How did the TV series “Queen of the game”: how many episodes, why not show completely in Russia

In July, we launched the premiere of the new action series “Queen of the game”. It’s a real godsend for everyone who loves multi-year vendetta and hard the love theme. Viewers interested in questions about the content of the series, the number series and what he eventually ends up.

The series has attracted a lot of attention. It has played the role several factors simultaneously: interesting plot, great acting, and professional directing. The main roles in the project were chosen among the actors, whose faces have not yet become familiar to the screen, so perceived fresh and organic.

How many episodes in the TV series “Queen of games”? This question is now greatly interested in a huge audience of TV watchers. In total, the series 28 series. But on “the First channel” announced that he will show 32 episodes. Many decided that was filmed a sequel. But no. The thing is that will show an extended version of the series, in which 32 of the series.

At the moment we can say that the second season of “Queen of the game”, although the audience waited for him. The thing is that the first season ended very sadly.

The plot of the series takes place twenty years ago, it was then Anne’s father, at the dawn of the development of the business, fraudulently took the hotel from his father Sergei, thereby depriving him of his business and leaving his family without means of subsistence, and the father deprived of the meaning of his life. Sergey at that time was only seven years old, but he never forgot this terrible event and throughout his life nurtured only one dream: to take revenge of his father, depriving him of the meaning of life.

Watch the show “Queen of the game” on the First channel on weekdays. If someone is missing such an opportunity, then you can use the official website of the channel, which presents the opportunity to watch the show online.