Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya January 2018

Vasilisa Volodin will help you in the first month of 2018 to properly use energy and mood of the stars. Horoscope from the popular presenter will tell you how to save your luck and multiply it.

Starts the year with not very good news, because for all Zodiac Signs this time will be very important that is sitting around is not recommended. However, things should go very well: everything points to the fact that problems are to be avoided those who are able to show people and ourselves that is true love to the beloved. This month is not strictly material but also spiritual endeavors too, can you not inspire. Should continue to live by the laws of the Universe and not to change his ways.


The Central tenet of a happy life for Aries — it is a nice job. You do not feed bread, but normal and comfortable work give. Yes, sometimes you want freedom, at least in graphics, but in January we can’t complain about anything. Take your conditions as they are. If you want to work for yourself, then try to start learning some new business. Never too late to learn, remember that.

If you are too lazy to learn, even in love try not to goof. Favorite person will make you some hints, will wait for a decisive action, so be attentive to the emotions of someone you love. If you have not yet found your soul mate, open your eyes and look around — she’s here somewhere. You just need a little care and confidence. Take a wait and be ready to attack.


The secret of abundance is what you have to know in January 2018. Money matters and the work will be of paramount importance, because Venus will be moderately active the whole month. The most important thing is your goals. You need motivation to action, because your enemies also aktiviziruyutsya. It will be a very productive month for those Bulls who know what to strive for.

The emotional background is very active for you, so you should choose the same model of behavior. Stick to it, if you do not want to close people disappointed in you. Be kind or extremely customized on material benefit. The sooner you make the choice, the better for you. Thus it is better not to turn away from those you love and respect. Responsiveness — the best friend of Taurus in January.


The laws of luck will be broken and will not be so relevant as for the other Zodiac Signs. The twins should avoid discouragement, dullness and inaction. Try not to cross your enemies. Stay a little in the shade, find your motivation, not one to ask for help. No one needs to know how motivated you are and what’s going on in your head. It can be used against you.

Mars will be in Scorpio until January 25, so it will be strong. The transition into the constellation of Sagittarius loosen it, but it will not impact hardly at all on your luck. You just need to stay confident, because Mars is dangerous for you. Once you lose the desire to move forward, you will leave good luck and may begin a black stripe. Now, at the beginning of the year, you need it the least.


The laws of prosperity will be relevant to you, because life is orderly and understandable this month. At the helm is the Moon, which will lose their only 3, 4, 15 and 16 January. On other days, you can easily plan anything. In the sphere of love, even a mess can turn into something understandable. It will be possible to correct my past mistakes and make decisive steps on the path to happiness.

In Finance will need to mobilize all its resources to keep the situation under control. It’s not because it will be very difficult. This is because you will have the opportunity to really succeed in moving up the career ladder. If you work for yourself or you have a business, you will be able to find a new source of income and new customers.


The year of the Yellow Dog begins with the fact that you have to get rid of doubts and from all that hinders to develop creatively and spiritually. The fact that January will be for you a time of increasing wisdom, of gaining new knowledge. Your brain needs to function is always good, so spend more time in the fresh air, exercise and as little as possible your intake of alcohol. Food should also be useful.

Until January 19, the Sun will be moderately active in Capricorn, and then move into the Sign of Aquarius. It will be a bad transition, because the energy of the Sun will fall to zero. Along with it can disappear in a good mood. You definitely need at the end of January to find the strength to not throw the begun business. New beginnings is better to postpone until next month.


Virgos will need to pay attention to what not to do. To your life came, it is better to stop living with illusions. Look at the world, evaluating it from the point of view of possibilities. Cling to any thread, because for almost the whole month, the Moon will be strong for you. Even in the days of weakness to you, nothing will threaten, if you show this world your personality.

In the house, at work, in love needs to be in order. Be as diplomatic with everyone who surrounds you. Now you can’t risk it. Flexibility is your strength. The ability to find common language with all people is a huge gift. Don’t lose it in the string of days and events. No one should have to become your enemy. Respect the rules of morality, not to become the black sheep.


