Horoscope Vasilisa Volodya December 2017

December month is very important because it provokes us to introspect. The end of the year, by definition, may not be easy, however it can become for you a very productive thanks to the advice of the astrologer.

Vasilisa Volodina — a popular TV presenter, astrologer and psychologist. Her advice useful and relevant always, because she knows all about the influence of stars and planets on people’s lives. The beginning of winter and end of the year is a time of stocktaking exercise, reflection of his life. Thoughts in such a period themselves in the head. There are 7 thoughts that lead to diseases and problems. Avoid them in the coming period, because they are the most dangerous. No one can afford to be weak now. Fight for your happiness by all means, otherwise next year may regret not taking that chance.


Powerful protection from negativity — it’s your words and thoughts. This wall is not to break anyone or anything, if you are confident enough. In December there will be many people who will try to stop you. The culprit will be a strong Moon. The most dangerous days for Aries: 1, 2 December — Moon in Taurus, on 5 and 6 December — Moon in Cancer, 24th and 25th — the Moon is in Pisces, 28 and 29 December — Moon in Taurus. These days it is better not to risk and not to do anything you can regret.

All of the most important decisions it is better to take in the days of the weakness of the moon: 7, 8, 19 and 20 December. You can spend money to conclude the transaction, to change direction. You will be lucky and other days, but not so much. The moon has a strictly negative impact. It presses on the psyche, destroys confidence, and prevents properly assess the situation in love or business.


The materialization of thoughts is what many people do not believe. Very vain, because thoughts help us to build the present and the future. In your case, the Dec will be building a platform for future success. This month will require you a special inspiration. This will be a period of new beginnings and not just endings important things. Try to wash away all the negative residue that remained from the year of the Fire Rooster.

Become a better you will help a strong Moon. This month is really dangerous days will be very little: 7, 8, 19, 20 Dec. The moon will help you gather your thoughts and to stop feeling envy, jealousy, anger. This is a time for hard work, for spiritual seeking for all-round development. The beginning of a cycle of physical exercises is also very helpful.


Watch your health. In December it will be particularly vulnerable. Negative energy Sun 21 Dec will be a little less dangerous because of the transition from the lights of Sagittarius into the constellation of Capricorn. You should think about what the older generation. If you are wise and experienced people, you will need to listen to your heart and to trust logic. Strong Sun has a negative impact not only on your physical parameters, but also on the mental. Stress, reasons for quarrels and conflicts is more than usual. Being too aggressive is best left to themselves.

December is a dangerous month that can bring a lot of frustration. Many people are going to have a negative impact without even realizing it. But don’t blame all their own failures until they’ll sort out their problems. Take criticism adequately, so that people can normally take your criticism in response. Hypocrisy will lead to no good.


Cancers should be afraid of a few days in December, as the Moon, your power will be strong almost all the time. Least successful for you will 7, 8, 19 and 20 December. You should consider its pros and cons. Take a look at ourselves to become better, or at least start moving in this direction. Life will seem a fairy tale, if you’re ready to change.

Jupiter, your intellectual patron, will have the whole month stable. This means that you need to come to grips with cases or completely abandon them, devoting time for rest, shopping, love, romance. New people who will come into your life, can leave a special mark in it. Don’t be frightened of a large influx of new people — now they need you more than ever.


The lions will have to act. It’s time to get rid of habits that hinder you to be happy. The strength of your character will increase in the beginning of the month. Then, on December 21, the Sun will move from Sagittarius to Capricorn, so it would become a neutral power. It will be good. The reason is simple — you need to calm down before the New year, weigh everything and try to lighten the mood. When the Sun is active, it is much more difficult.

Try not to be discouraged, because the sadness will be punished in December. Work more, love stronger and better. Don’t be afraid to spend and earn money. In short, live very busy lives, yet this favors the Sun and other stars. Everything will be fine if you listen to your heart. Ignore the fatigue, because now is not the time to rest.


