Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 28 August to 3 September 2017

Pavel Globa, who is a famous astrologer in the CIS. His forecasts are always unbiased and full of important information. Horoscope for the coming week will help you to regroup mentally in autumn.

Autumn is the time of melancholy and depression, but each person has the ability to quickly overcome this depression and unwillingness to work, to have fun. You need only correctly configure itself, because thoughts are material and decide very much in our world. Portal Woman’s day spoke about the main astrologer. Now we are sharing them with you.


Aries this week will be able to comprehend something new. Tuesdays environment will suit best. The most dangerous day of the week will be Saturday, September 2. Focus on the rest. Don’t let your personal life to become anything open. No one needs to know about your plans for future and should not help you to take crucial decisions in love. You may have problems with work, personal problems, but don’t let them affect the mood of your loved ones and your second half. Find the strength and time in order to often be close with those you love.

As for health, I should, according to Pavel Globa, to be more cautious because of your “sores” may be aggravated. No longer possible to postpone the trips to doctors and specialists for help. At work, despite the possible deterioration of health, are going to be very calm and stable.


For three days this week will bring you good mood and luck. 31 August and 1 and 2 September — three days, you better show maximum activity. That the power hasn’t left you too quickly, try to keep moderation and not to forget about common sense. Being creative will help you become closer to success. Also useful can be new acquaintances. They will help you to find your love and succeed in business or in work.

To love you waiting for success, try to look for variety in everything. See the features of her body and her energy. This week, you shoulder everything. This positive period will last a lot longer than you think. Enough to sit in the comfort zone — you need to move forward.


The most dangerous day for you — 29 August. On Tuesday, things will go very slow, tedious. Problems need to be taken for granted. They will strengthen you if you will not allow them to upset you. They will help you to see yourself and become better. Actually, this week is well suited to the spiritual quest, searching for new sources of income for the rest of the physical.

In love it is better to show activity closer to the weekend, because peak energy background will be achieved only by Sunday. You now need to do something together or to do something together. It can be repair, for example, or a trip to another town, on vacation, to the country. Constantly search for General classes, otherwise there may come a period of coolness in the relationship.


Monday will be for you the most positive day this week, but that doesn’t mean that luck will smile to you only on August 28. Don’t be afraid to seek out new acquaintances, but trust only those who to you is closer. To be less tired, you will require more to be on fresh air.

Make sure that you are surrounded by the greatest possible number of people, because now privacy can become Cancers a huge mistake. You are independent, but right now you need support. If you are single, you can meet the love of his life. If you are a family man, to strengthen existing relationships is not a difficult task. This is a good time for romance, for weddings, for confessions of love. Be true to your principles in all spheres of life.


As possible eat cold foods and avoid staying in places with air conditioning. Your health may be at risk. The most dangerous day — Monday. Towards the end of the week, you can afford to be a little more free in this regard. If you keep good mood and health intact, then you will be a great success in business and in love.

The money can be spent as you like, but do not forget that they are not infinite. Earn you the universe will help more than usual. This is a great time for deals, but not for heavy physical or intellectual work. Special luck will give you the correct and well-groomed appearance. Change the way and spend some time and money to bring myself up. If you feel the approach of fatigue, then rest in a crowded place.


Monday, Friday and Saturday will be the most positive day for you. Try to calm down and become a bit more patient. September 3 will be the most dangerous day. The resurrection may force you to change your path at the last moment, depriving you of good luck. Relax in this day and abstracted from the paper. Don’t eat too fatty foods or drink alcohol on Sunday.

In other days of the week Virgins, according to the astrologer, it is better to work like last time. Do NOT spare forces and time to solve all your problems at work. Strive for success as fiercely. Hard work will help you become richer. As for love, the situation here is identical. You will need a particular initiative. If you wait for the sea weather, you will be quickly overtaken by problems and disappointments.


The astrologer advises you to consume more fruits and vegetables to get enough vitamins. Observe also the mode of the day because recovery will be difficult this week. A particularly negative and difficult day will be August 31.

In work, business and Affairs, you should be more patient. As soon as ambitions will no longer match the opportunities you will lose. Love is also better not to drive horses, not to give empty promises and not try to jump above a head. If you feel that there is something unsaid between you and your other half, then place it. Set your priorities right and make sure that neither you nor your loved one did not have any doubt in the power of the senses.


You are waiting for interesting meetings this week, and it concerns not only people. Scorpio should pay attention to various trifles of life, signs of destiny. They will show you the right path in business and in love. 31 August and 1 and 2 September will be the perfect time to search for such signs. It is not necessary to go head first into the work — relaxation will do you good.

In love there comes a moment of reconciliation. Perhaps the revival of old relationships, re-love. Learn to forgive those who were you are not especially positive. Do not quarrel with anyone, but rather look for ways of making friendship with the enemies. Luck is on your side in matters amorous and in business. Operations financial type produce carefully. Don’t be afraid of anything, because luck is on your side. Save common sense.


This week you can feel the positive waves and to see the fruits of their labors in business, at work and in business. All that you have done before, to bring positive change. Just be careful with your reputation. Do NOT let your colleagues and friends empty promises. Be careful what you say. If your work is connected with physical activity, try to eat only the best products.

In love you should work for the benefit of themselves, and for the common good. Think about the future, about feelings, take care of good mood of your loved one. Even some negative words or actions of the second half take with dignity, with respect. Do not swear in any case, because the argument can be a starting point into a dark journey that leads to separation.


Be brought up this week. If you have a child-Capricorn, start to talk to him about how you need to properly communicate with people. A positive day for you is Monday, and a negative Thursday. Thursday better watch out for those. What you eat and what you do. Get more rest and not go deep into introspection.

You can be filled with optimism for no reason at all that will help you at work. The transition period from summer to autumn is a great time to change the situation or travel, vacation. Try to look the most presentable, so that people can see you as a leader and respected, because always meet on clothes. This week will be a good time to find love.


Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days for Aquarius this week. Avoid flirting these days, if you are married or in a relationship. If your significant other finds out about this, you’ll be in big trouble. Bursts of jealousy can be not only others, but yourself. Do not allow yourself to get angry and provoke loved ones to the negative. The less time you spent in the relationship, the more careful you need to be today.

In the financial sector also has a large chance to fail, but you will be best to avoid. First, get enough sleep as it should. Second, value your and other people’s time. The greatest danger lies in wait for you on Monday, but by mid-week everything will be more or less stable.


The time has come to defend an opinion at all. At work and in love to show the world that you know what is best for you. At the same time, it is advisable not to rush things and keep the priorities. Think positive, then everything will be really good. August 31, September 1st and 2nd learn to listen to the inner voice. Intuition is on your side.

August 30 for you will be the most unfavorable day of the week, according to Pavel Globa. It is likely to be ill that day or is wrong to prioritize. Be patient and learn to resolve only those cases that are most relevant at this point in time. Think about the future, but live in the present, then everything will be fine in the coming period.

Increase your energy and follow health, because this week will be a time of physical and emotional testing. Control yourself and don’t go off the chosen path under any circumstances. Welcome the autumn with strong and brave.