Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 25 September to 1 October 2017

The forecast for the week from the most respected astrologer in the CIS will help you with the maximum benefit to spend their time. The end of September — the time of the change in the weather, so it is very important to maintain a good mood.

Portal woman’s day has shared with us information on how to get through the next seven days to maintain the previously achieved success and to strengthen its positions in all spheres of life. A natural problem is the climate change, temperature reduction and global change mood. With all this it will be easy to handle. The main thing — correctly to place priorities, to make the right choice in advance.


The first three days of this week will be the most powerful in its energy. The constructive spirit of the planets and stars will help you to succeed in all spheres of life in the beginning of the week. September 28 will come with a “cold” and a decline in activity, resulting in the luck of you may turn away completely. Your greatest enemy in these seven days will be bad feeling. Starting Thursday, the fatigue will increase, and with it the risk of catching cold.

More talk with close friends and relatives — who you will be able to get a good attitude of life. If you will break important things, and they are likely to do, then simply change your course, don’t panic and screams. Love in the time of quarrels, and the problem is not you. Just endured the negative period of your significant other is aware of his mistakes a little later.


On 28 and 29 September will be the most productive day for the Rams. Regarding output, it is better to spend them in a circle of friends or distant relatives. Meet with those you have not seen. Make a surprise for someone close. The worst day is Monday, but not for the usual reasons. The fact that planets and stars will engage in serious dissonance. Beware-nonsense on the first day of the week.

Love should be more romantic and spend more time on the spiritual side of the relationship. Taurus is better longer in a good mood, for love is not cracked. If you want to strengthen or create love, the more relax together. As for the financial side of life, the caution will not be superfluous — do not buy anything if you didn’t plan it earlier. At work, too, do not jump above the head — start duties, the urgent gaps.


Weekend you should be the main goal this week. It was September 30, and October 1, the energy of stars and planets will be creative really. Everyday life to experience will help you to reduce mental and physical stress. It is better not to overdo it now. Surround yourself with loved ones that they gave you confidence.

The bulk of negativity will have on business and work, but in love come enjoy your time there on Monday. Give all your free time with those you love. Plan a joint mission, joint case. Do everything together, because you’re a team. Often are among the people, especially, if you are lonely and are in search of second half. This week is favorable for new acquaintances.


Monday, September 25, will be the best day for you, because it inspires the desired emotion. Further, the energy of the stars will fall until at least 28th. On this day you would not stop looking for themselves, but not to miss an opportunity to succeed in love. The worst enemy on the 28th will be your insecurities. Thoughts are material, this is the main law of the Universe, so don’t doubt yourself in the end of this week.

The astrologer advises you to try to disengage from those who gives you only negative. If you still overtake the Blues, take a break from it all. Now is a good time for new beginnings, so start searching for a new hobby. By any means avoid routine, don’t despair. Don’t look too far ahead — everything you need to know can later.


Tuesday and Wednesday are the two strongest in terms of energy of the day. Monday will be the worst and most difficult day. All the days except Monday you can expect a pleasant new experience and a change of scenery. This can be useful for a love sphere. Change yourself, buy a new win, go to the hairdresser, go to the image creatively.

In the work and Affairs, as well as in business, you’ll need more action. Enough to sit idly by — it’s time to take the initiative in their own hands. At the same time, it is better to keep plans, that is, do not act recklessly. The second half of the week will be for the lions is stable and favorable. Everything will depend on you, and not from will of a case. Try to bring in a routine drop of diversity.


Water treatments will be the best way to relax in those seven days. When you gain strength, try to do General cleaning in the apartment or house. You will need to get rid of stuff this week. Also need to get rid of the junk in my head from unnecessary thoughts and doubts, fears and unnecessary ambitions.

A collective work is a great way out of difficult situations. Virgo, the astrologer advises to resort to the help of friends, colleagues and partners. Do not try to show their independence. Now it’s too much. This week will be more time to solve the financial problems, not love, but do not completely abandon their jobs. It will be an excellent time for new beginnings of any scale — even repair, although finding a new job.


