Horoscope taboo: what will never do the signs of the Zodiac

Horoscope taboo and prohibitions will tell you what will never go the representatives of the zodiacal circle, how many of them do not persuade.

You can not expect the fire to become water, as it is impossible to require the person to go at odds with its principles, laid down by nature. Date of birth determines many things: the nature, deeds, way of thinking and even fate.


Representatives of the Fire element, head of the astrological circle of the leaders, in the broadest sense of the word. On Rams equals to imitate them, and envy follow in their footsteps. Yes, this sign of the Zodiac determines the behavior of other people, manipulating and guiding in the right direction. Astrological rebels doing what they want. Believing that all of them are under control. Even in the case of a complete collapse of the Aries will never ask him what to do, what is and what is not. Understand already at last, Aries.


Taurus is not to take integrity and responsibility. Everything in their life has a certain weight, and as a result I always have to pay. Typical representatives of this Sign with anger in her eyes looking at the people whose actions destroyed their overall picture of the world. “Well, do not first ask, and then do it?” Those who have a lot of enthusiasm and impulsiveness, please do not disturb Calves to live by all the laws of the Universe and to move in the selected direction. Otherwise, they will trample you if your aspirations threaten their interests and comfort. Taurus will never give up on your dreams and goals.


Gemini is actually very hard to live in this world overflowing with “idiots”. Everything is constantly something from them, something you demand, and do even a finger about a finger does not hit. Isn’t life funny? This applies to all Zodiac Signs. It may be enough to push the poor Twins are impossible and annoying demands. Give life. The Twins all have a thousand and one reason is because there is no work that cannot be avoided. And even if justified circumstances, the representatives of this Sign will never miss an opportunity to relax away from all these societal framework and heavy work.


Cancerians are home-loving, friendly and wonderful family people. What did not ask — all will make for the welfare and harmony in the house. It would seem they have no flaws and rigid principles. However, still waters run deep — run deep. If you start to conduct surveillance of Cancer, you notice as he walks around the house collecting all the knives in a big basket, in a figurative sense, of course. The fact is that the representatives of this Sign never betray your trust and loyalty. And so all the knives which can be at their backs, must be immediately disposed of.


All representatives of the fire element, impulsive and explosive people. Of course, this fact also applies to lions. A lot of things literally freaks them out. And in the time of storm of emotions and a hurricane of scandals (don’t worry the Lions will throw all of this yourself), you take a and accidentally hit him where it hurts — the ego of these sensitive representatives of the zodiacal circle. Of course, the pain of humiliation, will go through their entire lives. But only for a few minutes, then Leo is gone, the king will forgive you and never remember your reckless indiscretion.


Virgo — the Sign of the order, coherent mode and clear specifics. The representatives of this Zodiac Sign simply do not happen to a failure in the system, everything is smooth and works as one large and indivisible mechanism. No, no errors there, you are all imagining. A typical Virgo will never admit that they could theoretically make a mistake, even if it is obvious. Obvious to everyone except the Virgins and that’s it, conversation closed.


Libra — harmonious and peace-loving Sign of the Zodiac. When you look at them and think: “what in this world could be better and cleaner?”. However, pure aura of the representatives of this Zodiac Sign is the result of the coordinated work of tough selection. Libra does not nourish respect for toxic and clogged negative programs people. That is why they can shamelessly to end oppressive relationships, goodbye to a loved one once and for all. Better for them a lonely harbour than a bustling Horde of the unworthy.


Mysterious, captivating and mysterious Scorpio, hides deep in the soul of the great mystery. Do not attempt to obtain from representatives of this Zodiac Sign of sincerity and openness is impossible. If Scorpio sees fit he will tell himself. Well, that 10 years later, trust has to be earned. However, astrologers site dailyhoro.ru managed to get into the soul of the most secretive representatives of the zodiacal circle. It turned out that the Scorpions never forgive and only they know the worst, treacherous and tempting plans for revenge.


Sagittarians can afford what others could not. They are reckless, shameless and too cutting. The impetuousness and hot temper, makes the representatives of this Sign too biting on the tongue. In a fit of rage that in their life it happens quite often, Archers just won’t be able to exercise tact. From their attacks can be scary and painful at the same time. However, the jokes archers you cry. And why doesn’t anybody like the truth.


Hard-working Capricorn always straight and proud. Even in his gestures, you notice the blazing responsibility. All laid out on shelves, perfection as always. The world of Capricorn goes to hell as soon as it comes to some innovations and innovations. Why change the foundations and orders, a century lived another live. Conservatism of Capricorns certainly not take away. They will never change their ideology of views and principles, except that if it is not mandated. Then Yes, you can and something new coming up.


Under the yoke of secrecy joyfully and dynamically live Aquarius. You may think that you know all about them. Although the truth about their life, you know nothing. This secretive Sign of the Zodiac, which is determined to keep its secrets. At that time, as all the other members of the zodiacal circle out of the age categorical, Aquarians look condemned them in the trail. And God forbid you stumble and fall in their eyes. The chances of acquittal in this case you will never wait.


This water Sign of the Zodiac absolutely loves to swim against the current. Well, like Fish, when they have picked up a positive wave and driven into the arms of happiness. However, to find that same happiness prevents them anchor called conformism. Fish will always look to the opinion of the company, mindlessly following the stereotypes and fashion trends, besides passively taking in everything involved. Of course, this can be dealt with, but then you have to swim against the current, so even a little they can hold it.

Each of us individualne and we all know that no two people with the same character. But if the representatives of the zodiacal circle will look a little deeper into yourself, you will notice that the stars don’t lie. Each Zodiac Sign have one thing in common: identical patterns in behaviour and similar traits. We wish you good mood. Be happy