Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya for the week of 11 to 17 September 2017

Vasilisa Volodina is one of the most famous and popular astrologers of our time. Its forecasts are based on the symbiosis of psychology and astrology, so they are always highly informative.

This week’s active operations will not contribute to the fulfillment of your desires. Don’t try to bust my ass to succeed. Let it run its course. This week can be passive and even to be such. This will help you to avoid big problems on all fronts. Have patience, because without it you will not have a chance to stay in a good mood when negative developments.


This week, luckily for you, prevail against the Rams will be the Sun. All seven days it will be in Virgo, so will remain a moderate force. This is great news. However, on 14 September the Sun will be in two negative aspects: in quadrature with Saturn and biquintile with Uranium. This will be the only truly dangerous for you.

Dedicate this week to check love compatibility with a person who is close to you. If you are already married or in a relationship, try and bring a new spark, a little sizzle. Make a surprise to someone you love. Now is the best time for warm words, declarations of love. In the financial sector, it is better not to forget about the voice of the heart that you can’t just pick and forget. Intuition will not deceive you in a difficult situation.


Your path to wealth and spiritual enlightenment will be hampered. The problem lies in the relevance of the two planets: Mars and Pluto. The lesser of these two evils will be Mars, active half. He will be in Virgo all week, so you will expect troubles at work. Especially negative its impact will affect the athletes and those Bodies that are engaged in direct sales. There are also problems with health, mood and luck. September 16 will be a little posoprotivlyatsya, because Mars will be in conjunction with a positive mercury.

Pluto will remain retrograde movement and stay in Capricorn. This means that in love and in a relationship with absolutely anyone you are waiting for the test of strength. If you allow yourself even a drop of selfishness, it can turn against you at the same moment. Be careful.


Venus will be the most important planet for you this week. Its stay in Leo will mean that you will be able to come close to understanding everything, to finding the meaning of life. Try not to lose heart and be very attentive to everything that happens in your life. On 14 and 15 September Venus will be in unfavorable aspects with other objects, so Thursday and Friday will be the most nervous days. According to experts of the website dailyhoro.ru you will need the help of loved ones.

This week will have a strong impact on the creation of some new Hobbies for you. Open your eyes and open your soul. Try to see the world from the other side. New friends and fun will do you good now.


If you are single, this week will be a perfect time to find mutual love. The moon will rule the ball, but not just in love. In business you too will have to wait for nice progress. At work, don’t be afraid to agree to collective problem-solving. Together is always easier to overcome obstacles.

The moon will be a strong first five days and then completely lose their energy due to the transition in the constellation Leo. September 11 the Moon will be the strongest, therefore, on the first day of the week you can study the most complex cases. Thursday and Friday — also two very positive days, which is perfect for outdoor activities and physical exercise.


This week you ruled a ball mercury. It will remain unchanged, being in the Sign of Virgo. To get rid of the failures and problems you are unlikely to be possible, but don’t be disheartened. This week’s show you all your weaknesses and gaps in defense. No need to sound the alarm and try to defeat the worries and the Blues. Learn how to interact with issues correctly.

Luck will be with you on September 12, as mercury will be in a positive aspect with Pluto. This day you will need to use it to the fullest to achieve the best results in love and work. You can change the situation, spend a little hard earned money, to give something interesting.


To attract prosperity this week you will only signs. Careful Virgo will get a chance to get lucky for a tail, but caution should remain your Forte. The actual planet this week for Dev — Jupiter. He is moderately active and stable all week, but its character is strictly destructive for you.

Beware of the enemies and detractors. They aktiviziruyutsya in these seven days. September 15 — the most dangerous day when even the closest people will have potential danger to you. This happens because of the negative aspect of Jupiter to Venus. Hide your emotions away to this day. The rest of the week as a whole will be one big test that will test your strength and force you to spend a lot of nerve cells. Follow your mood, not allowing it to fall too low.


This week will be a time of purification for the Weights. Despite the fact that the negative, the Sun will come to the fore, astrologers suggest to give all the power to eliminate negative attitudes. Find a way to clear your thoughts. It can be a vacation, a new hobby, a change of scenery. Cling to any opportunity to change their lives and to abstract from problems of emotional.

The sun will be in Virgo, Libra is bad news. Your task will be to build their capacity. Hide from everyone their true plans secret from family and friends make plans for next week. Be careful with emotions — they can give out, forcing him to disclose the card ahead of time.


Mercury and Pluto will fight for ownership of your success this week. The potential of the latter, incidentally, is much higher than that of mercury. You have the opportunity to become the happiest person. Pluto retrograde, but that doesn’t make it less creative. It will be a very enjoyable week for those of you who can and can be positive. Stay of Pluto in Capricorn means that it will remain stable all the same.

Mercury, though, and will be strong, will receive a very small area of influence. You need only focus on the most important. Forget about the secondary objectives. Now it is better not to niggle, otherwise you may end up at a crossroads, each of which will be dangerous. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to go ahead on the beaten path.


Venus throughout these seven days will try to force you out of the moment. Keep your head cool. Think soberly and don’t let problems take you away. Stay of Venus in Leo will be a negative fact, because of this you will get stress, fatigue and the desire to quickly finish any business.

For stress relief you desired to move more and to put your emotions out at the gym, not on loved ones at home. Be more vigilant if you don’t want someone stabbed you in the back. Emotional problems to solve in the first place, so you are not piling new ones.


It will be a very positive week for Capricorns. From the two most positive planets will come to the fore for you: Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Virgo. Neutral Saturn will be responsible for the creation of favourable conditions for any work, be it physical or intellectual load. Mars is strong, so sit back, you is not recommended.

Try to find your life path using the analysis of what is happening. Fate will give you special hints in case you get stuck in a string of Affairs and concerns. This week is perfect for travel, the beginning of the vacation, change of scenery, as well as for romance, Dating, new Dating. In short, luck is on your side. It remains only to correctly prioritize.


Turn your dreams into reality will not be so easy this week, although the chances abound. Uranus and Pluto will fight for the right to own your destiny. Pluto in Capricorn will always be negative and try to incite all of you people, causing serious conflicts.

Uranium, on the contrary, helps you to quickly find a common language with anyone. It’s like a tug of war. Each new day can give us all new and new challenges, encouraging tips on how to avoid troubles and find your way. A lot can decide your mood. Happiness will be there — you only need to reach it, finding the right tool.


This week will be a great time to get rid of bad habits. Do not attempt to ignore the opportunity to improve their health and mood. Pluto will be the main planet for you, therefore seek the support of the Fish is from loved ones, friends. Stay of Pluto in Capricorn will keep his neutrality, but even in this state he will have enough strength to help you in establishing contacts with other people.

These seven days will be very positive for new beginnings, diet, complete the important things. In short, sitting around is not worth it, otherwise you risk just losing a great chance to tackle for a long time problems.

Remember that thoughts are material. As soon as you stop dreaming and hit into a routine, the problems will come at the same moment. Build the world around you is first in my thoughts, and then actions and words. Let this week from 11 to 17 September will be for you truly meaningful. Vasilisa Volodina wishes good luck to all signs of the Zodiac.