Special meaning will have your dreams in January 2018. The fact is that brain activity will increase with the coming of night. Night work will be much easier for the brain. January will be rich in dreams for you, so you need to take them for granted. Perhaps in the dream you will get a hint on how to solve a complex and confusing situation or to change life for the better.

Your life will be more understandable and straightforward. All that you will do in January, the most direct impact on your future. Try of the time and money to give for the benefit of his transformation. A change of scenery for you now the weight of gold. Don’t be afraid to travel for work and travel. It will be the perfect month for a vacation, business trip or vacation. Be active.


The most powerful talisman for money and love for Scorpions now is faith in yourself. People will distance themselves from you. Your enemies aktiviziruyutsya, so it is better to rely only on themselves. There’s nothing wrong with mistakes, if you harbored any hope. Don’t expect anything — do what you have to. To 10 Jan your main enemy, mercury, is weak, so all the main things it is better to finish it until now.

January 11 mercury will make the transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn. After that you will need to keep your eyes open every day. Problems will attack you until the last day of the month. While the mercury will remain active, you’d better not to risk once again. You need to properly assess their capabilities this year and in his first month in particular. Otherwise, the frustration will not keep itself waiting long.


Strong Mars in Scorpio will help you make every day successful. Will stay in this sign of the Zodiac Mars until January 25. Then it will move into your Sign, which will lose part of their energy. This would mean that the human factor will become more relevant. You will need more hard work and desire to stay on the leading positions in all spheres of life.

This is an important and very productive month in 2018. Love may be a very favorable period that is better to devote to romance. Particularly strong luck to those of you who have already managed to acquire their own family. Family life will be full and will give you many new emotions. It will be a very pleasant month for all archers, especially for those who knows what he wants from life.


Capricorn is the secret of success will help to reveal a moderately strong Venus. It will be stable throughout the month despite the transition from Capricorn to Aquarius. It will be a very good month for planning for the future, for spiritual seeking and new acquaintances. At this time of any new initiatives and old business will be equally good. The main thing is to keep the path of development, trusting the instincts.

Sixth sense, intuition, the voice of the heart — all are one and the same. Listen to that inner voice that will guide you down the river of fate. It will be a very productive month for those of you who really wants to understand themselves, the Universe, your purpose. This is a very important month, because it will help you grow in spiritual strength, to overcome fears of the unknown. This year is your year.


There are shortcomings in every human being. In January of 2018 your cons sometimes will cover the pros, so you should listen to the advice of others not to be evil. In January you may be turning away many. However, even the apology will not help you to regain the strength of the relationship. The trust is crumbling for a second, remember this. Sometimes it’s better to say something honest than to deceive those who are dear to you.

No one will be able to protect you from yourself, so follow your principles, but be very careful. Maybe it’s time to change these same principles to the new one. The fact that life goes on, and everything changes. A person’s world can also change. Moreover, it has to change, because that is the essence of man, especially such a dynamic and independent as you.


The fish should settle their problems before the end of January 2018. Otherwise, troubles will constantly chase you until you can take all your time and effort. You should think about the future, not concentrating on the past. While there are holidays, you will need to get outside your comfort zone, not to “hang” there too long. Introspection now will definitely be too much for you.

Don’t try to hide its true intentions for the loved ones, superiors, business partners, friends. Strong cash mascot will be for you the ability to work in a team, and love luck will bring the ability to properly assess the situation. Perhaps in your life will be a lot of new people, and many people will leave, so don’t worry about losses, especially if they don’t affect your life directly.

It’s time to understand what you want from life really. January 2018 is needed for this. Only having defined the objectives, you will be able to live all 12 months of the most productive mode. Throw away all doubts and unwanted thoughts. Vasilisa Volodina wish you luck in 2018 and January in particular.