Horoscope Pavel Globa on the week from 11 to 17 September 2017

Pavel Globa is one of the most successful astrologers in the CIS, because his predictions always get to the point. To successfully start and complete the coming week, take expert advice seriously.

As we told the portal Woman’s day, Pavel Globa recommends this week for all Zodiac Signs to live as cheerfully as he could. Don’t take problems as the blows of fate. They are at all. Think of it as another adventure. So it will be easier to survive all the adversity, after all, what really matters is a person’s thoughts, not actions.


Aries this week will be four days in which fortune will be with you with great probability. It will be 12, 13, 16 and 17 September. In three days you better not risk it, watch what you eat and what you’re doing, because chronic diseases can be felt. You can easily overcome all troubles and solve them much faster than usual.

Fortunately or unfortunately, but love must depart for you to the wayside, because it just is not time. In some passive way, you can try to solve their problems loving character, but better not to dwell on it at all. It is possible that the problems resolved themselves. Better stay in the shadows, without asking anything from a loved one or trying to find a soul mate, especially on 14 September.


Thursday and Friday will be the most successful day for you. Stars and planets will favorably affect your performance all week, so then is not worth to postpone anything. Looking for something new: new Hobbies, sources of income, meet people. The main thing this week is not to overload your body work. Work in moderation.

The most dangerous day this week — Monday. Be careful how you dressed and what you say in this day, if you do not want to headache. Do not give empty promises in these seven days. You will have the opportunity to make this time carefree and very favorable, especially in the sphere of love. Meet people, have fun as they can and not be you alone. Devote more time to family and other half. If you are not yet in a relationship, take the man you would like to see next always.


Positive and creative energy of the cosmos will grow and will be the most positive for the Twins closer to the end of the week. On Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to do all the things that I will miss for the first five days. At the same time, new business is better to postpone. Take only what is most relevant. The astrologer advises you to eat healthy food September 12 — the most negative day of the week.

In love you have to deal with the planning of General Affairs for the future. You can visit the old fears, the problems, but do not worry them. Now you just need to keep all your emotions and to focus on what is most important for the future. Look to the future, forgetting the past which will continue to remind myself.


Cancers astrologer advises to start to stock up on vitamins for the future and to accumulate knowledge and learn something new. Will have a good impact on you a change of scenery, travel, business and entertainment. 11 September — the most favorable day of the week. You only need to start what to do, then to all went like clockwork. Monday would suit him perfectly. Friday, by contrast, is dangerous, because the stars will stop to help you.

And in love and at work new friends will help you through your hardships and to find something inspiring for yourself. You will be charismatic, no doubt about it. Your self-confidence will be the winning ticket, a pass to the world of love and financial fortune. Now a very promising time to find the second half, however, do not show that you are alone. Let people do to you stretch to catch your optimism and good humor. Be witty and emotional — it will attract the opposite sex and will help you out in difficult times.


Tuesday and Wednesday will be the most successful day this week. To good health is not lost, every day a little more go for a walk or go to the pool. Physical activity will help you to transcend themselves in all spheres of life, because your mood will be high. Female Lions can begin a diet and the man can start going to the gym, though, and both of a healthy diet is equally suitable.

The main thing this week survive September 11, delicate. This day will be a very difficult and dark. He will be deprived of the positive, so you will not easily find him yourself. This week you will be easier to Finance, and you will be able to succeed in love. Don’t miss the chance if given the opportunity to go on a date with a nice man. If you are in a relationship or marriage, then it’s time for joint Affairs.


September 12, Tuesday, will be the most dangerous day for you in these seven days. Maybe you will suffer headaches and malaise. Hardly a hundred you’ll be able to do this day, but other days you just need to do what you love and not to overwork. People will take it out on you, but if you show patience, they will repay in the future the same. In any case, at work and in business you will need high concentration.