There are things about which it is better not to tell others. Do not share this month with anyone his plans. Place all to myself if you don’t want to be disappointed. Luck is on your side, especially since December 19, when Saturn will move into the constellation of Capricorn. This is a good time for you and to implement your plans. Act alone and don’t ask anybody for help.

If you want to save a fortune, it will take a little more than just work. You need to be obsessed with his idea. That is why you need to do what you love. Try not to despair and not to relax too much, because in December Saturn will not let you relax. He will do everything possible for you to gain themselves. It’s better than the banal luck. Once again do not experiment. Share emotions with friends and only with them. The rest of the people must be far from you.


Negative emotions and stress is your enemy now. The sun, your antagonist will be active therefore contribute to the emergence of problems on all fronts. This means that emotions should be contained. Stressful situations are the norm, so be prepared for them in advance. Forewarned is forearmed. All of the cases it is better to plan ahead. Inspiration better not to act, because it can be dangerous.

Solar energy after the 20th day will fall a little. This will mean that you will be able to establish relationships with loved ones and plan for the new year holidays more successfully. You can spend the end of this month and beginning of next in privacy. You will have the choice of what is most important now. No need to adjust ourselves to anyone — you are your own masters.


The Scorpions will have to do business cautiously in December, but only until the 24th. Then Venus relevant to you now, will move into the Sign of Capricorn from Sagittarius. It will not change her powers, but will change the nature of the impact. Your thoughts will be more structured and consistent. Increase energy by any means, even if you think that all is well. You need to prepare yourself for change.

Change can happen in any area of life. This means that life is unpredictable and can change. Of course, the consequences have just. Something you have to sacrifice in any way. This means that you need to be ready to exchange. Just so nothing will happen until Venus is at the helm, to cope which under force only the most powerful Scorpions.


Sagittarius Sun will help to make the final push before a well-deserved rest. The power of the Sun will fall in the end of the month because of the transition in the Sign of Capricorn, but it doesn’t matter because the beginning and middle of the month will be extremely positive. You need to let go of the past. Forget about what it once was, will help maximum immersion in the case. Review your priorities — maybe it’s time to change course.

Love will recede into the background, but that doesn’t mean that Dating and romance should be cut from life. Just find free time in between work. Cover the debt because then your activity will fall, and the chance to get rid of the problems will be less. Ring in the New year with a pure soul. Let all the troubles will be left behind.


Negative attitudes have almost every person. You just need to ignore them for some time. Planet the second level — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — are very stable. Your strength lies in their impact, so don’t have to worry much because of the troubles, because only the power of your character you will be able to defeat enemies and detractors.

Saturn will be stronger on December 19, so not worth it in the end of the month to hide your thoughts and feelings. This is true for the sphere of love, but in business, no need to be demure. At work too, it is better to push in the last days of December. Everything else should be good, because stability for you is the best reward. Not worth the risk, but remain in the shadow is also not needed now.


Aquarius should pay attention to the strong Sun, which will become a source of danger. Do you worry for your empathy. Empathy is the ability to feel the woes and the grief of others. Resist the urge to help everyone. Help better ourselves before it’s too late. Objectively analyze the current in your life situation.

Maybe you need to find a new spiritual channel, a new person you want to be. Ambition doesn’t hurt you now when life is becoming more dynamic. Don’t let anyone use your kindness. Eliminate from your life people who drain you of energy and confidence. Those who you love, continue to give their warmth, not forgetting their priorities.


Live by the laws of the universe that will lead you to happiness. Help those who need it. Good people are always a step ahead of those who allow their selfishness to progress. Mercury can make you go down this road, but the Moon stabilizes the situation, if you trust her.

All Dec should stand in its place. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the right questions. They push you to change, to new life that is about to begin. Build it in my head. That thought transformed into a reality, you need to give them a little brew. Each of you can choose a new path — the way I want it. Doubt is your main enemy now.

Vasilisa Volodina wishes happiness to the representatives of all Zodiac Signs. This month will start and end on different notes. Let the year of the Fire Rooster will end well, replaced by 2018 the earth Dog year. Having overcome the fear inside, otherwise it will overcome you.