Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 9th to 15th October 2017

Pavel Globa knows how to attract good luck in any sphere of life. Following the recommendations of an astrologer, you will be able to spend this week with the greatest benefit.

Portal Woman’s day spoke about what advice was given by the astrologer for all Signs of the Zodiac for the coming week. The most important advice that applies to all without exception, patience and only patience. Many are now in a situation in which only diplomacy can save you from failure. Any wrong word, opinion, action can lead to irreparable consequences in love or business. Stay yourself, but a little restrain emotions.


The rams 13 and 14 October astrologer recommends to mobilize all its internal resources to full capacity. The fact that these two days will be the most positive for you. They will be in the power of the Fire element, your native environment. On the other days, try not to show initiative nor in love, nor, especially, at work. Move through these waves safely, without nerves.

This week you want to avoid hypothermia, drafts and avoid sick people. So you will maintain good health. Patience and strength to overcome any problems. The less you desire in love and Affairs, the better. Ambition will ruin you, so listen to your colleagues, your loved one, partners, bosses, friends and family.


The most auspicious day of the week — Sunday. Exactly 15 of October you can relax and get pleasure from life. Do not rush in making decisions in love — consider all possible ways of development. You now need to offer as many peaceful ways to resolve conflict situations in the sphere of love. If there is a period of stagnation, get a hobby or physical activity.

Do not overload your body with consumption of alcohol and junk food. Now Taurus is best to find motivation to go on a diet or at least eat right. Also it is better not to meddle in disputes and conflicts, because you have the chance to become heroes gossip. Don’t be jealous of loved ones and say nasty things about his enemies — they will make themselves unhappy.


The most unfavorable day for you this week — October 12. Do not overeat on Thursday, as well as observe mode, work moderately. Take care of spiritual matters, self-improvement. You will favor luck in everything, so no time to relax. Now we need to work hard. It will be a great week to search for new work, new sources of income, for negotiations.

In love you need to show your strengths and to be more open. The most important advice Pavel Globa — one should not keep his warmth and feelings. Go ahead and try to work as much as possible without expecting anything in return. The more you give now, the more you will get back. It will be a magical time and the most favorable to output relations to a new, higher level. You can easily plan the wedding. Don’t be afraid to confess your love.


On 11 and 12 October will be the most positive day for Cancers. 13, conversely, is a very dangerous day. Starting with the bad, it should be noted that in love you can expect quarrels and endless conflict on an empty place. There may even be a breakup. Don’t defend your opinion if you don’t want to lose a loved one. Uymite your pride — it will hurt you in love, taking good luck. Emotion is your enemy. Cure bad the relationship will be on the weekend with the help of joint Affairs.

At work on October 13, too, may be in serious trouble. Try to finish your business and go home. At home you can do cleaning chores, you can simply relax. It will be a great time to relax, so try to negotiate with the authorities about the provision of the output. Take a in your free time: exercise can help to increase vitality.


Lions seven days can seem very calm and devoid of any problems. So be almost everything, particularly on 11 and 12 October, when the stars and planets will occupy the most favorable position. In love you will be lucky, because meeting new people is much easier than usual. Of course, to find the love of your life this week, most likely, will not succeed, but a small affair is quite possible. The main thing — not to make all to the public. A change of scenery, if you want to learn something new and pleasant love.

It’s time to remember the people with whom you have not communicated. In business and at work new people will also be very helpful. You will be able to learn something useful, positive. Luck is on your side, so dedicate this time to the most important cases.


On 13 and 14 October Virgos lucky most of all, and in the financial sector. In business and the case will be argued, problems resolved quickly, and the money literally flow in your hands. Possible difficulties this week only 12 numbers when the energy of the stars and planets will be very negative. Love the whole week you will overwhelm, doubt and uncertainty, although really dangerous day will be the same on 12 October. Don’t judge people in this day, because your impulsiveness will be very high.

Looking for new opportunities in business and at work. Spend money carefully, but with taste. Do not spare money for myself. With regard to the physical condition and mood, to improve both will help the exclusion from the diet of sweet foods, sugar and fast food. This will be your week, your time, so don’t miss a single opportunity.


Get a haircut, buy new clothes. Enjoy a close his own image. Dazzle everyone with his new look on Monday or Tuesday because these two days and 14 October, will be the most positive for you and the most powerful in terms of energy. Job to please you, unfortunately will not. There are, of course, a small chance that everything will go smoothly, but you should not rely on chance. Appearance will play an important role, so get enough sleep as it should. Lack of sleep will destroy your good mood and good luck.

In love you don’t expect problems, but the luck is not expected. This is a good time to make new friends and “throwing rods”. Don’t try to change what cannot be changed. Have fun communicating with loved ones and stay close with the second half. Appreciate every moment and increase your energy, to give positive vibes to those who are dear to you.


Scorpio on 11 and 12 October will bring maximum good luck. These two day rest, the trips to doctors and work. Best holiday these days — watching interesting films, reading books, Hobbies. Lateral thinking will save you from the hassles and bad mood. I with anybody do not argue, do not listen to the advice of others and not to engage in important Affairs, requiring a great physical and intellectual investments.

Family life care is the Golden rule. The success will accompany only the most enterprising and diplomatic Scorpions. Quarrels may start out of the blue, but it’s not when they begin and when they will end and will it end at all. Be smart — try to find a way out of any situation.


Sagittarius this week will have to Marshal all your forces in one direction. You need to choose that sphere which for you is of the greatest importance. Free time is better spent on the right things and the right people. In love is not worth chasing those you care about. October 15 will be the most successful day to search for new ways of development of his personality.

Monday will be the most dangerous day, so be very careful with making serious decisions. In love, you will need to surprise a loved one, but not only on 9 October. Throughout the week you will expect something bright and unusual. Better to the expectations of loved ones came true. Love and friendship are more important than just these seven days.


Enough to devote your time in unnecessary things. Now the most important thing for you to focus on one thing and very important. The only way to be able to do what previously was impossible to do, to gain prosperity and love. To improve the effectiveness need to eat right and rest more in the evenings, going to bed on time. This is especially true October 11 — the worst day of the week.

You are a realist in life, which is very good will be useful to you right now. Love the advice of other people don’t want to miss, but do not blindly follow them. Your opinion is most important this week. You will be able to solve any problem of love character. It’s a good week to search for my soulmate.


Monday and Tuesday are two of the most favorable day of the week. In these two days you will have the opportunity to succeed both in love and in work or business. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, because from them will come a special energy, creative and very positive. If you suddenly get tired, you better rest actively, instead of lying on the couch watching TV. More walk, engage in sports.

In love you will see almost limitless possibilities. Do not forget about the materialization of thoughts, which are the building material for the surrounding reality. Almost any joint or separate from the second half of the plans will be implemented with high probability. Just believe in yourself, then everything will become favourable. Luck is on your side.


Monday will be a very dangerous day. Spend it in the calm and measured pace. Do not bother to lose. Maximum lead a regular life. Major cases and difficult work, plan to do in the middle of the week. If not, then do not worry — we do not need to sacrifice anything.

Love astrologer advises to start negotiations and to seek common ground. Avoid selfishness and negative emotions. They will be devastating for many representatives of your Zodiac Sign. If you destiny will present the opportunity to start a long term relationship then use it. Few will be able to quickly find his true happiness, but all will be able to gain good experience that is equally important.

This week, according to Pavel Globa, it will be very difficult, but quite ordinary in many aspects. Some Zodiac Signs may be mild apathy, depression, lack of confidence, but to solve it can be easily timely rest.