Focus on something new without forgetting the old projects at work. When it comes to love, especially 11, 14 and 15 September, it is better not to relax. This is a very Holy week, especially for those who are just starting their way in a love relationship. If you’ve been married, this week you will be able to find a new fuse, new kindle fire.


For four days La you will be truly successful this week: 12, 13, 16, 17 Sep. Try to complete this week so that next Monday you don’t have to do what you are doing now. Difficult decision emotionally to give you much easier than usual. All the experience you gain will provide you with strong support in those seven days, especially in the most negative of them on Thursday. Intuition and the voice of the heart, the astrologer advises to listen to as often as possible, especially when it comes to love. Do not hurry to lead the relationship. Try to give more freedom to your other half, even if she or he wants to be chief.

The time has come when you must fulfill the promises made earlier. Pay someone you owe money to, fulfill its purpose fully. The time has come to release myself from these shackles, not to look for new problems. Do not start no cases.


Join the adventure this week, if you do not want to fail in love or finances. Cultivate a healthy habits that are the basis of happiness. Try it for yourself to learn from your mistakes, be careful, constantly looking for ways to improve your relationship with the second half. Don’t be afraid to take matters into their own hands.

Thursday and Friday will be the creative day for you because the energy of the planets and stars will be the most positive. Be independent and give more freedom to their children, significant other, family and friends. Do not dictate their conditions. AT work and in business you have to get rid of anything that interferes with focus on the result. It can be negative thoughts, self-doubt, or simply apathy. Fight with your fears.


The last two days this difficult week for Sagittarius will be the most successful. The creative energy of stars on 16 and 17 September will be the most obvious, the most pure. Don’t leave out a single detail in any area of life. It is now important everything, so watch for hints of the Universe that will surround you everywhere. Set attainable goals and don’t be afraid to work in a team with someone.

This week will be difficult, so do not forget that you have loved ones about whom you need to always remember. Only through diplomacy you will be able to keep everything the way it is now. This applies to the work and love. Learn to put yourself in the place of another person to properly interact with people. Luck will be with you all through the weekend, so Saturday and Sunday can be a little selfish.


Thursday will be the most dangerous day for you. This means that it will be possible appearance in this short period of the big problems with health and mood. Your energy will decrease to such an extent that the problem with luck can reach climax. After and before September 14, it will be very calm and friendly. Monday, September 11, the astrologer advises you to seek the second half and not to be afraid of new business acquaintances. Expand your social circle.

Training will be given to you very easily, so use it to the full. Haven’t met his chosen Capricorns can finally find his love. If you haven’t been on vacation since the beginning of summer, it is best to relax this week, or plan a vacation in the near future. If this is not done, then you can be like an emotional time bomb.


Tuesday and Wednesday is the best time to implement all plans, even the most ambitious. In Aquarius on the basis of elevated ambitions you may have many quarrels with loved ones and colleagues, business partners. The main thing — just get through this Monday, in the most dangerous day this difficult week. Aggravate the situation Aquarians possible health problems.

12 and 13 September will need to focus on solving problems in love and work. Learn to apologize to people if you don’t want to stay all alone by Sunday. There is nothing wrong with that, to learn to admit the guilt, because we all make mistakes. Try how to relax at the weekend to reduce the risk of emergence of problem situations.


Monday will be your most favorable day in the coming week. Then positive energy will decline, and then back. Thursday and Friday 14 and 15 September, will be perfectly suitable for any new business or to complete old ones. Love these three days will be ideally suited for a confession of feelings, to offer hands and hearts for wedding planning. In General, this week will be a time of romance, love.

If you want to succeed in business or in work, do not aspire to the conclusion of agreements and negotiations. Do it yourself, and only in the best way. Watch your health, because getting sick this week easy. It will knock you off track for a long time.

Increase energy, if you do not want success turned away from you — is the main advice of an astrologer for this week. Fortuna, like a magnet, reaches out to people positive and believe in yourself. Force yourself to believe in success, to see him in their thoughts and in his imagination.