Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya for a week from 13 to 19 November 2017

Vasilisa Volodina — a popular TV presenter, famous astrologer and astropsychology. Her tips will help you live the coming week without any problems and save a fortune.

Each Sign of the Zodiac this week, waiting for new discoveries and interesting events. Some they can be confusing to some they may seem dangerous, but, anyway, they are very instructive. This means that the experience you can get simply excellent. You need faith in yourself, and less positive. To cheer yourself up will have at the beginning of the week to possible problems has not been too traumatic. It will be auspicious and eventful time.


Uranus this week will come to the fore. His energy is moderate due to staying in your Sign of the Zodiac going to have a negative impact. This week will be difficult for you because brain activity drops. The success will accompany only to those rams who know how to start and finish things quickly, without postponing them into the future. It is desirable that your goals were simple and clear. This is especially true for Monday, November 13, when Uranus will be in a negative aspect with mercury.

Do not try to ease you need to understand that the Uranium will not let you just go and do what you want. You will have to go through fire and water, if the goals are too ambitious. Life is simple when there is no interference on the way. So do not make yourself unnecessary trouble by impulsivity and carelessness. Be smarter and cautious. Now this is the only formula for success.


Good luck charm for Taurus this week — mercury. The only problem is his energy that will be close to zero because of a stay in the Sign of Sagittarius. To start the week with planning and end with evaluation. You need to understand your priorities and arrange them according to the plans for the future. Life must be organized in the period from 13 to 19 November.

If you need time to gather my thoughts, then you will get it. November 14, Uranus will be quadrature with Neptune. This aspect is well suited to solve the problems of the spiritual. The spiritual quest can succeed. You can determine the future goals in life and gain confidence.


The twins have this week to get myself together and start doing what you’ve wanted for so long. The sun could give you a lot of problems, but instead, it will give you peace and freedom, because it will be very weak. This happens because of the influence of the sign of Scorpio. This week is good for all cases, simple and complex, spiritual and material. To fulfill all your desires you will help common sense.

Financial Affairs need to be conducted carefully, but not to postpone purchase on then. Now the risk of being deceived is very low. Stay away from scams because the risks you are now completely useless. Be self-sufficient and defend your opinion without taking someone else’s side once again. You can easily cheat and take advantage of your kindness.


Cancers have to learn patience. The moon, which is very important for you and your happiness, will be weak only 16, 17 and 18 November, so in these days it is better not to hurry and not to rush things. These will be held for three days under the auspices of Scorpio. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday will be quite good for work or active rest days. Physical exercise and intellectual labor will do you good. Don’t be afraid to run, afraid not to have time to do what you have planned.

Quadrature of the moon with Saturn on Monday will do the trick, preventing you to solve their problems by making quick decisions based on intuition. November 16 sekstilâ of the moon with Saturn will also be a negative aspect, therefore, will bring failure. This day is better to devote to the Affairs of the unhurried. Few will be able to relax on 16 November, but if you work, you can usefully spend the evening. 13 and 16 be selfish.


Your health is what you will need to pay attention to this week. Mars will be the main planet for you that can be called good news. The bad news is that this planet will be very weak and unable to a positive influence on you. Stay of Mars in Libra will make him helpless. During the week will be only two important days: Monday and Saturday.

On Monday, the quintile with Saturn will have a negative impact on you. 13 Nov to spend in privacy and tranquility. Do not overload your body with physical and intellectual loads. To do this, wait until at least Tuesday. On Saturday sekstilâ with mercury also interfere with your happiness. This day will be a threat to his surprise, the dynamics and rapid changes in the energy background.


Virgos need to learn to deal with resentment. This feeling is very dangerous at all stages, especially while at the helm is Jupiter. The heavy energy of the planet is not able to cleanse you from all unnecessary things. On the contrary, this week the active half Jupiter will bring you a lot more disappointment and problems in relationships of friendship and love. Do not devote yourself to romance and love. Better to concentrate on work.

