Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 20 to 26 November 2017

Pavel Globa is a faithful assistant for all who want to succeed in any sphere of life. This week the astrologer gave a lot of useful tips for each Zodiac Sign.

Portal Woman’s day shared with us the thoughts of an astrologer and his vision this week from the perspective of bioenergy and astrology. Everyone can become successful if you try to choose a time for their cases. Remember that proper planning and prioritization is an important condition for success in these seven days. This is the basis of everything, because time will become the main resource. The universe, stars and planets will try to lead you the wrong way. Be careful.


Bad habits will deprive you of your life force is much stronger than usual. It’s time to quit Smoking, eat junk food and be lazy. This time will be perfect for the beginning of the cycle physical exercise of any kind. You need to be out in the fresh air, walk frequently, and in the company of good people who are nice to you. Use any chance to achieve their goals. If the forest problems will seem impenetrable, and do not try to overcome it, especially on November 21.

20, 24 and 25th of luck is on your side. These days will be very useful for those who are busy looking to the second half. If you’re in a relationship or married, the best position will be diplomacy. At work these three days, like any other, perfect for travel and business trips. A change of scenery will affect you. Look for allies.


Human energy is something thin and fragile. This week your energy will be tested, but only on 24 November, in the most unfavorable day. 21, 22, 23 and 26th you are big business, a great success. Stay true and in its Wake, so as not to lose the thread leading to happiness. Stay tuned for loads — no need to take too much. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the people around you.

Purchases are a very good way to spend time with benefits. You can go to the Mall with loved ones. The overall goal will help you to bond. In General, this week is perfect for Dating and romance, so take love more time. You will not regret it, because you favor a star.


The end of the week for you to be very positive, but unfortunately, only two can be distinguished in a special way — Saturday and Friday. These days try to do things intellectual. Focus and endurance will be elevated, as well as charisma. Be bold when Dating. People will be attracted to you, but not all easy to cross the barrier, so you will sometimes have to work for two.

Monday — the most dangerous day for the Twins, especially for those who don’t like to stagnate. It’s the perfect time for hard work, new adventures, learning, travel, buy expensive things. It is important to know what you want. Don’t be afraid to force yourself to think about what you have to do. Looking to the future is always the right position. Don’t look back into the past. Now it is you will only fail, to destroy your energy.


Cancers to attract good luck in this difficult week will help caution. Watch their health as closely as possible. The order should be in everything and always. Punctuality will help you to avoid making mistakes in business. This week all Cancers need to start thinking about how you will spend the Christmas holidays. It’s time to make plans, buy gifts, as well as a pleasant delight acquisitions themselves.

A bad day is Tuesday, because the energy of the stars and planets will be destructive. Have a nice time in this day and abstracted from nasty people. November 26, on the contrary, it is possible to sign papers to make an important deal to plan for the future. Proceed with maximum reasonable any day of the week, as Pavel Globa advises to feed his beginnings with confidence and common sense.


Lions don’t need to draw people’s attention to the person. It will be your so you can concentrate on the most important matters at work. Make it better Monday, as the 20th will be the most productive day. Try not to go off schedule and do not rest more than you need. Attention to detail is what you need right now.

The most dangerous and emotional day for you on November 24. On this day we should not try to solve all problems quickly. You can catch the frustration in all spheres, but on Saturday the situation stabiliziruemost. Just be more careful. Do not tell your plans to anyone, so as not to jeopardize their dreams and ambitions. Motivation will be enough for almost anything you want. It is better to be generous and compliant.


Virgins for the speedy fulfillment of desires in these seven days the astrologer recommends not to overestimate themselves. Confidence, of course, necessary, but the reality is to lose also should not be. Do not relax on Monday because this day you will face serious troubles and a bad mood. 21, 22 and 23 November is better not to give up. Act like you have one last chance to impress, to win.

