Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 4 to 10 December 2017

Here begins a new week, which for someone to be the time of labor and defense, and for some time of rest, preparing for the holidays, relaxation. One way or another, but the advice Pavel Globa will be needed by all.

You need to understand that every disorder and every difficult situation is special your actions from the past. Nothing just happens, because it echoes your mistakes and your shortcomings. So said the astrologer portal, Woman’s day, who shared his thoughts and guidance with us. This week will show us who we really are. It will reveal to us our cons and show dignity. Try to go beyond.


This week you will find a lot of positive emotions. Especially it will be felt on 7 and 8 December. These days luck will be with you always and everywhere. The whole week in General is great for health, doctor visits. Look to keep their plans and not break them. Adventure now you to anything. Many people will try to persuade you otherwise, but don’t listen to them. It will be your enemies and envious.

Get rid of the influence of people who you don’t like. They have to be ghosts. With people pleasant be always there. In General, stay in nice will improve your chances of success in love if you haven’t found your soul mate and are looking. If you have something nice to do or someone nice, then don’t be afraid to go forward.


For four days this week the stars will have the maximum level of predisposition. This is a great time for financial manipulation, shopping, sharing. Spend more time outdoors, not at home or at work. More relax and think about your future. Past should stay in the past. Do not use your vehicle for nothing.

Avoid gossip. Don’t listen to what people say about other people. You may want to set up against anyone. You will be the center of attention right now, so don’t select the path. 5, 6, 9 and 10 December, you should do shopping, work, and chores around the house. These days you will be lucky in almost everything. The whole week will be very auspicious for new beginnings — you can try to quit Smoking, start Jogging, going to the gym. Get rid of negative thoughts. They are your enemy.


Get rid of envy and resentment. People deserve forgiveness, so try this week to let go of the past. 7 and 8, the number is ideal for finding new Hobbies, people search new Dating. December 9, all will fall sharply, creating a dissonance around you. This will mean that it is time for extreme caution. Purchase it is best to pause, because new things might quickly get bored.

Don’t change radically the situation, and also your appearance. Be very careful because people will try to condemn you for any misconduct. Even minor problems can lead to the fact that someone will lose you all credibility. This will be a time when it is better in a critical situation to tell the truth, admitting mistakes.


On 9 and 10 December you will be lucky. In General, this week will be a great time for new beginnings. You can do what you cannot do but what do you want to know with all my heart. This will be the perfect period for change, to start something more acceptable. You can even need to stop doing what you don’t like. This is a good time to break the relationships that have outlived their usefulness.

To get rid of apathy, which could come without an invitation. You will need to spend more time with parents and other loved ones. Don’t try to wriggle out of responsibility to those who are waiting for you, and misses you. You need to choose sides now — solitude or a good time. Of course, solitude is not bad, but not go too far.


It will be very stable week for you. There will be only one best and one worst day. It will be, respectively, 4 and 7 December. For seven days you will have to show his devotion to his superiors, relatives and beloved. Any attention people will not just notice and enjoy rewarding. At the end of the week to smooth out sharp corners will help you romance, love, sharing warmth.

Beware of energy vampires, who will try to insinuate you trust. Such people will abound, if you give them a reason to become more active. Stay strong, and diplomatically minded. Do not rush to swear and be angry, because the reasons for this, absolutely not. Yes, someone may make you nervous, but no more.


Virgos have to learn patience. To stop the stream setbacks will help the solution to the problems that looms over you, dark clouds. The time has come to reckon with them, because they become harder and harder. On 5 and 6 December will be two of the best days to stop being lazy. For hard work will create the perfect conditions You just have to force yourself not to postpone anything for later.

In love you are in for a pleasant change. This suggests that it is impossible to say no to people who offer to change something. You won’t need anything but belief in a soul mate. If you haven’t found her yet, she could find you now. The universe will twist the destinies of people as it is convenient. The main thing is to perceive any effects normally, sensibly.


Libras this week will bring a lot of joy. To engage in life happiness will help you the right attitude. Keep your goals and priorities, so as not to cause others negative. Create around himself a halo of joy and peace to you stretched luck. Good people and positive. Spend more time in the fresh air. Don’t be afraid to have walks more often instead of travelling by bus. Now it is important in order to keep its shape.

A special relationship you must have to thoughts and mood, because negative attitudes can bring a lot of trouble. Everything will be fine, but only as long as you don’t let your life doubt, uncertainty. Peace and good fortune will be fragile now. 4, 7 and 8 December — the best time for new beginnings and to complete the important things.


Four days out of seven will be very positive for you. Luck will follow you everywhere 5, 6, 9 and 10 December. Number 8 — the most dangerous day. On Friday it is better not to risk nothing, otherwise you can lose all that you have acquired previously. This is a good time for a change of pace, revise their priorities, change your route. It is possible that you will be able to find new sources of financial gain new Hobbies.

In any case, the stars and planets will help you almost all the time. There will be many crucial moments, especially in love. It is possible that you will make a proposal of marriage or a Declaration of love. One way or another, but to bring relations to a new level will help you with confidence. New 2018 Yellow Dog you need to meet with the taste, as they say.


Sagittarius includes all the necessary for attracting financial good luck: money folk superstitions, exorcisms, anything. Do not get involved in adventures. Now you need to focus on work. Be attentive and don’t doubt yourself. Every second will need to choose the roads on which to go. This week is very difficult for archers can be risky.

Anyway, but in any unclear situation do not lose objectivity. Even in the most positive days of the week — December 7 and 8, you need to be more disciplined and diplomatic. Follow the rules and stay yourself in any situation that people do not lose respect for you.


The last two days of the week will be very positive. Some rest on the weekends. If you work on Saturday or Sunday, you will have to spend the evening at home with loved ones. Is not noisy to relax surrounded by those you don’t even know. You need to change your life for the better before the New Year. Fortunately, you have plenty of time.

Generally, this time should not be wasted. No one and nothing will help you now to cope with major challenges. Only hard work you will be able to achieve better results in business and at work. Try to be more independent. The fact that people will only go after your goals and draw more.


To improve the karma you succeed in many ways this week. First, you just need to relax and get pleasure from all that is happening around. Second, you can start a new business. December 8 — the most dangerous day of the week. Monday will, on the contrary, the most positive. Listen to your intuition, trust the gut on Monday. On this day, have to fear the delay in the financial sphere and at work. Otherwise, everything can be done calmly and without haste.

In love, you may have to take a little rest, a break. Go about your business, stay selfish. Otherwise, everything will turn against you next week. Now is the best you can immerse yourself in a purely personal problem. This is a good time for spiritual quest to work on yourself and change the local environment.


Auspicious days — December 5 and 6. They should work, but do not need to act alone even in the most favorable time for you. The fact that to attract the money will help diplomatic attitude, which involves team work, but rather a symbiosis of skills to work in a team and alone. You will need to learn to spend money wisely, because December 10, you can expect problems.

Physical activity better to reduce. If your work is directly connected with loads of a similar nature, it is best to avoid fatigue. Do not stay at work longer than usual and get more rest at home. In love there will come a warm and intimate period romance. Don’t avoid new acquaintances. This is a great time to flirt and test the strength of relationships.

If you don’t know how to calm your nerves and force yourself to think positive, use affirmations. Tell yourself that you can do anything. Do you do much, after all, a man driven by thoughts, not a coincidence. You get lucky if you open the door and let me in. Pavel Globa wishes you a productive week and wish to become more successful in everything.