Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya for a week from 25 September to 1 October 2017

Vasilisa Volodina like no one else knows what you need for each Sign of the Zodiac in a particular time period. Predictions famous astrologer and TV presenter is the basis for a good time.

In the week from 25 September to 1 October, each person will have to wait for a pleasant change. Maybe you can’t see them, but they will take place. Pay attention to the signs of destiny in the moments when fortune will depend on one confident step. Pluto will go retrograde from state to normal, so this week may even need to consider love compatibility when building a romantic relationship.


from 25 September to 1 October for Aries will be only one patron is Mars. This situation is very good for you, because it tells about the creative spirit of the Universe. Do not pay attention to the little things, not use people’s signs, do not trust intuition. This week will be very positive, because your strength will increase significantly. Stay of Mars in Virgo makes it surprisingly quiet, so troubles if they do, then only on Monday, when the planet will enter polutorakratnoe with restless Uranus.

Your life can be full of different events from the world of love, money, work. The main thing — not to go on about the desires of other people. Stay a little selfish. Live for yourself. Raking piles of tasks at work, clean the house, start doing exercises, sit on a diet. Work on yourself, while you have the chance.


This week, the most important area for the Bulls will be financial. In matters connected with figures and waste of money, you will be helping mercury. His stay in Virgo until Thursday will help you to strengthen your position at work and in business. The planet will be strong, so capable of many things. Your energy will be higher, so to raise money will help the maximum activity. Don’t be afraid to spend money and put all of his time to work.

Friday mercury begins its movement in the constellation of Libra, losing part of the energy. This does not mean that the luck will turn away from you. It just means that everything will be much more peaceful around you. In these three days it is better to focus on purchases, and matters of love. In love Affairs it is better to rely on a cool head and not to accept serious decisions, without having considered them properly.


You will have to spend some time to understand how to get rid of debt and find your way to prosperity. This applies not only to material values. Love is also better to begin to fulfill the promises made earlier. Retrograde Uranus is still in Aries, so his energy is creative and mild. These seven days will be for you a very positive, if you expect to change.

Thursday and Monday the luck be with you, because Uranus will be in good aspect with mercury, your main patron. In love, in business, at work and in business, these two will be crucial. But not only for this week but for the whole beginning of autumn in General. This period will be something of a starting point into a new future, which he dreamed all Twins. Do not take on new commitments, and deal with the old.


Venus and Moon will combine their efforts to help you become happier this week. Venus all seven days will not change their nature, being in the virgin. It will remain weak, but its a little activity will still be enough to help you succeed in love. This moderation will not be detrimental — it’s very handy now.

Venus will help you to go forward as a powerful protection from negativity is the Moon. The first three days and last two days of this week will be a moderately active day of the moon. This means that these days you can rant and rave, because the rears will cover the Moon. On September 28 and 29, the Moon will be in Capricorn, therefore, in these two days you have to be careful, because to hold Venus completely devoid of forces, the Moon will be gone. If you succeed, it will be possible to have rest in the day of trouble.


The sun and Uranus will unite in the fight for your fortune this week. The sun will remain in the constellation of Libra, retaining a barely noticeable activity, which without the rest will be spent on the creation of motivation for you. Some thoughts lead to disease and bad luck, the Sun will help you to think about something good all seven days. But his strength is not enough to activate your sixth sense, so rely on common sense these days.

Uranium, on the contrary, will try to make you believe in the inaccessibility of many purposes. It will be moderate, being in Aries, so don’t underestimate its capabilities. There will be no good aspect with other planets, so that the fluctuating mood become a hallmark of the Uranium. In short, this week can be like a tug of war between the Sun and Uranus. New Dating better yet not to start, and money — not to spend.


Saturn in these seven days will try to do my best for you in positive terms. This planet will tell you to solve the most difficult problems and will also help to see something positive in the midst of turmoil. This week will be a great time to change life path and priorities. While everyone is spinning and spinning, try not to forget that life never stands still. A change of scenery, go shopping, take a trip, change your image. Don’t forget about the materialization of thoughts — the most fighting spirit will increase your chances of success significantly.

