Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 18 to 24 December 2017

If you can not wait to celebrate the New Year and rest deservedly, will have to wait. You have to live for exactly two weeks. Pavel Globa will help you to solve urgent problems quickly.

Strange events are not something alien in those seven days. The astrologer advises the representatives of all Zodiac Signs to stay out of trouble and adventures. Portal Woman’s day shared his thoughts Pavel Globa about the upcoming period. This is the recognized expert in the field of astrology with many years of experience notes that the influx of difficulties for all people in mind of total relaxation and energetic dissonance. The stars are not against us, but not too creative in order to get outside of your comfort zone.


Luck does not turn away from you now, she’s just somewhere near. You need to pay some attention to her. It’s not the best period for creativity, if you are associated with this field. Focus on something specific, to not worry about the result. Your responsibility is the most important thing. Everything else will need to solve later. Learn more, communicate with colleagues, listen to the advice of his superiors.

In love married and married the Rams are in for a pleasant problem, but luck alone promises romance, Dating. Do not sit at home doing nothing — go out hunting for love, meet people and don’t be afraid to flirt. You really need now is to relax and take in the ocean to head to get away from the rest of the problems, if they have got. Watch your thoughts and actions like never before.


Taurus will meet with some problems at work. Get worry-free — it you now to anything. Do not communicate with those who are above you in rank — at least December 21, you should not do, in the most dangerous day of the week. 19, December 20 and Sunday should devote his life to preparation for the upcoming holidays. Now is the best time to buy gifts for those whom you have not yet bought.

Pavel Globa advises Calves not to be in a state of complete relaxation and not to leave the city for a long time. Home you cherish, and outside of them you will be defenceless, vulnerable to the negative influence from the outside. Hide your secrets and plans from those you can call friends and loved ones. Is not encrypted too obviously, because other people might think you have something to hide.


It’s time to get rid of fatigue and depression, of apathy, because this week will require investment of large amounts of energy. Your work is waiting rewards, but instead you may require a little more than just work. You may have to enlarge the circle of responsibilities for a while. Do NOT argue with superiors and colleagues. Don’t leave your partner behind — learn to share the victories and the fruits of common efforts.

In love and in relationships with people in General at the beginning of the week may experience some difficulties. To overcome them, may not need, but better to be ready 24 hours a day. The first two days of this week better not to be seen by anyone. Privacy now you can become a salvation from the problems and a cure for many emotional ailments. Before the holiday mood is important, so tune in to a positive wave.


The most positive day of the week for cancerians — Tuesday. The most dangerous — 24 Dec, Sunday. Teamwork will help you quickly overcome all troubles at work and in business. If you work together with people all over. You’ll be able to afford to celebrate the New Year in complete harmony with each other. Don’T run your bad habits that deprive you of vitality.

Now is a favorable time for making important decisions. This is a great time for planning for the future, to implement the plan informed. Listen to your heart and don’t forget about the wisdom of loved ones — they are also on your side, so their advice should not ignore. This week there is a high likelihood of ill — wear warmer.


Monday, ironically, will be the best day for you this week. YOU often wonder about why appear in your life, but not thinking about how to get rid of them. It’s time to take the bull by the horns. This week will be perfect for a hunger strike for a decisive breakthrough at work. In love also you can try to turn everything upside down.

This is a time of change, so right before the New Year to apply for a dismissal if you are already warmed up someplace else. You can break up with people. You no longer need, relationships that have reached an impasse. However, you can still make a mistake in this regard — look at the people objectively. It is possible that you just something good gets overlooked.


The best defense against envy this week — not to think about them at all. The world will notice your apathy, anger, aggression and impulsivity, but do not notice the good. It is better to do something nice, but secretly than to risk so that everyone around will hate you. Just be a little more diplomatic and follow all that you say and even think.

After unfavorable Monday followed by two days with the greatest possible creative energy. This will be the peak of your success. Try to survive 19 and 20, the number at work, because your performance will be almost the maximum. The main point is to not forget to plan everything in advance. By inspiration it is better not to act, because you may be disappointed by the result of their labors, which will be held in the shuffle. Quietly and solve all your troubles — you will succeed.


