided to disguise the dark color, you can give your image of mystery, and thanks to the energy of this hue you will be able to achieve their goals.

Dark hair color is controlled by the Pluto, whose influence gives more sensuality and mystery to these people. Under the influence of this planet are manifested qualities such as confidence, charisma and manliness. Dark-haired people are not afraid of problems and difficulties, always ready to rebuff the provocateurs themselves are not an avid kicker. On the contrary: brunettes prefer peaceful atmosphere around, and any conflicts just pull them of vital energy.

If you repainted a dark color, Pluto will take you under his wing. You will feel an unusual surge of energy, boldness, will seem to have no such problems that you would not be able to overcome. However, the planet can arouse you and negative qualities: jealousy, temper, desire to control everyone and everything. You’ll be more likely to try to take the risk, sometimes unfounded, for what may appear problems at work and in personal life. This is especially true of the fairer sex. Powerful and strong woman will simply crush the man, and most often, it ends in the collapse of family life. Giving your hair a dark shade, try to control your emotions and don’t forget to be themselves.

How red hair affects the fate of

Red color is a favorite for many women. Red-haired people have a strong character, it can be very catchy. From childhood they have shown courage and perseverance. It’s no wonder this hair color many people associate with fire. Undoubtedly, these people have a certain spark.

No wonder this color is ruled by the Sun. Through his influence, the already owners of bright red hair emit more light around. Communication with such people is a pleasure and enhances the mood. You can call them unique people both externally and internally. Their main feature is that they are less likely than other people to suffer depression or feel alone. Childlike is their main characteristic, therefore, people with red hair well developed imagination, they are creative and often connect their lives with the creative professions.

If you decide to give your hair a bright red shade, you will feel a strange inner surge of energy. The influence of the Sun in this case will strengthen your sense of responsibility that may have a positive influence both at work and at love field.

Do not forget and about the negative impact of the Sun. Generally Sunny people inherent traits such as arrogance, selfishness and pride. Not everyone will easily accept such of the nature of its partner, so the red-haired people are sometimes very easy to fall in love and to love, but is difficult to maintain a permanently warm relationship. To prevent negative effects of the Sun on your destiny, try to avoid conflicts with other people and excessive temper.

Having decided to disguise, try a responsible approach to the choice of color, because any change in appearance can significantly affect your destiny. If you do decide to change the image, but I can’t decide on a hair color, pick it in accordance with its Sign of the Zodiac to a new look not only gave you a highlight, but also was his good luck charm. Be beautiful