September 25, Monday, Saturn will be in quadrature with mercury. This means that the first day of the week is best for you. Inactivity and rest will be your enemies, so throw any doubts aside and set yourself to work. High will be the probability of finding your soulmate. Try to strengthen already existing kinship, friendship, or love relationship on this day.


The sun in your Sign of the Zodiac, though weak, but even minimal activity will be enough to bring you uncertainty and help to surface your fears. Stars will increase the likelihood of nightmares, insomnia, Intrusive thoughts. This week will be a bit of a struggle, endless and uncompromising. The longer you fight for your happiness, the better it will be for you from any point of view.

Hold the problem at will. Fight to the end, because the Sun is not directly deprives you of good luck, the weaker the Sun in Libra. It deprives you of positive emotions, without which even hope many of you can crack. Think about your future, how you can fix what was done previously. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from loved ones. Do not rush decisions, think more and analyze.


Neptune and the Moon this week take things in your own hands. This means that it’s time to dot the “i” in life. Scorpions coming seven days will help to be aware of their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses. Introspect is to engage not just possible, but even necessary. You need to understand their fears, their desires and opportunities.

Neptune is strong, being in the Fish. This will make you feel the prick of conscience at crucial moments. Better not to think about what is right and what is not. Stay at a moderate selfish. Try to find the strength to correct the mistakes of the past. You will have the chance to win back lost love and restore broken relationships in the past. Moon 25, 26, 27, 30 September and 1 October will be moderately active, so these days you will have less chances of success. Fully activated on Wednesday and Thursday, the Moon will be exhausted in Capricorn.


Pluto and Neptune will run the show for you in the period from 25 September to 1 October. These planets are in dissonance with each other. Start the week measured, just going with the flow and plan things on her end. Luck be with you, because Neptune in Pisces will help strengthen your biofield. His creative energy is very tangible. Pluto will no longer be retrograde this week, namely Friday, 29 September.

The end of the week will mark the beginning of something very pleasant. New friends will be dazzling, so many of the archers will finally find my soulmate. This time fit for romance, Dating, strengthening love and her search. At work and in business, too, in the shade it is better not to stay. Interact with the world around us, not estrange from him.


Capricorns will have to pay attention to the facts that they receive from the outside. Trust hearing and sight, but not gossip and rumors. Also this week, try to keep jealousy and envy, which simply has no place in your life. Jupiter will rule the ball, and his moderate power will wrap you in a shroud of negativity, which can still be hiding.

Now you just need to throw out all the negative energy accumulated for a long time. This can be done with the help of exercise or work. Focus on something specific, and don’t expect anything, and do it yourself. The stay of Jupiter in Libra will make it moderately strong, so every day is like the previous one in terms of mood. This planet-the patron will not give you nothing but baseless self-doubt.


Your strengths is the desire to always go forward. Find this week of a man who does not become you to point out your failings, but will simply help to resolve the gaps. Mercury will become the most important planet, so luck will be on your side. Mercury until Thursday will be in Virgo, while maintaining high activity, and then calms down a bit during the transition in Scales.

According to experts of the website dailyhoro.ru this transition will affect you, even something positive, creative energy while the background is weakened. Everything will be more calm and predictable. On all life you will wait for the good moments that brighten up your loneliness. If you are married or in a relationship, you dedicate a week to their spouse.


Saturn this week to Fish comes to the fore. His stay in Sagittarius means that a negative background will be very noticeable. Habits that hinder you to be happy, it is better to eradicate. You know what it is, because each person has a vision of how it should look like his life, then it shouldn’t be.

Try to approach the ideal image of a successful person. Do you mean spiritual success, realize their place, their destiny, their meaning of life. Unfortunately, the search for outside help will not end with success. Now you better just to ignore the opinions of others, which could be very disastrous.

There are people who can’t be trusted. These friends have with each of us. Be careful with those who do not is you have a distinct sense of confidence. Vasilisa Volodina wish you success in all spheres of life.