The stay of Jupiter in Scorpio is dangerous for you, but quite important aspect with Venus on Monday will correct the situation for the better. This day will become for you a bright spot in the gloom of Monday. 13 Nov it is better not to despair but to act. Other days will be boring and dangerous, therefore, the only way to make this work will be leisure, relaxation, a change of scenery, travel.


Pay attention to the signs of destiny that will surround you everywhere. Saturn in Sagittarius will see to it that you make it easier to find motivation to action. This planet will make you more happy. Try to find a new hobby. This is the perfect time for creative work, intellectual work. The most difficult tasks can be solved easily with the help of unconventional thinking.

Among the special days should be allocated Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Monday double aspect with Moon and Mars will negatively affect energy and your attitude. You can catch a bad mood and irrational anxiety. On the 16th day of polyquadratic of Saturn to Venus will give you wings. You will be one of the most fortunate of men. On Saturday a negative aspect to the Sun will take you patience and reward you with impulsiveness.


This week will be important your past actions and thoughts, not prospects. To fix their karma in these seven days you will assist Pluto in Capricorn. This can be done by helping the people around you. This does not mean you have to spend all seven days in the search for grandmothers who want to be transferred across the road. Live your life, but don’t forget about those who really need help. If you about something ask, do not hesitate to help.

If you are too lazy to work hard now for someone, then your good will come back tenfold, to be sure. The universe does not forget the good, perfect in the good of love, friendship. Be creative, then people will give you decent support in the future.


Sagittarius it is important to remember only one thing: money luck is not the most important thing now. Neptune remains in Pisces, so he is strong and capable of making your life brighter. Love is a great way to make yourself happier. Try to strengthen relations or to build plans for the future together. This is a great time to understand what they need to move on.

Lonely archers need to search for someone who will suit you completely in everything. Usually in such periods, the Archers have the best friends, reliable companions and good friends, who are always ready to help. Do not shirk from responsibility. Try to devote more time to chores that need to be done before the end of the week.


Don’t give empty promises, do not try to win by cheating in any sphere of life. Honesty and openness will help you learn how to be human right from a karmic point of view. A pure soul will bring you happiness in life. You will be able easier to look at the world and see only the beautiful. In life there are things more important than money and position.

Venus is weak, so will not cloud your mind. On the contrary, her stay in Scorpio will affect you positively, despite the fact that her creative energy. Just now everything is so quiet and peaceful that we should not disturb ourselves and to play with fate. To change the fate can not making revolutions, not defeating enemies, without distracting threats. Be kind, especially on Monday, when Venus will be in negative aspect with Jupiter.


Venus in Scorpio is devoid of power. It will not help you to escape from emotional problems, so in a trap of their thoughts better to avoid it in any case. Go forward despite doubts and the words of other people. Your colleagues and friends will try to dissuade you from taking any actions, because that will be the envy of eventual success. Thus it will be possible to know who is your friend and who is not. If the person encourages you, pushes forward, you should listen to it.

Thoughts are material, so that yourself don’t put a spoke in the wheel. Think about the good, because bad things could come without an invitation. Your strength lies in your own head, in your worldview. You will succeed, because luck is on your side.


The fish will need to pay attention to common sense this week. A weak Venus will be in Scorpio all seven days. It will not help you improve performance and charisma, but she’s a little put in order your thoughts. Luck be with you, but you need a way to keep it. 16 Nov will be a dangerous day due to the dual aspect of Venus with Saturn and Neptune. Thursday’s better not to risk it.

In principle, risky adventures and other days are not welcome, however, on Monday, November 13, Jupiter and Venus join forces in order to give you a strong intuition that allows you to make decisions very quickly and do things that you wouldn’t have done in normal times. In love and the financial sector approach the same these days — the maximum attention to detail.

Happiness is something we always lack. Of course, we all have different conditions and different approaches to solving problems, but everyone needs to remember that happiness is born in his head, and then takes physical form. Vasilisa Volodina wishes you good luck and victories on all fronts.