Hosted the annual Contracting Charmante Marriott Cortyard!

Annual Contracting Charmante, which attracts clients from Metropolitan and North-Western regions, Volga region and Siberia, the North Caucasus, as well as from neighboring countries — Kazakhstan and Belarus, in season 2017-2018 year was held in the luxurious space of the Marriott Cortyard. In the framework of the presentation of the shows invited guests and participants of the event could not only be the first to see the most current seasonal collections of the brand, but also to communicate directly with their creators.

Organized Charmante shows under the glass roof of the main hall of the hotel really managed to impress the audience. Impeccable staging of the show was evident from the first seconds — the sound, the play of light and colors made shown products a full-fledged decoration extravaganza, happening on the catwalk. In a futuristic scenery before the audience had a spectacular collection of products from brands LORA GRIG and Charmante. The mood and uniqueness of each fashion show was highlighted through the choice of musical accompaniment. But thanks to the comments of the speakers, the show has gained coherence and harmony.

The audience were offered not only the spectacular parade in the morning guests of the event could attend the presentations in showrooms, where the court clients and buyers was submitted to exclusive collections 2017-2018 from Conso Wear, leggings, Arina+Nirey. Of special interest was presented in the format of the presentation of the goods for children’s beach holiday. Guests can celebrate their favorite samples in specially prepared forms for the discussion of the order details with the managers.

However, the main attention was still riveted to the main sensation of this Contracting — exclusive presentation set up in the showroom Conso Wear. Here was first presented a collection of clothing accessories from high grade cotton, which attracted the interest of customers. The day ended with a buffet in the hotel Mariott Courtyard where official communication has replaced informal dialogue that allowed all present to share their impressions about the collection and discuss them with leaders Charmante and creators of fashion apparel, shown within the shows.

Source: charmante.ru

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