Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 6 to 12 November 2017

Pavel Globa will help you to succeed in all spheres of life this week. His advice will show you the right path and help you to overcome uncertainty, problems with love, money.

Portal Woman’s day shared with us the thoughts of the astrologer about how to behave is representative of all the Zodiac Signs this week in relation to other people at home. At work and in other places, under all circumstances. Himself an astrologer claims that the period from 6 to 12 November will promise large adjustment for many people. Restructuring these may relate to different spheres and are not always favorable, although it is only the result of your choice, and not the truth.


Aries luck will smile this week is most noticeable in three days: 6, 10 and 11 November. On Tuesday the 7th, on the contrary, energy of the stars would be destructive. If you don’t trust a friend, then maybe it is time to check it out. Not absorb calories wild pace, try to avoid sugary snacks, do not drink carbonated sugar water, beer and so on. Keep yourself in good shape, a healthy body would be the strongest good luck charm for you.

AT work and in love you will win. Find friends at work, because the only way to maintain success. If you are single, use these seven days to relax. If you are a family man, spend time with my family, with those whom you love with all your heart. Find common interests and hold on to them.


Cleanse the house from negative energy — your primary task in the coming period. 7, 8, 9 and 12 November will be the perfect day for this. Focus on your home. Even if you live in a rented apartment, try to buy something that would add comfort. In General, spending money now to do better than to dream. If you need something — take it and that’s it.

You have a possible conflict situation at almost all levels of communication. This can badly affect the mood, for luck in General. Work luck will be with those who are able to work, able to throw all forces on achievement of the goals of the team. If you’re diligence will save you from the Blues. Don’t forget that life is not only negative and luck. Move cleaning in relations of love of nature, place all points over “i”. Saturday and Sunday — a time of love and only. Cases are not place on 12 and 11 the numbers in your life.


In the financial sphere the shortest path to success for the Twins will lie through diligent performance of their tasks. Do not engage in conflicts in the workplace — this will knock you off track. To attract money into your life you will also help timely rest. Home to relax, not to solve the problem of the authorities. This is a wonderful time for new beginnings of any scale.

In love Affairs to be hard-nosed not worth it. Diplomatic skills will help you succeed in this field. If you don’t have those skills, then they will have to learn. Try this week and friends to see, and parents to visit and to have a closer look mate, their children. Listen to the people, not impose their point of view. None of the entourage will not ask you more than one morality, common sense. The best days for you: 11 and November 10. Monday — the most dangerous day.


Men astrologer recommends this week to look better and tidier. And women to choose the right decorations. No one but yourself can make yourself happier. This does not mean that assistance will not have to wait. November 7 is the most negative and dangerous day for you, but the energy of the stars will grow stronger and become more favorable by the end of the week. November 12 is the climax of a period, the best day of the week for you all.

In these seven days you can visit the doctor, exercise. What you should do is to talk about yourself with people unpleasant. Don’t tell anyone about what is happening in your soul. For romance this period are not, so privacy will save you from unnecessary problems. Don’t waste your money in vain, even as their strength. Set goals family a priority and his ego a little moderate.


If you feel tired, it is better this week as well. Think about how to keep youth, strength, ambition. Look at your life from the outside. This will help you to know where you ended in the right way and it started in about. Monday, November 6 will be the most favorable time for spiritual seeking, work, planning.

Best work goes to those who work with people constantly. The least lucky members of the creative professions. Be as flexible as possible and try to saturate your mind with new information to learn. For those who are lonely will have the chance to restore the old relationship. If you still love the person with whom nothing happened, then try to take it all back.


For you from 6 to 12 November, the main sphere of life is love. If you are already in love, then everything will be just fine. Love compatibility is not going to matter this week, so try to meet the person that you like. The laws of astrology will depart on the second plan. 7, 8 and 9 November, luck in love will be the most noticeable. Don’t be afraid to move forward, no matter what.

The basis for happiness in difficult times will be your wisdom. This will be especially true for Monday. In the financial sector need to think twice before something to say or do. Avoid adventures and risk — it can be dangerous to your monetary position. You can deceive cunning and resourceful people who are just waiting to notice your weakness.


6, 10 and 11 November to raise money and love in my life the Scales will be much easier normal. The number 9 it will have as little as possible to make a mistake because people will notice you are just bad and will try to pull you to the ground. If you will bear a heavy burden of responsibility for some things, it is better to solve them in the end of the week. Hurry — people laugh. Your flaws will become visible for all, so I don’t show them.

In love, trust intuition. Sixth sense will help you to find your love and strengthen existing relationships. If you commit rash acts in the financial or romantic spheres, the probability of error will increase very much. In any case, people family this week will be much easier to solve their problems, because team work is always more effective. Well, almost always.


To fulfill the desire, which is the most important, this week, the Scorpions will be easier. Ensure that you have at home was always in order, because surrounding energy is very important for proper decision-making. Also is better to dress warmer and less often to be around people who are sick. Your health will be the determining factor of success in love and financial Affairs.

November 9 — the worst day of the week. Do not neglect by punctuality in this day. 7, 8 and 12 November, in the most positive days of the week stars promise great financial luck Scorpions. Don’t be afraid to plan things for the future and to solve the most pressing problems. The main thing — not to give advice to others if they didn’t ask for your help.


On 10 and 11 November — the most positive day this week for you. Energy stars will be creative, so get on with solving problems associated with your way. Learn to see in itself only the best, because self-esteem is paramount. This will help you to succeed in love and make new business contacts. The main thing — do not mix love and work, because office romances you will only succeed good luck.

This time would be ideal for a change of scene, for expensive purchases and for financial Affairs in General. The most dangerous day of the week — Monday. In the evening of that day it’s better just to stay with the family or with those who you truly love. Do not be jealous and do not envy your favorite enemies. All will be well, if those two feelings can be contained. Human energy — changeable thing. Don’t change your mood.


If you think you failed, try to devote more time to this week’s affirmations. Get ideas yourself, if you don’t want to bring chaos into your life. Sunday, November 12, will be the most successful day in which we can draw conclusions about their achievements and failures, you can immerse yourself in your spiritual quest.

Love and the problems associated with it, it is better to overshadow. Take creativity if you want a change of scenery and to ignore the problems of workers, financial. If you are alone, November 9, you will be the most unfortunate day of the week. On this day people will get you a party for an unknown reason. For those families this week will be very favorable in General.


The secrets of success to Aquarius will open on Monday, but will last a favourable time, only up to 10 numbers. This means that weekend will need to really relax. Pretty much no luck to those who work on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to spend the time usefully on 11 and 12 November, you can try to start short-term training.

In the work as a whole, this week will be very fruitful. Success can bring you good mood and confidence. Family Aquarians will come a bit controversial a period of love who is more diplomatic to all. Learn to put yourself in the place of others.


Affirmations for each day will help you maintain inside the fire that will guide you through the problem. Three consecutive days will be for you as successful: 7, 8 and 9 November. Spend more time on the street to sleep better. Show more patience at work and in love. By the way, about love — here you get lucky if you are in search of.

Particular success will be waiting for those of you who will learn to master his own emotions. People can put out, annoy, enrage, but you must remain steadfast. If you survive Monday, then worry about the rest of the days will be much easier. Not srevices, do not be nervous once again. Everything will be as you want, just need a little more patience.

Human energy is a fragile system. Pavel Globa advises raise the energy a good mood and not wasting time on what you don’t like. This does not mean you have to be selfish. Just be attentive to yourself.