Horoscope Pavel Globa November 2017

Pavel Globa is a leading specialist in the field of astroprognosis in the CIS. His advice will help you succeed in love and business. November 2017 promises many Zodiac Signs luck.

An important mission is for each Zodiac Sign. Each person has a true purpose in life, which perhaps many have not yet grasped. In November, most likely, you will be able to reveal this mystery or to approach her. In any case it is better not to give up. All that will happen in November is important. To the very last detail. All will need to look for secret signs that the universe sends you.


The rams protection from harm and disease will provide them with confidence. A huge leap forward you can make in the next 30 days — you only need to extinguish in ourselves the flames of desire and ambition. Tiny problems you can destroy its positive, but if it is something serious, then you’ll need heavy artillery in the form of support for a loved one or friend. Do not forget that you are not alone in this world.

Moderately strong and positive for you, Pluto in Capricorn will help you to find a common language with anyone and ask for help so that you are left then nothing anyone needs. It is very important to remember the person who will support you, then to repay the favor. You will not be asked about it out of respect and in view of education, but don’t wait — help for those who help you. Can make a promise if you want, that’s fine, too.


This is a good time to recharge emotional energy. It would be nice to gain or charge your stone-talisman if you have it. Whatever happens, whatever happens, do not scold the fate. You now need to focus not on solving problems, and preparing for their early decision in December. November suitable for planning, for setting goals.

Speaking of challenges: they must be feasible. This would be especially helpful in the period from 16 to 23 November, when the Moon is either weak or completely devoid of forces. On other days, at the beginning and at the end of the month the power of the satellite is large. You need to be active at a time. Particularly good days for all cases— 4, 5, 8, 9, 26-28 Nov. The moon will be in Taurus, Cancer and Pisces respectively. In the middle of the month it is better to be realistic because of the support from the moon will or will not do.


To change life to the best Twins in November will lack the bias to ourselves and to others. You are capable people with a huge set of useful qualities in all spheres. Your power is in your charisma, but you are lazy that the defeat is not so simple. Mercury, your patron Saint in November, will be strong only up to 4 digits, inclusive. These days will be the most productive. Then it will move from Scorpio into the constellation Sagittarius and is completely deprived of power. The remainder of the month you will have to deal with the fears and issues of her own.

Don’t reject help from others, because self — reliance is not a huge plus, but simply a trait. Now you need not be afraid to seem weak. This is the power of man is the honesty towards himself and towards others. Just be yourself, but don’t give yourself a reason to escape into a world of illusions.


Best mascot water Signs of the Zodiac in November is desires and ambitions. Their power can be raw, however you need to guide them in the right direction. Select the one most important sphere of life and go towards improving the entire month, from the beginning to the end. At your side is Venus, the protector of emotions and secret desires. To 6 inclusive it will be strong in Libra, and then abruptly loses all his power due to the transition in Scorpio.

Almost the entire month you will not be able to support this actual planet. You will be in international waters, at a crossroads. You will need to decide where and how to move on. Save your strength in order to plan things for the future. Don’t throw all their resources on something that is not particularly relevant. Be careful and cautious, especially with money.


Success in November for the lions will be the concept is very compressed and narrow. The fact that a stable, but very dangerous Saturn in Sagittarius in November will be relevant to you. It’s a bad situation, because you have no time to think, and Saturn slows your thoughts. Relax and think about something pleasant. If you meet face to face with the situation complicated and ambiguous, it is possible to trust intuition, because logic will not save you. Enlist the help of sixth sense as little as possible.

Be true to your principles, but do not aspire to dominate in all areas. Assistants you have now just will not, because all are busy with their chores, all their problems. Take care of business at home, relax from work, from financial troubles. Save money because at the end of November, the potential for serious losses.


Avoid selfish in November Signs of the Zodiac. You can use that you are very upset. Revenge, it is not correct now, so you will find yourself in a desperate situation. The difficulty of the choice will be obvious, because you will need to decide which way to proceed by the shortest and dangerous, or difficult, but devoid of dangers.

