Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 2 to 8 October 2017

That we are all waiting for in the period 2 to 8 October, you will be told Pavel Globa, one of the best astrologers in the CIS. These seven days you can live more efficiently, using the tips famous astrologer.

This week, according to Pavel Globa, to be full of small surprises. It will be private, but some of its moments can be momentous — sharing with us portal Woman’s day. In any case, everything is in your hands and only in your, because we build our destiny. Building blocks are our thoughts.


Aries this week will have to stop hiding from the problems. Of course, many representatives of your Sign problems just give birth and provide motivation, but everyone has fears and doubts. At the beginning and at the end of the week we need to fight this. 2, 7 and 8 October will be the most favorable days of the week. This means that in the middle of the week, 5th day, will the energy abyss. Planets and stars will either be indifferent, or plunged into darkness.

Love this week you will have many small opportunities to bring about change. If you don’t complain, just go with the flow. Everything will be fine if you keep your priorities intact. All the rest will come by itself. The main thing — not too much analyze a particular situation. Just do it, because to miss an opportunity of love we just can’t. Be more ambitious.


Maybe you caught some of the excitement. It is thought about the past will make itself felt. Get rid of all that was. To live in the past is just a luxury this week. From this you can appear negative thoughts, stress, sadness, troubles with mood. The astrologer notes that the Swan song all this can become a serious problem with sleep, depression.

In the financial sector you will need to do the planning. If you decide spontaneously to these seven days to spend some money, you will likely regret it. A particularly negative day — 7 October. Saturday don’t talk about work and love with strangers, don’t buy, don’t go working. As for love, then everything should be as modest. Try to reach a new level of relationship, without asking advice from anyone. Listen to your heart and do not rush. Live measured. The most successful days this week — 3 and 4 October.


To save yourself from problems in life, you’ll need to get over themselves and learn quickly to make an important decision. Fast does not mean reckless. Think, but do not pull the rubber. So you and more money you earn, and respect, and the corporate ladder climb. This will be a great time for any changes: for change, for the break of love or friendship, and also for their origin.

If you feel that we are approaching a stressful state, then wait Burov privacy. If everything is in order, then force yourself not to be afraid of people. 2. On 5 and 6 October will be the perfect day in terms of energy. Use these days to the maximum. Get out of the comfort zone and conquer the hearts of others, work harder and learn how to relax. Follow the pulse and his heart, but not without caution.


It will be a great week for the cancers, because four days will have a maximum positive energy: 3, 4, 7, 8 Oct. Adverse day, 5 day, like going to drown in the positive and darkened. This suggests that you may not even feel it. Set yourself a working mood. The only negative point is the possible health problems, but to solve this problem will be able particular attention to their own health.

AT work you will need to prepare for a serious overwork. Going through fire and water, you will be able to solve their most difficult problems. The fact that you can catch enlightenment and a great desire to become someone else. In love you’ll need to destroy his pride, jealousy and stop looking at his mate appraisingly. Take a loved one for what it is, if you don’t want to the Treasury of turmoil with the crisis. Discover those who are in search of, it is better to suspend.


This week will be working. Spaces with mood and health will mean that you should start to watch what you drink and eat. Alcohol and fast food is better to exclude. Dedicate this week to finding a soul mate and Dating business. New people in your surroundings will help you to find a new motivation to find themselves. Beware the attacks of the enemy on Monday — it will be the worst day of the week. 5 and 6, will be, on the contrary, the most positive days. Dedicate them completely love or work.

In any case, this week the choice is yours. You can give yourself fully romance and Dating, and can work tirelessly. You have to combine these two things is unlikely, but you can try — prohibitions of this kind this week no. Everything is in your hands, and limitations in mind.


Weekend this week will be the best days for work and leisure or love. The main thing is to survive the week. The most dangerous day — Tuesday. If you do not work on a standard schedule, this day can fall in output. This would be a great coincidence, because to set yourself a working mood will be very difficult for most Virgins.

