Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya September 2017

The stars and planets affect our life in all its aspects. Vasilisa Volodin will help to understand how the success of each of us will depend on space objects in September 2017.

Will start autumn with a problem or September will pass quickly and smoothly — it’s no secret, and the result of your worldview. The enemy we all have only one. It is the sadness of the past summer, in fact, never existed at all. The truth is that you need to move on. After all, who only knows how to turn back, can not by definition be called a successful person and strong. Analysis of the past is necessary, but this necessity has passed. Now we need to look forward to all of us. Lift yourself up, because, the sooner it will be good, the faster you will understand what to do with my life in September.


In September, the dominant planet is Uranus for you. He will remain himself, which will require from you, too. His stay in Aries means that he has an expressive power. It will be for you, but its destructive attitude will still make you rethink the whole thing. Coming to the fore, Uranus will try to hinder your plans, so it is advisable for you to always have a plan “B”. If considered, there will be a period of serious problems.

The stars say that the current period is good for strengthening family ties and the acquisition of Pets. Most positive energy will have cats. Get yourself a friend who will give you a lot of positive emotions. Spend more time in the fresh air and not be lazy to perform the duties.


The moon and Saturn will be your main companions in the coming period. In September, the Bulls will be a special time, characterized by the positive. Saturn will be very stable, because all the time will be in the Sign of Sagittarius. In the forward movement of this planet is a great helper for you. Luna, as always, will be constantly changing. In cases repelled by her mood. The most favorable period — the growth phase of the moon in September.

The first two days of September can be quite difficult, because the Moon will lose all its power because of the stay in Capricorn. In the period from 3 to 15 September, the Moon is almost all the time be a strong, positive impact on your motivation and mood. Then there will be two heavy days — on 16 and 17 September, as the Moon enters Leo. Then its energy will increase more than the average level. It will be a very difficult time, because the universe will try to test you for durability.


Jupiter and Mars are gaining momentum and become the Twins are the most significant planets. In September, Jupiter will be the same and often will stay in the positive, the negative aspects with other space objects. Stability — the only positive thing, because you don’t have to worry about then whether or not to trust your intuition. Not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to stay afloat in love, business and finances in September — just follow common sense.

Mars 4 September will move from Leo to Virgo. Thus it will change only the character, but not its impact on you. This means that you will have to get rid of the selfishness and become more responsible for family Affairs to the end of September. This should be a very productive month for rapprochement with relatives and attract love. It will be very difficult, but the game in this case, it is always worth it.


Cancers will be only one assistant in this month is Venus. This planet will have a positive impact on your thoughts and attitude. Introspection is not engaged in September, especially on the 19th, as Venus will be weaker going into the constellation Virgo. It will be stable, because only three times she will be in any aspects with other planets.

As for the period from 1 to 18 September, then it can be called a time of much activity for Cancers, which suggests the universe is to overcome ourselves and to perform more urgent tasks. You will need to cease to see people as a negative one. Venus wants life proceeded peacefully, but vividly and emotionally. From 19 September you can start to relax, so plan your vacation at this time, if possible. Pay attention to the September national signs — every detail is special.


Love will be the most important area of life, according to experts of the website dailyhoro.ru. The sun, your first assistant in love Affairs and instructor in General, is moderately active in Virgo from September 1 to 21 the number. On 22 September it made its transition into the Sign of Libra, thereby losing some power. This means that you will often have to seek the assistance of other people. The advice of friends should not be ignored in the period from 22 to 30 September.

Other areas of life will be secondary. Check out the lunar calendar on September to know which days would be best to force myself to act. The activity need not be permanent in September. Use power correctly, according to how you will show the moon and the Sun. In the first half of September should be active, and secondly, as you said.


Pluto and mercury in conjunction will give you the strength to overcome obstacles, but of these two planets has a positive mood only to mercury. From 1st to 4th of September he is in the Sign of Leo, while retaining moderate activity. 3 numbers he will be in good aspect with Mars, so try to do as many cases as possible. From the 5th planet will lose retrogradation, which will lead to a certain enlightenment. 5 to 8 Sep your thoughts will determine the entire surrounding reality.

