Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya for a week from 18 to 24 September 2017

Vasilisa Volodina knows what you need for each Sign of the Zodiac in order to reach their potential at any time period. In the week from 18 to 24 September, the astrologer will not be superfluous.

To attract into your life money and luck will help you only the right attitude and the right environment. Enough to endure people who just use you or take away your life force. This week could decide a lot, if you will allow yourself to become stronger and closer to their true desires.


Jupiter rules the ball this week for you. This means that the rams will be throwing all their forces to achieve success in any sphere of life. The main thing now — not to allow others to take even the slightest part in your personal Affairs. Instead of asking advice from people, ask for help to my intuition.

Jupiter will be in Libra all this time, with a beneficial effect on you. Monday will be the most successful day, as the planet will be in sextile with positive Sun. To get rid of bad luck at any level and in any cases you will help faith in yourself. No one is stronger than Aries, which knows that it can win any battle.


Your hidden desires come to the surface, showing you your true face. Mercury will help you use it to increase your energy and increase spiritual energy. Neptune, on the contrary, will do everything possible, just to confuse you and make wrong to perceive the situation.

A strong Neptune in Pisces this week will try to lead you astray. It may seem that everything is against you, but it’s not. Mercury will be too strong in the constellation Virgo, but its effect is almost completely the opposite of Neptune. This means that you can disturb the internal conflicts. Get rid of impulsive and don’t allow yourself to throw out the negative on loved ones and colleagues.


For Twins one of the most effective ways to get rich is to change dramatically. Saturn will be your patron Saint this week, so a change of scenery and to become more mindful you will only will power. From 18 to 24 September you just need to force yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

If you continue to stay there, where nothing bothers you, then the chances of success in the future will drop sharply. This applies not only to money and career, but also love. You only need a little push. Saturn will do this week matters for financial Affairs, but nothing will keep you from having to succeed in everything little by little. Remember that there are no restrictions.


Learn to control your emotions, if you do not want to fail in all spheres of life this week. Two planets will be in charge of your fortune and the period from 18 to 24 September, Venus and Saturn. The first planet positive for you and determined to create a favourable environment for the sphere of love, to meet new people. Saturn will be negative for you because its activity will remain moderate due to stay in Sagittarius.

This week will be mixed, as the mood will be constantly changing, and the desire to move forward, then disappear, then appear again. On the first day of the week Venus will enter into the negative aspect with Uranus. This means that on Monday, the Cancers will have a little curb your enthusiasm and do the duties.


It will be a difficult week for the lions, according to experts of the website dailyhoro.ru as Uranus will rule the roost. The near future promises you only new the problems. Uranus in Aries is neutral in its strength, but its impact on lions only produces a negative effect. A successful outcome in business and in love will Shine only for those of you who learn quickly to adapt to changes in the surrounding world.

Monday, September 18, will be the most dangerous day because of the double aspect of Uranus with the Moon and Venus. He can unite with your other two enemies to make your life a game for survival. Wednesday will again be dual aspect, but with the Sun and mercury. The uranium in this case will manifest itself more creative. Less risk for the whole week, so by Sunday not accumulate pockets full of problems.


Venus and Jupiter unite and strengthen negative impact of each other for you. Monday will be the most unfavorable day of the week, because September 18, Venus will remain in Leo to preserve the remnants of its power. On Tuesday, its energy will weaken to a quarter because of the transition into the constellation Virgo. This will mean that you will still be craving for impulsiveness. This is absolutely unacceptable, because it can seriously injure you in love and relationships with people in General. Keep love only peace and diplomacy.

As for Jupiter, he, as before, will remain moderately active in the constellation of Libra. His power will be directed to divert your mind in a world of illusions. Big decisions don’t make.


Weights will have to reckon with the Sun, which, though weakened on September 22 at the transition from Virgo to Libra, but will retain their negative mood. His energy will be less visible to you, but the likelihood that problems will creep up on you at the most inopportune moment, will remain large. On Wednesday, September 20, quickens day slightly diluted everyday routine and bring a positive to your business.

It’s time to give your hidden talents to the fore. To do this, try to think more outside the box. Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to see the world not as much as before.


To force your desires to be fulfilled, you will need to go to a whole new level of dreams. The more you want, the more you get, but don’t forget about common sense and correct view of the world.

The moon, the energy of your enemy Sign will be neutral, but her calm throughout the working week will help to plan things for the weekend, when its transition into the constellation of Scorpio night light will weaken its energy. This will be a very favorable weekend, you are much more likely to realize your dream.


To attract the desired power of thought — is a reality that must be taken correctly. Learn to dream and to believe that you can do everything. Pluto in Capricorn this week will still be retrograde, but it will not affect your relationship with people. Try to solve their problems alone, to then not have anyone to repay.

To cope with all the troubles you can help the Sun, which on September 22, though will be weaker, but will still be able to create favorable conditions for you. This is your week, because in these times nothing is impossible. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to listen to your intuition — you must not fail. Effortless advice of other people, too, can learn.


Your vitality will be restored after all the twists and turns of fate and problems encountered in your way. This is a wonderful time for rest, introspection and soul-searching. If you work, try as vividly as possible to relax in your free time. Don’t close yourself in your world from all around.

Mars is in Virgo all week, so retains its moderate activity. You are only on hand because of the warlike red planet will help you overcome all the fears and insecurities. The main thing now — not to be afraid of any changes. Change while you have the opportunity is such a problem.


The signs of the Universe for you will be most pronounced in the upcoming period of time. Despite the negative attitude of Pluto is residing in Capricorn and the Sun that September 22 will become weaker, you will be able to find my true path. Should not make categorical decisions, neither in love nor at work, nor at home.

Life can turn upside the head, but it is too early to sound the alarm. Try to get into the spirit of this moment, to understand all the changes. The only and easiest way to protect yourself is not to give yourself and the people around empty promises. Be very honest and open to all whom you respect.


The moon, though weakened on Saturday because of the transition into the constellation of Scorpio, your comfort zone, nothing will break. If you have reason to be concerned, don’t think about them. Just go with the flow and stay on your chosen road. The universe may try to get you something expensive in return of what you have now, but not in a hurry to give it.

Your life on these seven days should be your fight, but not with explosions and gunfire, and the war passive. Do not think about the troubles as long as possible to keep in your mind of unnecessary negative emotions. This world, the Fish need to take it easier in the period from 18 to 24 September.

Negative programs can appear in any person, but timely rest and proper time allocation will solve your problem by 50 percent. The remaining 50 to solve only your will power, especially now.