You may have in love and deed to do what you don’t like more than anything is to risk it. Be gentler to ourselves and not criticize others. You can take revenge for past sins, so don’t be surprised if someone from the inner circle will not give you a helping hand. This week more could make your head spin. In love there may come a period of dizzying passion.


Libra this week you will need to force yourself to change. Monday would suit him best. Change your appearance, change the atmosphere around you. Do not handle the work and matters that do not concern you. Show a maximum of caution and a bit of selfishness. If it is, it is better not to overtax your body and mind. Be as calm as possible and avoid strenuous activity. Do not borrow, do not make promises. Who will not be able to accomplish, especially your loved one.

The most dangerous day in which you will need to increase energy self — October 5, Thursday. All of the above must be observed on Thursday, is doubly severe. Despite some negativity, even on Thursday you will be able to find a soul mate. Feel free to use your entire Arsenal in the fight for survival and for love.


You have this week, is the risk. You may undergo serious changes in Outlook, in Outlook. Everything will remain the same, but will change your opinions, your inner world. Tuesday and Wednesday, October 3 and 4, will be the best days for you. You will find a great fortune in love and business, but we should not overreact too much when you have to change your principles.

On Saturday, the energy of stars and planets to be destructive for you, so this day is better to devote only holidays. In love Scorpions overtaken many changes but not all they will be favorable, unfortunately. If this week you feel your love is threatened, throw all forces on fixing bugs and creating favourable conditions for living together.


Three days for Sagittarius will be super good: 2, 5 and 6 October. This suggests that the weekend will be very difficult. The most dangerous day — Tuesday, 3 number. It Tuesday will be the most unpredictable. Your pragmatism to work on time stop, so start searching for new sources of income. Try to realize your ambitions where you have not tried to do that.

We should also say a few words about love. In this area of life, sexual energy can be adversely affected by stress and negative emotions. The opposite sex is predisposed in every way to please you. Use this, but don’t be swargarohini. Show your loved one that he is dear to you and that you are grateful to him for everything.


Do not overeat this week. Better sleep, observing mode of day. In any case do not handle all things at once. Make a concrete plan of action for a week and follow it. Inspiration is better not to listen to, exactly like a sixth sense. Try your best to understand their problems and the problems of its second half, their loved ones. You will be akin to marriage counseling in the period 2 to 8 October.

The most productive days of the week: 3, 4, and 8 Oct. They are perfect how do work physical and intellectual. You can’t know the future, but you can change it. It is this philosophy you need to follow these seven days. You can change your destiny, because the stars want. Move, don’t be lazy and not be afraid of anything.


Aquarius will have to mobilize all its internal resources on 5 and 6 October. This need for confidence, without which all your Affairs will be covered in a patina of doubt. Thursday and Friday try to throw all their forces at the thing that tortures you the most. It can be a love affair or a challenge at work. Maybe it’s the turmoil in the business. In short, you will need to dot the “i” in something serious.

Love care will be most important. Do not start an affair — the affair is now easy to detect, and there is no need to risk unnecessarily. Be content with what you have in all areas, but if your ambitions lead you, then this should be a good reason.


Fish Pavel Globa advises to sacrifice their interests to the common cause. The important thing now is family. Collaboration with someone could end up very successful if you start it now, this week. The best days to find work is Thursday and Friday, because Saturday and Sunday are the most powerful in terms of energy. Of course, if you fall work day on Saturday or Sunday, you will have better luck.

The main thing — to proceed with caution on Tuesday. 3 Oct even love rush is not desirable. Take decisions very carefully and thoughtfully. Not SuperCool and not use air conditioners for cooling rooms. Of course, the weather got worse, but nature is unpredictable. Stay yourself and take care of those who were with you when you were bad.

It will be a great week to rectify the karmic diseases that will never cease to torment many people. Try to work on the spiritual side of life more than material. This week, according to Pavel Globa, will be nice for someone who likes to dig within ourselves, but cautiously.