Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 18 to 24 September 2017

Pavel Globa, one of the most honest and experienced astrologers always helps people of any Zodiac Sign like to feel at ease. This applies to all time periods.

This week the portal Woman’s day once again sharing with us the thoughts of an astrologer about what awaits us in the next seven days. The secret dream of each of us better out out. Don’t tell anyone about their secrets. Place in the shadow of their ambitions and do not shout about their plans for the future. This week will have to teach you restraint and caution, erected in absolute degree. Success will be with those who are not afraid to act alone.


There is one simple way to make your dreams come true is their visualisation and the desire to achieve more. Do NOT be afraid of their desires, but fear that you are not daring to want something unique. On 18 and 19 September will be the two most powerful day for you in terms of energy, so hurry up to make a nice surprise. Keep the momentum, don’t sit here and think outside the box to confuse their enemies.

For financial success and success on the job, you should look accordingly. No need to run to buy expensive things — just look maximum neat to attract people’s attention and to make a good first impression. Be easier to people, as well as attention to detail. Get more fresh air, especially in the morning. 24 the number of stay at home, Yes, better privacy, as it will be the most dangerous day.


Your path to success will be through simple desire, which will compose the overall picture of happiness. Start small, moving consistently to the most daring dreams. At the same time, remember to always look stunning and neat. Can buy new stuff, if you have problems with self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to spend, afraid to spend correctly.

September 18 will be the most important day of the week. The highest concentration of negative 20, so on this day, just try not to cross the line. On Wednesday you can worsen health problems that do not give you peace of mind. In order to protect yourself, try to keep a routine. The same applies to young Calves. Give the gift of love to the relatives, forgetting for a moment about the romance. The sexual energy of Taurus is a big question.


Your character is what should disturb you during these seven days. 20, 21 and 22 September will be the three most positive in terms of energy days. This means that you will need to show their best side on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. An astrologer recommends to go with the flow all the Twins, especially in these three days. The worst day is Monday. 18 number you most likely will need to throw a lot of effort on solving problems that have nothing to do with you. To some extent, you will need to be altruistic.

In love it is better to occupy a secondary position and not try to bend the line. If you feel that things are getting out of control, just let go. Now do not need to assume any obligation, because then they will have to account for. Don’t be fooled by those who love and do not hammer these people the brains of their jealousy.


For four days this week, you will be most positive from the point of view of fortune. First, this Monday and Tuesday. In these two days try to tackle spiritual problems, especially with those who are much less than you in age: children, brothers, sisters, nephews, grandchildren. Next will be a big failure since Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be very negative for the disregard for their health.

At work you’ll need to open up to new acquaintances. The more people who will become your partners, the better. This is a good time for solitude, and for collective work. Love you, too, will have a choice to travel with the second half, to find new adventures together or indulge in home routine on the weekends alone. It’s your choice, your own business.


Listen to your intuition this week. It will save you from the debacle in the financial sector, in love, in everyday things. From care will depend heavily on your health. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be the most positive day, so use these three days to overcome their fears. Failures do not appear by themselves — they are born long before happen in your head. Now you need to understand as quickly as possible. Time to learn from mistakes is not.

Be strict with the younger generations. What would have happened using only the facts and don’t let the back door when it will smell like fried. Don’T be afraid to spend your extra time on themselves, exactly as the extra money. In love you will be able to see yourself, so take the opportunity to become better, to defeat your insecurities. In love Affairs it is better to plan everything in advance. If you act on inspiration, most likely, lose.


It is time to open chakra of wealth. Every person consists of several energy bands, each of which needs to be improved, to be improved and strengthened. On 23 and 24 September are two of the most powerful in the energy plan of the day that you should start self improvement and a change of scenery. New picture in front of the eyes will help you to perceive everything around.

Monday, September 18, on the contrary, it is better to go into the solution of urgent problems. Try throughout the week to start new things, to meet people, to seek inspiration for themselves. 18th may occur problems with health. Other days you will be on the rise. Share your positive with those you love and who truly love it.


Try this week to improve energy at home, and not themselves. Focus all your attention on what surrounds you. The rest is not important. Selfishness your problem is not yet solved. It means acting only in their interests, you can empty ourselves. So you just move a loved one. Sunday, September 24, for love will be the best day of the week. Use this time for yourself and family.

Be careful with the food I eat. This week digestive system will be greatly weakened. Also don’t tell anyone what is necessary to know only you. Plans for the future and your ambitions should remain only in your head. Envious just waiting to sniff you, to break your dreams.


This week a lot will be able to tell you about your karma. The fact that you can have mood swings. Use the moments of anxiety to dive inward. Self-awareness you can bring to the “clean water”. The fact that this week could be crucial for you.

On 18 and 19 September will be the best day for the victory over routine, over the psychological problems.23rd is better not to leave a routine in any case. And in love and in business it can become a fatal choice. Stay strong, no matter how fiercely you did not try to break circumstances. This week will open your eyes to what is happening around, showing the future prospects and chances of formation of your dreams. It is a transit point which should be taken sensibly.


It may seem that the whole world is doing everything contrary to you specifically to annoy you. But we should not lose self-control and resist the impulses of anger. Everything goes on as usual, to be sure. These seven days you will strengthen and make more resilient mentally. Physically is better not to overwork, and also to monitor their health, avoiding hypothermia, because the weather is now dangerous.

In the financial sphere and at work you should make a decisive and rapid leap forward, because the stars say that you are close to victory. All your dreams are you within walking distance. To program yourself to success in love and deeds will help you gain new knowledge and analysis of past mistakes. You may have to meet on their way to attacks by enemies.


Try this week to avoid people who are sick and might be contagious. Also we should move away from negative-minded individuals who would think nothing to do you want. Positive will start the week with Monday and Tuesday, and will end with a powerful Saturday and Sunday. These four days will be the most successful for Capricorns. You may be able to clear karma and to radically change course.

Perseverance is better to be reduced a little. Diplomatic attitude will help you to reach new heights in love. Moreover, it does not matter are you in search of or already in a relationship. At work and in everyday life it is better not to be afraid to ask for help. Yes, you can sometimes be very difficult to force yourself to do it, but try to overcome themselves.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the good days for Aquarius. To learn how to fulfill your dream, you have to learn to ask the right questions. Learn to dialogue with themselves, posing the right problem. Join the adventure and don’t say harsh words, especially on 24 September. It can deprive you of love, of the location of other people.

Than you’ll be more likely to go against everything and everyone, the more you will have problems. In your free time try to do what you love and go head first into a hobby. Let hardships will remain somewhere behind. The rest is not important. The significant improvement is waiting for you in work and business. Financial expenditure to realize it is possible and even necessary.


Do not break the earlier made promises, because otherwise you will have to wait for serious problems in love and at work, in business. Pause while what purchases and expenses. Dress warmly, in order not to risk any more and health. In love don’t be afraid to compromise is the best scenario for each of you. The signing of important documents, move to the end of the month, exactly like making important decisions in General.

Perhaps you will dream prophetic dreams, because the sixth sense this week will be greatly aggravated. The world will cease for a while to be one big mystery for you. It is a time of spiritual rise and search for new motivation, new goals in life and ways. Be yourself, but don’t forget that you should always move towards your goal.

Fulfillment of desires is what we all live. Only our desires and dreams can make us more motivated. Don’t be afraid of difficulties, because they in some situations can become good helpers. Only challenges make us stronger.