Don’t be afraid to change the situation, operate as if this week will be something special. Of course, so will your endurance will increase significantly. You need to stop doubting yourself and start to act. The ultimate goal — success. Without it, do not cease to work. The only thing I should avoid — unnecessary spending of money. Financial stability is now needed Virgins as never before.


Pavel Globa advises not to think about why there are problems in life. The main thing now — not causes, and consequences. Brand your every word, thought, action and deed will affect the future. This week you are working for the future, because it is important. Tuesday — the most dangerous day. 20, 24 and 25 November will be quite favorable, so don’t be afraid these days to tell people what I think. Intellectual work will be very useful, but physical is better temper.

Listen to the advice of loved ones and influential people. Luck will not leave you at the right time. All of the most obvious problems will manifest it now, so solve them with enthusiasm. If you feel negativity and pressure, it does not mean that the problems has dried up. Perhaps the universe is preparing you a nasty surprise later. Be attentive to her signs.


Words and thoughts will help to bring you good luck. Most importantly, these thoughts and words were creative. Four days can be used for other purposes in any sphere of life. The main thing now — not to lose heart. Let anyone who stands in your way will regret that you have decided to become a hindrance to you. Even better would be if you just stop noticing the negative and negating the people around you.

It will be an incredibly productive week for the Scorpions. If you get a proposal on the transition to a better position, don’t think, and agree. A new victory will give you new responsibilities, but don’t be put off by this. In any case, and especially in the background of your success, should not criticize loved ones, friends and colleagues. For that you can stop respecting, thinking that you sasnetsi.


To achieve harmony and inner peace in General you this week will help the integrity and recognition of its weakness. People can’t be omnipotent. And proud personality rarely achieve great success. Who else do you know that flexible people are the future of the world. You can benefit even from their weaknesses. Everything to be stable, try not to get sick — dress for the weather.

On 24 and 25 November, the best days for you this week. Do not try to solve problems quickly and expect their speedy resolution. Serenity above all else now — and remember it. In love you have to be as persistent. If you fail to keep the situation in check, then the relationship can go down the wrong path. Anything critical does not happen, but problems definitely, you will be caught off guard.


One day you will be super positive — November 26. Many Capricorns age range will be able to rejuvenate this week mentally. Your efforts will give you the feeling that you can do anything. And will be for some time. 24 the number it is better to give rest. Don’t delay a visit to the doctors this week, because then you won’t be so brave. When you stay calm, take some time to study important stuff to work or go study.

Love is the key to happiness now for Capricorns, according to Pavel Globa, because the romance, meeting new people and Dating will get you in the mood. With the finances you need to be a little more careful. Nestle yourself from the problems by austerity. Of course, if you have unexpected expenses, there really won’t be a choice. But do not indulge yourself, remembering that money better save.


Get rid of loneliness, because love will become your refuge from the turmoil. If you are not yet in a relationship, it is necessary to throw all forces on search of the second half. You need to stop listening to common sense and to trust my instincts. In love, it will be a great help. The most positive day for finding love is, oddly enough, Monday. You can also give it a little more time on Friday.

At work no need to look for conflicts. The authorities are closely watching you. If you are self-employed, then your partners can give up on you because of small things. Ask them why they treat you anyway. Try to learn to thank people for their help to you. It will be very important.


Ditch unhealthy habits. They will ruin your happiness this week. On the 26th they will be the most dangerous, so spend a weekend in spiritual purity. 21, 22 and 23 November — the most positive days that the astrologer advises to devote to any important business, and getting rid of debt. Avoid people who irritate you, not to upset again.

Change the atmosphere of the house — rearrange furniture, buy something for the house. Do not overload yourself with unnecessary things — take responsibility only for what may bring you pleasure. With the exception of chores and work. It is possible that this week single Fish will be able to find, finally, someone waited so long. Romance will help you to escape from everything negative.

To attract money and good luck this week Pavel Globa advises with the help of hard work. Love and money is all that is needed for happiness. Someone even need less, but little modesty never succeed. Take what belongs to you without a twinge of conscience.