From 9 to 28 September, mercury will be in your Sign of the Zodiac, so it would become something like your best talisman. These days will be the best for you over the last couple of months. Devote yourself to your favorite Hobbies. Physical activity and various life adventures, too, will benefit. The last two days of the month will be held under the auspices of the Weights. The energy of mercury to fall slightly, but it will not be a stumbling block for you and your fortune. Pluto will shift from retrograde to direct motion on September 29. For you it will be important because you will be able to make peace with many people, to find ways to resurrect the friendship or love.


Venus and Pluto will fight in September for the palm in the quest for ownership of your success. It will be a serious struggle, so to begin the analysis should be negative. Each Sign, including yours, are the perfect couple. Pluto will always alienate you from the second half or from those who seem the ideal candidate for this position. 29 September will be an important change in the movement of Pluto. It will no longer be retrograde, so you will be able to bond with interesting people.

Venus is your best friend and she is as relevant as ever in September. Her energy will be on average from 1 to 18 September. It’s enough to make you happier in many aspects. Trust your intuition these days. From 19 September to live will be a little harder because of the transition of Venus in the Sign of Virgo. The world’s power will decrease, but it will not mean that you have to hide from everything. The success will still be with you.


Watch out for various little things in September. There will be many events that can warn you about changes for the better. Saturn can be the position for you, which is too bad, because this planet is very negative towards you. Its stability would be to say that nothing new in terms of problems not increase, but remains the problem of his power will not lose a drop.

Neptune will be the second largest in September. This planet will not change its nature. He will be in Pisces and will retain a high activity. So you better be too active. You can still bend the rules a party and not be afraid to enjoy things. This will help you in love and in the financial sector.


The stars and planets lined up for you so that this will help you get rid of jealousy, anger and negative energy in General. The sun will be active in September, but only until the 21st. On 22 September it will pass into the constellation of Libra, losing a quarter of its power. This would mean that at the end of the month is to take a break from everything, forget possible about the work and about business. Don’t plan anything for the end of September, if you do not want problems.

Special relevance will be different, the Moon. As always, it will be volatile, but for you it makes sense to pay attention to the peak of its power. 1 and 2, she will remain in Capricorn, so its strength drops to zero. This will help you and your business. On 16 and 17 September it will be in Leo, so the situation will be similar. 28 and 29, again the Capricorn will hit the forces of the night sun, making you more free and powerful. This month will be for you to be very successful.


Soothing herbs for the stabilization of the nervous system will help you in September to control myself. Are waiting for you due to Jupiter, which will come out on top in importance for your Zodiac Sign. Try to see in everything only the positive aspects, because this planet will make you feel a lot of negativity. Reconsider some of my life principles and don’t change radically his way.

The second planet, which differ in their relevance in September, Uranium. It will readily remain in the Sign of Aries, while retaining moderate activity. This will give you the opportunity to quickly make the leap from the beginning of adaptation to its end. Simply put, various life innovations will be given to you without any problems. In love Affairs you should be in September not to take the risk, otherwise, to bad the end will be as hand.


The sun and mercury will fight with each other because their personalities are completely opposite. Mercury will help to harmonize all the features of your character, and the Sun will force you to do something rash, you may have to pay. Every time fate will put you before a choice, you have only to listen to common sense. Intuition will deceive you or lead astray.

The first month of autumn — a time of change, so the Sun will not miss the opportunity to stop you. Until 21 September you should be most careful because the moderate activity of the Sun in Virgo will be very visible. Then our light will pass into the Sign of Libra, which is slightly loosened his grip of his iron fist. In late September, and mercury is a bit faint, so everything will remain approximately at the same level in terms of luck.


Mercury and Venus are sworn enemies for you. Sep 19 Venus enters Virgo, so will be a little weaker. This will mean a small violation of harmony. It is possible that in the final stages of September, you will be disappointed and desire to complete the movement forward. The success will accompany only to those of you who will not allow doubt to win.

Mercury, your main enemy, to September 4, will be active half-retrograde, but the 5th day he will lose the ability to lead you down the wrong path, as it will no longer be retrograde. On 9 September he will move into the Sign of Virgo, what can be called the beginning of the negative time to Fish. Under attack will be your inspiration and intuition. Only 29 of the transition in Libra will make him become more gentle and less demanding. September will be for you difficult, but very important month, because the changes will be waiting for you in all spheres of life.

This month will bring many people something positive. Vasilisa Volodina wants you to find the thing that will always warm you and make you think only good thoughts, because thoughts are material. They are more important than anything else. Try to keep track of what is happening in your mind.