To get rid of negative thoughts and emotions is not so easy in these times. This week you can spread negativity. So try to abstract from all cases which annoy you and constantly bothering you to tune in to the positive wave. Spend more this week on fresh air, walk, exercise. You need to avoid stagnation. The same applies to creativity, work, love.

In love, try to follow all the rules — written and unwritten. Not to defend too fiercely his opinion, otherwise a loved one may be think that you don’t appreciate them at all. Generally, people will you are too jealous to work. Get ready for fiery speeches that you think only about yourself and your business. Will have to make a gift to your loved ones to show them that their guess is unjust and fundamentally wrong.


Energy of wealth and poverty are two different things. You can learn to radiate the energy of wealth, if properly set yourself up for everything going on around. Take care of yourself, its appearance. Wealth and success love people good looking. This does not mean that you will need to spend a lot of money — enough to find a specialist who will understand you. Most importantly, do not do that 21 Dec is the worst day for all undertakings.

19, 20 and 24 numbers need to throw all their forces to prove to the authorities, partners, and colleagues that you deserve to be where you are now. Unfortunately, career growth should not be expected yet. In love you’re in trouble, so to give more time second half will not be superfluous at all. Free people need to spend more time in the community, to wait.


Get rid of envy and anger. These feelings will lead you to the broken trough. Everything that you do may be in vain. It is NOT necessary to aggravate the situation with unnecessary movements and thoughts. Be content with what you have and try to avoid problems with supervisors at work, with a loved one. You can take a selfish, so don’t be afraid to work for the good of the relationship, for the benefit of the entire team at work.

It is not necessary to retire. It also now will not help you absolutely nothing. Focus on problems still will not work properly. On the other hand, you only need to worry about Monday. Then everything will go like clockwork. Listen to your gut feeling, you are unlikely to cheat, but don’t look away from the facts, from the obvious things. Don’t look for pitfalls where there are none and cannot be.


Tuesday — the most dangerous day of the week. Resurrection, by contrast, will be a day of power. Avoid energy-destruction — think positive. It’s not so easy, especially now, however, you have, after all, to kill a uncertainty. Feel free to check out yourself and ask other people to tell you your weaknesses, your mistakes. The error now is invalid.

In love and work better to devote all his time to new acquaintances. New connections at work will help improve the financial situation. Love new people, too will be not superfluous. Even if you don’t find your soulmate now. New men will serve you an excellent service as a source of useful tips. The main thing — not to lie now for the sake of its benefits, otherwise the effect will be strictly negative.


December 18 will be the best day of all. On this day, it is better to solve all the most difficult tasks. 21 numbers, on the contrary, it is better to slow down, to relax properly. There are things that can’t be discussed with strangers. To such things, for example, are the plans for the future. It is NOT necessary to devote in them, hoping to obtain approval. Now you yourself decide what’s good and what is bad.

Meeting with loved ones will do you good. Old friends are also waiting for attention from you. Do not hurt anyone with our indifference. Even if you have no time is no excuse. Call the person who deserves it. You just need to pay more attention to everything. YOU as a good luck charm for most of your friends and relatives.


To understand why you are attracting misery, you should seek help to your thoughts. The fact that they create the reality around you, and at the end of this year, it is better not to indulge in self-doubt. You have no reason to be weak. No time to rest yet. Time to transform your life on all fronts, starting from love and ending work. Don’t argue with relatives and with superiors. Do your assignments and responsibilities.

Auspicious days — December 19 and 20. At this time, the energy of the stars and planets will be most constructive for you. These days can be noisy to relax with friends and loved ones. On the other days, try to focus on the Affairs and only to them. Do NOT give reason to dismiss the gossip rumors about you — your luck may leave you at the worst.

To save your hand will help you timely rest. In General, better this week more cases to plan and not taken over everything. Pavel Globa advises in unfavorable days to exert maximum effort to those cases that you do not deliver much pleasure.