“House 2” – the latest news and rumors today, 3 August 2017, 6 days before: Salenko has admitted their helplessness; sister Romanets has told me about her breakup with Gusev

Latest news and rumors from the glades project “House 2” contain information that the male Salenko doesn’t want to calm Lera frost it conflicts with colleagues. Sister Victoria romanet outraged that Anton Gusev drove them every day in restaurants. House – 2 rumors and news for 6 days before today, August 3, 2017: the male Salenko has admitted his helplessness

The participant “Houses 2” Leroy frost was the main noisemaker project. The behavior of the girls around don’t like it, and Zach Salenko all the time to fend off the attacks offended her colleagues. At first the man ignored it all, but in the end he was caught between two fires. Frost demanded that he support, including force, and colleagues need from the guy to calm his beloved.

Salenko has admitted his helplessness in this matter. Frost like to make conflicts and even fights. To calm her he can not, but support does not want to not obtain from other participants. Fans agreed with the guy, noting that Valeria let herself and gets, if you love conflict.

Salenko is not comfortable because it is forced to constantly sort out the relations with colleagues. However, if frost will round up the evil in the household, and then they start to do it.
Throw the participant “House 2” Leroux does not want to, because it has no equal in private life. So Zachary and I decided in the eyes of colleagues to look helpless and unable to comfort their girl.
House 2 – rumors, gossip & news for today 3 August 2017: sister Victoria romanet spoke about her breakup with Gusev

About the breakup of the former heroes of the reality show “Dom 2” Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet wrote and talked a lot, and even now many are interested in the reasons for the gap. However, the majority believes that no one who did not leave. The couple spends together the party and walks the streets of St. Petersburg.

Romanet denies reconciliation, despite the obvious facts. However, to confirm the words of Victoria decided her younger sister named Antonina. According to her, Vika and Anton broke up because of his financial failure and inappropriate behavior when he was alone with his sister. While fans advised romanet-senior to find yourself an oligarch, and Gusev was nothing of the family to lead.

It turned out that Anton often flirted with other women, sometimes right in front of Victoria. Antonina has complained that when she and her mother came to her sister, Gusev did not have to drive every day to the restaurant and to go on walks with them.