Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 4 to 10 September 2017

Reviews of astrological Pavel Globa is always relevant, because it is filled with common sense and useful tips for all Zodiac Signs and all spheres of life without exception.

Portal Woman’s day spoke about the main astrologer for the upcoming week. All of them should be considered by you if you don’t want to lose sight of your luck. Every day of this and every other week try to devote not only business but also loved ones, even if this area requires rest. Love and other adventures do not always benefit, but that you will be able to always know in advance.


Monday the stars and planets will be located in such a way that you will have to wait a great success, especially in new undertakings. The universe will require a maximum of physical activity, so relax in the walk, go to nature, go to run, breathe fresh air and not to stay at home. Support all of these vitamins, eating vegetables and fruits.

In business and at work lie comes to look back and appreciate all you have done way. You have to be strict but fair. You may have to correct past mistakes. In love and at work you will help change of image. Women-Aries is better to work on the hair, and men over grooming in General. Solitude will be dangerous for those of you who are looking for love. Use the perfume to get the right people can remember you.


5, 6 and 7 September, this week will be the most successful day for the Bulls. After the creative energy of the Universe will reach a peak, it will decline, so the resurrection would be the most unproductive day of the week, but that doesn’t mean it will be negative for you. Just will require more effort to solve common problems, and for the rest, everything will be fine. This week will be a great time to visit the doctor for routine medical examination, especially at the dentist.

Love and work don’t mix. If you and your significant other work out together then try to forget for a while about each other. Flirting in the workplace will bring great problems to you and all around you. Be extremely careful and cautious. Love will be important for those who have a big family. Visit parents or distant relatives, make a pleasant surprise for them. This week is perfect for strengthening family ties.


The beginning and the end of the week will be for you a time of increased activity and much luck. Monday 8, September 9 — three days, it is better not to sit idle. If nothing else to do, visit old relatives. Now very sharply can change the weather, so watch carefully what you eat and how you dress. Hypothermia can cause a serious cold.

The astrologer advises him to practice new skills, and it is absolutely unimportant in itself a source of knowledge. All that matters is your desire to become better and develop. In love there can be problems, especially 5, when the creative energy of the stars will become destructive. Thus, the possible favorable events. Pay special attention to the signs of destiny and on a variety of things and details. Now impossible to miss anything.


Four days could have the positive creative value: 5, 6, 7 and 10 September. Be as active these days. On 8 September, on the contrary, it is better to be in solitude. This week will increase your communication skills, so aim all their efforts on strengthening of friendship, love and establishing good communication with superiors at work or with business partners. At stake is your reputation.

To feel didn’t quit on you, and fatigue will not bring problems, try to walk more, to move. Solitude will not benefit those who seek new emotions. So in love Cancers is better to be proactive. Try a change of scenery, going on a long trip on business or personal work. Maybe it’s time for a little vacation, and a joint for you and your second half. Privacy benefit you will not go.


On 8 and 9 September will be the most successful days for love or work, and 10 the number can be noted in the calendar in black. Do not lock this week at home, less happens in solitude, eat better and relax in a timely manner. Loved ones don’t be afraid to give a gift they’ll take it very, very well. It can be not only material things, but also some warm words of love.

Do not trust the voice of the heart in business and at work. Sixth sense will let you down or just disconnected in General. Common sense will help to win the war for monetary reward or a promotion. You may have to go to another city for work, but don’t be discouraged — it will mark a new beginning, of something very positive.


Sunday will be your most favorable day of the week. In everyday work don’t forget that you need time to relax. Fatigue will have a negative impact on your job performance, mood and luck in General. For Virgins, who are studying at school or University, to return to normal daily routine after the summer will be extremely difficult, however, to do this you will have as soon as possible, otherwise it will increase the fatigue.

At work slightly moderate their ambitions. The less you expect, the more you will achieve. Modesty never hurt anyone. As for love, it’s time to start a serious relationship. Temporarily pause the search of the second half, in fact, you may have found what I have been looking for. By the end of the week you will enjoy many pleasant moments. Honesty and kindness — your main weapon.


For you, this week there should be no financial Affairs. Try to detach yourself from everything in terms of figures, money, work, papers, meetings of a business nature. You remove the tension that had been accumulating in you for months. Enough to work diligently. Find some passion this week. On Monday, the maximum activity will help you to overcome all the hardships, because it will be the most auspicious day. September 8, Friday, will be the most unfortunate day.

Avoid jealousy in love. It can destroy even the strongest relationship. Give couples more freedom and stop to tickle the nerves themselves and others. Often spend the evening with someone you care about, not retire. Watching interesting movies together, talk late, do surprises.


If you will be unfriendly atmosphere, just abstracted. Avoid negativity, without trying to translate it in a different direction. 4 through September 10, you will not be able to change anyone or anything. You simply observers, but your mood is in your hands. In this you will be fully Autonomous and free. Eat better and not drink a lot of alcohol to protect yourself even more.

The work will be excellent stages of planning for the future. Do not start any new cases. Try to see everything you have done previously to assess their chances of winning in the future. Better devote ourselves to the sphere of love this week, especially 5, 6 and 7 September. It will be the most positive for you days. It’s not the best time for solitude. Go on dates and not be afraid of new acquaintances.


Develop your intuition, because it will be almost all hope in the coming period of time. Only on 7 September it can bring you. 4, 8, and 9 of her power and relevance will be maximized. This does not mean that you will always be able to cope with the problems alone. Do not hesitate to ask help from colleagues and loved ones, otherwise, why need friends. Don’T be afraid to spend money on that, but don’t waste them on something you absolutely not need.

In love is a lot of potential business. The main thing is not to get tired too much. Now it’s better to just give it your all working together. The astrologer advises to beware of overwork, because this week, possible health problems, the return of old sores, not only physical but also spiritual.


Better watch your health this week. In one of the four most positive for you days can go for a visit to the doctor to get tested. To your mood has not jumped, need more communication with loved ones. You better be extremely diplomatic, because defending his opinions can lead to serious quarrels, breakups, problems at work and at home.

5, 6, 7 and 10 September will be the most positive for you days. Let them go as it pleases your significant other. Do not agree with absolutely everything that you will tell the closest person, but do not show your disagreement. The last thing you need now is the showdown and quarrels. They are then certainly you will unsettle and make you nervous.


Friday and Saturday, 8 and 9 numbers will be the most positive day for Aquarius, because the energy of the stars and planets will be as constructive and will reach its peak. On Sunday, September 10, all will collapse, leaving you with nothing. It will be the toughest day of the week. On Sunday there is a chance to get some sharp comments in your address. Try not to notice them.

At work, you are waiting for the victory, but will need to show employers, colleagues and partners that you can and are able to work in a team. The closer you are to someone, the more misunderstanding between you may arise. In love all is will resemble a military conflict. The important thing is to maintain the judgment and just believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to give in.


Monday and Sunday are good days for all cases, but on Tuesday you have to lock your emotions inside. In love there may come a period of turmoil, but do not be afraid — the problems will strengthen your relationship. Not perceive all in bayonets. When you’re free, try to spend all my time on romance, finding a soul mate and Dating.

At work expect great success. In order to defeat your enemies, you will need the full Arsenal. Prepare to that you will increase pressure and increase of new jobs. This will indicate that you are on the right track. Appreciate your work and don’t be afraid to ask for compensation for the lost time and effort.

According to Pavel Globa, this week will be unique for all of us because it will open your eyes to many problems. It is not necessary to run ahead of the engine, because the fate of us all will point the right way. You will be able to learn the secrets of abundance, if we are themselves.