How to call in the aid of spirit helpers: expert advice

Call mystic creatures in the realm of the physical world is quite complex and dangerous magic process. However, the necessary to help you implement the most secret desires.

From childhood we are familiar with the scary stories and history about the calls of the spirits, trolls, Queen of spades and other supernatural entities. And, according to psychics, all this is not children’s fiction, and the real thing. In the life of every mage sooner or later there comes a time when a creature of the astral plane awakened in the realm of the physical world. Almost always the spirit helper turns into the patron Saint of happiness, who begin to trust more than myself. Experts agree in opinion that to invoke the help of the mystical defender under force to everyone. It is important to know the basic rules of the ritual.

The magical helpers of the astral world

Spirit-assistant according to the medieval Western tradition, are called familiar spirits. This is the essence of the astral type, a mythical creature that comes into contact with wizards, witches, and other people practicing magic. They can begin to serve you as willingly and under duress. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru there are three main categories of astral helpers who may call to his people:

1. Free familiar. These are the spirits that wish to help you willingly. Often dwell in Pets: birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, arachnids, horses, amphibians and so on. Their energy does not affect the condition of animals and humans. Since the will of such spirit helpers are free, they can leave the world at the end of their work.

2. A make familiar. Different from free, because the man is forcibly urged it to yourself. It is very dangerous. Designed you the spirit may have more power than you. There is a risk that it can fully bend you to my will.

3. SLR familiar. Such helpers are created by human themselves. The possibility of this spirit is directly proportional to the capabilities of the calling person. Astral essence mirrors power, ability and energy of its owner. Usually these spirits create to accomplish a particular purpose within a short period.

Due to the voluntary adjutant spirits to help and protect people. They may even become patrons and protectors, marking you as his master. However, the use of the services astral assistant has its price and must be paid. Therefore, it is necessary to know in advance what you require from the spirit and whether you will pay the price. Otherwise you risk to make him angry, which is fraught with terrible events.

How to call a spirit helper

Call astral entities in the world of the living — and demanding process that must be taken seriously. It is forbidden to call a spirit for fun or curiosity, as it is impossible to ignore the basic rules of the ritual.

To announce a price for the work of the spirit helper can be yourself. To do this, just need to determine what you want to ask him and how you’ll pay for it. Astral helpers feed on the energy of light, love and abundance so as payment for his help can be any object with a strong energy. How much will be charged thing, so faster and more effectively your desire to be fulfilled.

To aid astral entities resorted to in desperate situations when there are no more available opportunities to fulfill their desire. Short-sighted of esoterics making a terrible mistake, turning to the familiar for a paltry requests. Such conduct may offend the spirit. Which will cause rejection and will attract into your life the destructive flows entailing misfortune.

Preparing for the magical ritual of the call

The first thing to do is to consecrate the space where you plan to perform the ritual. The Holy water will cleanse the house from the accumulation of negativity. Then start yourself. Morale will help meditation with which you will be able to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and to focus on fulfilling our dreams.

As you think more about his dream, representing as it has already come true. Many of the esoterica who performed a similar rite, suggest a few days before the magic action to abstain from junk food, alcohol and tobacco.

To summon a spirit helper required in splendid isolation. At the time of ceremony you should have nothing to distract. You have to completely surrender to the process, not reacting to external stimuli. To summon an astral assistant can be at home, absolutely in any room.

Ritual execution of secret desires

From the room in which you will conduct the ritual, you should make things in white color. Will wear should be grey or black clothes. You will need two chairs, with backs that you put in the center of the room, backs to each other. Between them pull a red rope. The most important thing is that the thread does not SAG. For thread to dissolve candy (sweets), each of which will correspond to your dreams. Do without fanaticism, for starters it is best to select the 10 most basic desires. Turn off the lights and close the curtains on the Windows. Plunging the room into darkness, light three candles and say five times:

“The spirit, the astral world, visit the physical world, hear me. Crying out for your help and your presence.”

After reading, stand with your back to the chair, not moving, until the advent of the spirit. His presence will give the crinkling of wrappers. When the murmur fade, you can turn. If the candy is moved, that astral entity, I agree to your terms. If not, then conduct a similar rite, three days later, suggesting that instead of candy something serious, for example a personal item that you use often.

Often astral entities have no place in our world and they should not wander unattended. If you decide to summon a spirit helper, be courageous and responsible for it. Remember that the spirits of the unknown sensual variation, and using them is not a prank. For the mistakes you will pay and the price of them is too expensive. We wish you fulfillment of all desires. Take care of yourself