Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya for a week from 4 to 10 September 2017

Vasilisa Volodin, a famous TV presenter and astropsychology will help you with their advice about the coming week. If 4 to 10 September you will live paying attention to her recommendations, you will have more chances to attract good luck.

According to the astrologer, you need to live this week like it has a huge impact on your life. Imagine that you are entering a new era. In principle, it is, after all, starts autumn, the period of weird, unfounded feelings and depression. Learn about how to become happier — that is the main task for each of you now.


Venus will be for the Rams this week, the most important planet. Greed Rams can reach the limit. Yes. You are often generous, but it depends on many factors. In the period from 4 to 10 September, you can arise the feeling of jealousy and greed. This applies not only to money but also love. Possessiveness can make your mate leave you. Not to upset loved ones is foolish and rash actions.

Your mood will suffer in General, not much, but may suffer the mood of people around. Try not to provoke family and friends. Do not attempt jokes a lot, because it will not help. Come not the easiest times, so immaturity will have to dig a little deeper.


Taurus is likely to be able to understand the secret of abundance this week. It will be possible thanks to the moon that will not drop its power below the average. The first day of this “week” will be held under the auspices of Aquarius, so it is worth doing some shopping, new acquaintances, personal business. 5, 6, 7 September, the Moon will be already in Pisces. Energy will become more visible to you, so I will dedicate these three days work and execute heavy tasks.

Friday and Saturday will be held under the auspices of Aries, so good luck in business and love will decline. On Sunday the Moon will move into your Sign of the Zodiac, so her power will be maximum. It will be the best day of the week for you.


Physical activity should be this week slightly reduced because you can quickly overdo it. It will happen because of the strong Neptune in Pisces, which will be highly relevant from 4 to 10 September. This planet can take away from your smile and cloud your judgment with doubt.

Venus will be in Leo, so her power will be creative for you. This planet will entice you into the world of emotions and feelings. So do not underestimate the power of sixth sense. Develop your intuition and listen to the voice of the heart. He will not deceive you he will lead you through the thorns to the stars. Don’t be afraid to act — beware of laziness and fear of the unknown.


To attract good luck this week Cancers will help two of the space object: the Moon and Pluto. Lunar energy will be especially strong Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 10 September, when the Moon enters Taurus. This day will be the culmination of the entire week. Cancers will need to take all his will into a fist and direct all their efforts to create favorable conditions for the future. Don’t be afraid to plan things for Sesac forward on Sunday, to meet new people.

Pluto, as always, will help you succeed in business and in all matters requiring close contact with people. It will give you a charisma and charm that is perfect for those of you who are looking for love.


Saturn and Sun will act completely opposite to each other, because to you they are completely polar objects. Saturn will be in Sagittarius all week, maintaining a moderate activity. This is a very dangerous enemy for you, because this planet has a strictly negative attitude.

The sun will also help to attract love, financial luck, and just to achieve a good mood in the first days of the week. On 9 September it will be in a positive aspect with Pluto, so Saturday will be the most productive day of love and Affairs. Don’t shy away from people this day, and go to meet their surroundings.


Your main enemy this week is you. Your doubts can be really dangerous for success in love, finances and work. It will happen due to the fact that in the first place of significance will come out to your Jupiter, ruler of thoughts. It could seriously hurt you and your confidence. You can doubt the success. Stay on this planet in Libra will make the week nervous and full of doubt.

The site dailyhoro. EN further comment on the relevance of Jupiter that your actions may be in vain. Do only what you planned in advance. Don’t let ambition lead you. In early September, common sense and diligence will help Virgos to exceed your expectations and do not fall face in the dirt.


The secrets of happiness for Weights from 4 to 10 September will cease to be and act to be the opposite. Everything will be as open as possible for you. So get ready for the pleasant news and pleasant emotions. Mercury is the main planet for you, therefore, luck is hiding somewhere between the lines. From 4 to 8 September, this planet will be in Leo Sign, so will remain neutral. The 9th mercury will come under the influence of Virgo, strengthening power. This means that weekend you will remember how the two great and positive day.

The Trigon of the moon and mercury 9 Sep slightly increase your chances of success in the creative beginnings. This aspect can positively affect the sphere of love, if you allow yourself to enjoy things.


Mars this week ruled a ball for the Scorpions. This is good news, because this planet is your first mate. Do not discuss with strangers your plans for the future. This could be the beginning of a black strip to you. If you can keep your mouth shut, between 4 and 10 September will be one of the most productive for you for the last couple of months.

The first day of the week will be the key to success, because the planet will be in Leo. Next Tuesday, Mars is already in Virgo. It will retain its strength, but to change the nature, so you will have a change of demeanor. Becoming more restrained and diplomatic.


Unfortunately, the only Moon this week will be relevant to you because other objects energy will go into the shadows. The strength of the satellite will be kept on a mark above 50 percent, so each new day you will wait is not always pleasant test of fate. They will help you to learn something very important.

The most negative day of the resurrection because the power of the moon will be 100 per cent of its total capabilities. This means that the last day of the week is it better to rest. Friday and Thursday you can give away trips and travel, as well as meetings with distant relatives. Follow the signs of destiny and important people sign.


This week most active for you will be the planet Uranus. His stay in Aries will make it very positive. Try not to doubt yourself, because even the slightest doubt will be able to disrupt your plans. So you will be able to defeat Murphy’s law, which originates in your head, in your thoughts.

This week will be a very good and productive for any job. Physical activity is also have the way. If you focus on the rest, it should be active rest on the nature. Go to the pool, walk more and less are at home watching television, which only eats up time and energy.


This week you will be an energy vampire, not a donor. Try to give yourself bright days, but not only on weekends but also on weekdays. Every person from your environment has certain beneficial traits. Use it, but not openly. Venus, your patron Saint this week, will contribute to the proper energy to recharge.

Its stay in Leo will make you more successful in creating favourable conditions for rest, to labour and to love adventures. This time is perfect for those of you who are not afraid to make bright things, and only do what you like, not what is necessary. This time of Aquarius rebels.


The fish should be in the coming week to be attentive to their needs. Try to follow what your heart desires and your body. Jupiter in Libra will be actual, so introspection and deep dives inside of your consciousness will help you to learn. what actually you want from life.

Stop spending money, decrease physical activity. Intellectual work will be very useful now. Human energy is something fragile and unstable. From 4 to 10 September, you will feel it in full measure. Don’t be afraid to do what you love the most. Live each day and not plan anything in advance.

Vasilisa Volodina wants you to see your life in a new light, become more successful, richer and happier. The most important thing — be yourself, but do not treat with caution to the changes. They are a major part of our life.