Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya for the week of 8 to 14 January 2018

Vasilisa Volodin will tell representatives of any Zodiac Sign, how to stay afloat in the beginning of 2018. The astrologer have a particular weight for those who doubt their abilities.

The year of the earth, the Yellow Dogs have already begun. Someone has already decided on plans for this time or the next few days, and someone else had not thought what to do. This week work begins for most people. Starts also learning, so you need to get started. Even those who stay home, have less hope for the rest. The General condition of the planets will remain roughly the same as before, but this is the best reason to begin to act, until all is quiet.


The rams will have to pay more attention to good omens. The fact that the planets, Moon and Sun will be very harmonious move across space this week. At home and at work everything will be so good that you can continue to relax. All business can be done in a jiffy. This is a good time for new beginnings, for new friends.

All Rams in these times is incredibly hardworking. Use this with the greatest possible benefit for themselves. Try to redo everything that was left hanging over you from last year. In those rare periods you will work out very quickly to solve any problems in any sphere of life. No you are not a decree and no one has power over you now in moral terms.


Think as if you were freed from all fear. This will help to attract a good job in your life. Many dream of this, and you must manage right now. Of course, the easiest way to have those of you. Who is already in search of. If you still work at the same place, you will need to allocate time according to the new order. These seven days will pass very quickly, so hurry.

Love looking, too, will succeed with high probability. Stars do not promise you anything in addition to increasing motivation, but this is enough for those of you who know how to use every opportunity. Your planet is mercury. It will help you from January 11th to succeed in all things, because from this day the constellation of Capricorn he will become stronger.


Saturn and Uranus will fight the negativity of Jupiter and Neptune. It will be a little uneven battle towards you because of the negative influence of Jupiter and Neptune is absolutely uncompromising. A certain amount of negativity, after all, will seep into your life this week. To start each day well help you planning. Do not allow chaos in the Affairs of your life is not turned into one solid problem.

Everything should be orderly and calm. Get beyond your world, your comfort zone. This will help you to immerse yourself in work or love. Don’t worry about anything because your action must be direct, undeniable. One little doubt can destroy everything you’ve built for days, weeks.


The moon is your best friend. This week it is relevant. It will calm you. All day she is moderately active, but on January 10 and 11 slightly weaken her a Scorpio. ON your luck is not much affected. This is a good time for soul-searching, to finding a new job, a new relationship. Do NOT rush to break the former ties in any sphere of life, because often the easiest solution is to work on the bugs. Sew the pants sometimes easier than to buy a new one. And the difference is not visible.

Be wise and don’t listen to intuition, because the Moon and it mutes the output of the game. Your heart is not as important as important your brain, your mind. Think more, emotions get in the way. Watch your health very closely now. Headaches — it’s the least that can come to you due to a bad mood caused by incorrect choice.


The lions problems at work can deliver much more difficulties than they expect. If you are asked to do something, try not to challenge it. Obey superiors and don’t try to get ahead by deception or some of the above tricks. Now everything should be transparent, understandable, but not everyday. Innovative solutions to better negotiated with colleagues or loved ones.

Venus in Capricorn is relevant to you, so do not try to play on feelings of other people. You need to choose a channel and go to him through fire and water for seven days. You don’t have anything to break, so hang on tight. The year begins not the most favorable way for you. However, the effects of this week will be very important.


Virgos will have to be adjusted not on the ordinary working week, and the real battle for a place under the sun. The fact is that too many people will try to deprive you. Those remnants of good luck that you managed to leave with him, should bear fruit. But for this, you just can’t take and sit back. You need to act. Try to choose the path of least resistance and the path most obvious.

Any pitfalls will not, because the Moon is calm. Even Mars is strong in Scorpio, so this is actually perfect timing in order to chase success on the job. In love we need to maintain parity, neutrality, recourse to diplomacy. It will be the best way to find out who you are now is friend and who is your sworn enemy.


Everything flows, everything changes. You also need something to change in your life. None of the planets are not urgent for you so that you should consider the mood. The sun is quiet, but moderately active, so the only important takeaway is that the Scales need time to work on yourself. Your emotions and feelings will have a special weight for all around you. That no one will understand, but you will be a litmus test that will show who is ready to become a winner and who’s not there yet.

You for people with something like a neutral person you can turn to for support. Wait a little bit, then you have someone to complain about the failure or success to share. Don’t want to block your success — strive to share all that you have.


Attracting luck is a non-stop process. This week you will feel a small prick. It’s your life force come back to you after the holidays. The key to success for you in the period 8 to 14 January, the regular and calm. The easier it is to everything you will treat the bole supportive you are of planets and stars.

As has been said — luck and will need to try BB my life always and everywhere. Do not deviate from their rules and not to revise the priorities now. You need to believe in something to keep everything in its place. The order around will lead to order within you, and, conversely, internal order will help you to structure your thoughts, ambitions.


Sagittarius stable, the Sun will help to get out of the most difficult positions at work and in love. Perhaps you try to Scam or take advantage of your kindness, but firmness and a proper assessment of what is happening will remain on guard of your good fortune. In addition to durability are important words and thoughts. They form the reality is not worse actions, so they pay attention to in the first place.

Live easy and relaxed, because excess negativity will destroy you from the inside. Try to ignore everything that you say your enemies and ill-wishers. Force have only your actions and your thoughts, your decisions. Take the last with a cool head, without staleness and negativity. Your life preobrazit in a few days. It’s a magical time.


Capricorns will have to wash dirty linen in public in the first place. One of the secrets of financial success — the rejection of doubt. Your weaknesses can be more advantages, so try them dissolving in the work. Work as much as possible, whatever happened. It will be a very productive week for representatives of your Zodiac Sign. You can devote time to study, retain new skills, teaching other people what you do best.

Teamwork — the key to success for you. Love team work is also encouraged. The more business you will do hand-in-hand, the better. Try to choose for themselves the best way with the least risk. If suddenly you will face some problem, don’t be afraid to go forward.


Every day of the week has its own special energy. In the coming period you need to pay attention to Friday, because Venus, its patron, will be relevant now. It will stay in Capricorn would indicate a increase your chances of success in love. You will be able to find a soul mate or to strengthen relationships that already exist.

Romance — the best choice for Aquarius now. At work flirt, too, would be welcome, if you have not yet decided with who you like. The new year opens up new opportunities on all fronts, not just love. Your openness and willingness to cooperate will help you succeed in business.


The fish will have to pay attention to emotions, feeling and intuition. Venus in Capricorn will be your lucky talisman. Be yourself and don’t try to pretend to be something you are not. Take the world as it is, not to nourish false illusions. Do not trust their expectations, they destroy your confidence, especially in these times.

Life principles to revise your until you need it. Look at the world around you — it is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. Join in the new wave, the new rhythm of life. This year will be radically different from the previous one, so your life will change. It will be felt by mid-week. Further it will be already easier.

Retrograde planets, so each of us something to think about. To decide on the adventure will be easier. Still will be fairly easy to make difficult decisions, so try to skillfully weigh the “pros and cons”. With high probability each person will be able to calculate the karmic connection between past events and the present. This is an important week for the realization of their purpose in life, according to Vasilisa Volodya.