Three days will be for you as successful. This 26, 30 September and 1 October. Tuesday and the weekend will teach you something new. In these days, friendship can become love, hate to lose love. Old and extinct relations can also be felt. Prepare yourself for the fact that the past will always be aligned with the present and the future. You have to remember something not the most pleasant, but it’s not as bad as the old bugs will be fix this week.

It will be a conflict the week, especially the 28th. Keep your thoughts in order, if you do not want to fail and ruin a friendship and trusting relationship. By the way, about relationships. For love this week will be very favorable, especially if you haven’t found your soulmate. Avoid being alone, it is now useless.


Do not hurry up this week to blame the people of all sins and to break off relations friendly or amorous nature, not understanding the details. Yes, many people will behave as if the universe itself wants that they have ceased to trust, but it will be a provocation stars. On 28 and 29 September it will be urgent of all — the people around you will be in a difficult situation, so do not turn away from them. This is a wonderful time for the return of debts, to establish relations and mutual assistance.

The number 30 is the most unfavorable day of the week. Tune in to the performance of their duties. Do not give empty promises to this day and do not get involved in adventures. Adventure you now to anything, even as new responsibilities. Be tactful and well-mannered, and not on this day, don’t be too demanding. Other days too, better not get ahead of ourselves and not to make mistakes.


Tuesday is a day of dangers. All the biggest problems can begin in this day of the week. Pavel Globa recommends this day to ignore the space and responsibilities. Other days, especially on 30 September and 1 October, better start learning sports. Physical exercise will help get rid of nervous tension.

The work is not to start a new business or take on something substantial. Better to just relax properly. Anyway, this week is good to start a vacation, a change of scenery. Gain strength over the weekend, if the week will not be able to do it. In love there comes a very favorable period all archers. This week will be a time of love and romance. Even if you are married, try to get out of the house for a date like you’re still at the initial stage of the relationship.


Capricorns will manage to solve old problems this week. On Monday, the 25th day, you will have greater chances for success in love or in business. Thursday, by contrast, will be the most dangerous and unproductive day of them all. You can begin Thursday, problems at work, in love and all other areas of life. The mood can fall sharply, but be able to raise his only occasional miracle. Monday and all other days except Thursday is perfect for new beginnings at work or in business.

Visit the doctor on Monday if I get the chance. Do not engage in introspection. Failures and problems of various kinds can come it is at such times when the Capricorn will think about the reasons for their previous problems. If you have disagreements with someone, this does not mean that they are awake for a very long time — aim to the world.


Three days in a row the stars and planets will be auspicious for the Aquarius position. 26, 27 and 28 September, try not to turn away from loved ones, asking them about the reasons for dissatisfaction. Dedicate these days mate, its search or with relatives. The best chance to meet the love of your life will be on Thursday.

On other days try to postpone the purchase and to implement the most urgent cases. Speaking of shopping — it is better to produce according to plan. In this case, it would be better if they were made in the Internet. Don’t bargain with anyone, be tougher. Bend the line at home and at work, but don’t bug the people around you to the negative. This week may overcome your enemies and ill-wishers so that they will be your nerves and troubles.


Fish is better to avoid jealousy this week, especially on Tuesday. In the most unfortunate and dangerous day of the week, according to the astrologer. Sports, exercise, and watch more closely over their health. Not SuperCool, dress for the weather. On other days, particularly on 28 and 29 September, you should start moving towards joint happiness in love. Do in order to succeed in this field. Maybe you are waiting for a promotion or a great victory in the business.

This is a wonderful time for shopping, Dating, but don’t believe everything that is said by the people around. Your intuition becomes more acute, the act of trust that the voice of the heart. Especially in such delicate issues as choosing a life partner. The initiative must come from you. Trust the facts and your gut.

Try to get rid of negative thoughts this week. Generally, the person experiences, but in a moderation. You cannot allow thoughts led you, not thoughts. Pavel Globa wishes you the best of self-control this week, and only positive thoughts.