Horoscope Pavel Globa for the week of 8 to 14 January 2018

Pavel Globa and his good counsel will help you to surpass their own expectations in the first working week of 2018. This week will be very important this month.

Someone already started a long time ago, and someone didn’t end at all. Regardless of the type of activity and priorities in life, everyone will have to start a constructive movement forward, according to the General plan of the Universe, which is confirmed by a special motion of the planets and their position relative to the stars. In these seven days your life will not change if you do not want, however, even the desire is not enough to turn everything upside down. Portal Woman’s day shared his thoughts of the astrologer about how we need to behave in the period from 8 to 14 January, to stay afloat and increase their happiness.


Pay more attention to prohibiting signs. Dangers can trap you at every step, especially on Monday the 8th This will be the peak day in terms of problems and troubles. Then energy of the planets and stars stabiliziruemost and will be back to normal. The last three days will be unimaginably positive. In business and at work no need to hurry. Do everything consistently, not to be mistaken suddenly.

Your mood will be this week to change very often, but we should not succumb to naked emotions. All that matters is what is happening here and now. Do not think about the future or the past. Live in the present now, because only it has value. Engage often with your favorite things, to somehow get used to the operating mode. Stay away from everything that annoys you. Caution will not be superfluous. Otherwise, you can earn yourself extra headache.


Most likely, your dreams will come true this week. Pavel Globa advises to dreams to be as easy as possible in the coming period. They can force you to suffer failure, because their hidden meaning could be very unpleasant. Of course, it’s not exactly 100 percent, but the probability that in a dream you will see their future. Beware of turbulence on 10 January, and 14, on the contrary, tear to victory.

A change of scenery will help you through your emotional problems. It will be a good week for shift work. Try to visit as many interviews if you are in search of. For love now is also a good time. Fun, new romance, wedding planning, Dating and so on, that would be handy in this period. Follow your intuition to not miss the moment of truth.


Your best money mascot in a given period, common sense. Don’t throw money and not spend it on something that you do not need. Adventurism in this environment, you can lead to big problems. January 12 — the most dangerous day of the week. You may want to do something stupid, so it’s worth on Friday to throw myself into work or school and forget about making important monetary decisions.

You may become suspicious and jealous during this period of time. You will have to cope with gusts of jealousy and negativity. If you’re not gonna do it, then your significant other might take offense at you. The breakup at fault Twins occur mainly in these periods. Try to raise their self-esteem. It was all my fault.


Make a good every day this week you will help diplomacy and peace. The fact is that even the slightest differences in love can cause big problems. Don’t wait for good luck now this week study. It is a good time to think about the future and the past, to decide what is most important to you now. January 8 — the most dangerous day because the stars will only radiate negative energy.

On 10 and 11 January — two days that will help you to become a winner in everything. Of course, just because luck is in your hands will not go — this will take a little effort and perseverance. In the end, this week will be for you a kind of transit point. You will need to stop ruining my dreams with doubt. Just follow the principles, not to lose all the gains made earlier.


The lions this week will bring a lot of positive emotions. This means that the time has come for the fulfillment of your most ambitious desires. You should not regard those seven days as a negative period just because the work begins. On the contrary, you now need a change of scenery. To change everything, because the energy stagnation is not good for you. 11 Jan take care of responsibilities, as it will be a difficult day.

Four whole days out of 7 will be very positive: 8, 9, 12 and 13 January. Don’t be afraid of problems because active steps can help you to stop needing the assistance of other people. You will be able to easily find time for rest and for love and for work. Don’t be callous — this condition can play a cruel joke with you. Help those who really need it.


Virgins to fulfill his dream is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The fact that your confidence can reach unprecedented heights, but that’s not all. To win in love Affairs, business and at work you may have a creative approach. Think outside the box, because everything in this world for you will not be the most common in this period.