A strong Neptune in Pisces will make you to fulfill all the rules of the game. Particularly difficult may be in Finance, because money is people like arrogant and Virgo are mostly not like that. Of course, if you can bring yourself to compromise your principles, you can come the dark days, because Neptune is the guardian of the law, but there could be as lucky. Luck you have a little, so the risk is not worth it.


Draw in your home and the love of money you will help in November, the lack of envy and other negative emotions. The sun is until November 20, will be in the Sign of Scorpio, so his strength will be zero. This is a good time because the Sun will not be able to resist your desires. But on the 21st it will become strong in Sagittarius. There are already have to think about how to maintain composure and desire to move forward.

This month will teach you a lot. Something will have to sacrifice something will have to acquire. You will be able to grasp certain truths which have never thought before. The universe is not on your side in November, but it can take a certain lesson. Love does not neglect the rules and common sense. In money, at work and in business it is better to adhere to previously adopted strategy. Stay on the path that you used.


The Scorpions will need to mobilize all its internal resources in November. As your patron, Mars, is stripped of his powers because of stay in Libra, you better build up the energy gradually. Don’t throw all their forces at once in battle. Explore the situation, then cautiously move forward. Only then go on the offensive. Try to look only forward, not looking back at past mistakes. To see the future will help you prophetic dreams.

If everything suddenly goes wrong, you know that it is only your merit, no one else. Only you will be responsible for your failures and mistakes. Don’t look for blame, because people will understand your vision, and then turns on you. If you want to hedge, just ask for help from colleagues, friends, acquaintances and relatives. The main thing now — to be honest. In love you also very much will help to succeed.


Sagittarius to help in November, the Jupiter, the patron of thoughts and desires. This planet the entire month will be in Scorpio. Moderate energy of Jupiter will help you get started, to gain confidence in yourself and just become stronger. This is your month, your time is filled with possibilities. In love, you only need a little confidence and the desire to find her soul mate. If you’re in a relationship, then output them to a higher level, you can resort to the help of your eloquence. Pay attention to your thoughts — they control your health and fortune.

The money and work you too will get. The main thing — do not miss the chance. All goals are achieved, you only need a little bit to try to overcome myself and my laziness. Do not think that everything will be resolved by itself you just in.


Uranus takes matters into his own hands. Luck in love is waiting for those of you who can escape from their fears. The same can be said about the work. You think too much about what is not. In November, it is better not to think but to act. A drop of recklessness will help you succeed. It will be a very productive month for you. Take advantage of every opportunity to get richer, better, kinder, smarter and happier.

Life can throw you a nice gift, if you want to change something in yourself. This is a great time for introspection, to work on yourself. You can change the situation, go on a vacation or to visit for a week. The main thing for you now is to get rid of loneliness. It’s time to find love, friendship, to build relationships with loved ones.


Jupiter takes matters into his own hands, so Aquarius will have a hard time in November. Air Zodiac Signs, especially Aquarians, they are getting richer very quickly, but find troubles as rapidly. It says that you can’t keep your hands to yourself and don’t always know how to spend forces. Planning will help to eliminate this unpleasant feature of your character.

This is a wonderful time for routine work, but not for negotiations, not for big spending. In love it is better to follow, not lead. Then you may be accused of irresponsibility, so let your loved one make important decisions. It will raise you in his eyes if you give him or her the throne of government relations. A little attention to detail wouldn’t hurt in November.


Uranus will be active in November, maintaining its moderate strength. His energy will be creative for you, so you should just get rid of all the fears and show the world who you really are. Get rid of old things, from unnecessary ties. The relationship that has outlived its usefulness, it is necessary to interrupt this November, because they pull you down.

Uranium will also help you to succeed in Affairs financial. Success will most often accompany the Fish, which occupy leadership positions. If your work involves taking over someone else’s trust, then you get lucky in November. Try to take criticism correctly, without nerves. Themselves try not to criticize anyone. So life has changed for the better, you will need to strengthen its position and focus on gaining the trust of others.

The basics of positive thinking will help you survive not only financially, but in love crisis. Pavel Globa wish you great success in everything. Try not to think about the black band, if you get in trouble. Everything in this life is not accidental, but predictable and modifiable at any time. It all depends on you and what in your head.