Lonely Virgins on 10 and 11 January will be lucky, however, will have to use it with maximum benefit for itself. Don’t go into the Inferno — learn to bide his time. The wise solutions will be the most the right now. This is true not only of business but of love. You will be able to find a soul mate, but don’t hurry. In love battles may come the hot season.


12, 13 and 14 January the love Affairs it is better to postpone for a while, despite the fact that it will be the most energetically positive day for you. Events this week will help you to identify your strengths and find your weaknesses. There are no perfect people but there are those who are able to use not only its advantages but also disadvantages properly. Do not postpone for tomorrow what you can do today — that is the main philosophy of the first week of 2018.

There is a risk that on Monday you will be overflowed with emotions. Can Wake up the sadness and resentment. But to share nothing with anyone. Stay alone with yourself 8 Jan. Anyway, this week should be around more, at home. Especially for those of you who tires quickly. It’s time to start to draw inspiration where before you were afraid to do it. Listen to the elders and those whom I respect.


To avoid trouble in the period from 8 to 14 January, you’ll need to give more time to negotiations. Do not rush to make decisions relative to the people — talk with them and find out their true motives. Perhaps that is something you just don’t know. Their hasty conclusions, you may lose the support of friends, loved ones. Wisdom will help you not to make a mistake in love or in business.

The beginning of the week is not very favorable time for work. Friday, by contrast, will be emotionally stable the day on which the work will be a pleasure. It will be a great week for those of you who started to work before 8 Jan. Do NOT rush to change the situation and escape from everything and everyone. Your place is now with the one you love.


The first two days of the week will be the most favorable. This means that negative energy will be suppressed by your thoughts and actions are constructive in nature. Help people and ourselves to overcome laziness and apathy. January 12, negative thoughts can get the better of you, but it will not mean that you will lose. On the contrary, difficulties will elevate you above the rest.

This week will be very good for shopping for gifts for your loved ones, for dates and flirting. Lucky also those who are already in relationships or married. You will be able to find a compromise and resolve inner turmoil. Fateful meeting you in secured and in business, at work. If you are in sales, then you will be a particular success in the field of work.


This week Capricorns will be able to understand what they want from life. Prioritize and dot the “i” will help you with sports, work, classes favorite things. The more you focus on the business or something important, the better. Your financial situation may dramatically improve, so be extremely careful. If something does not work in your life, then look at yourself from the side, it is possible that you are missing something important.

Take critique the people around you correctly. Criticism is a chance to understand what is wrong with you. Man can not please everybody at once, so you need to focus on those people that you really appreciate. Do not disappoint them now. It may cost you success in business, love and other areas of life.


The character of a person is something that cannot be changed very quickly. You need to remember that you harden problems and troubles. You are one of the few people who don’t need to be afraid of difficulties in life. Moreover, you will find four very positive days: 8, 9 12, 13 Jan. Only 10 of Jan need to avoid problems and not to go to meet them. Come these troubles will be from your competitors and enemies.

Remember that your enemies will be moving base feelings, so don’t look for pitfalls in their actions. Strive to ensure that your love to loved ones didn’t become public knowledge. Don’t take out your feelings on public display. It is best now to just be yourself, and the most humble and wisest version of myself.


Your happiest days this week — 10 and 11 January. Number 12 — the most dangerous day. This week will be for you a time of renewal, a time of new emotions. Love can become stronger at times, if you allow yourself some liberties. Enough to stay in the comfort zone, because the strongest love is the one that overcomes everything. Make important decisions easily.

Your attitude will be very important in those seven days. No wonder they say that success is born in man and remains with him if to believe in it. Don’t doubt yourself, because it will not lead to anything good. Be strong and impenetrable. You will try to break the enemy. But they will not be able to do this if you stay strong, no matter what.

To attract good luck and prosperity effortlessly by no means all, however, it’s easy to change. Be presumptuous, but in moderation. Symbiosis sixth sense, wisdom, and aspirations — is a formula for success for us all. Pavel Globa wish you good luck.