Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 14 to 20 August 2017

Summer is coming to its logical conclusion, but we promise a favorable August. Astrologers, too, proclaim the coming period of time is positive. Pavel Globa advises this week to mobilize all its resources.

About what is waiting for representatives of all Zodiac Signs in the period from 14 to 20 August, said the portal Woman’s day, sharing the thoughts of the most famous astrologer of the CIS. Pavel Globa said that this week can bring a change and to be measured and calm, perfect for relaxing. He and the other option is not the bad.


Aries this week will be three favorable days — 16, 17 and 20 August. Of course, succeed in business, at work or in love you will not be so difficult on other days, but Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday will require much activity. In return you will get something nice. Forget about doubt — you can do it all. This is a great time to start a cycle of physical activity. A single trip to the gym will not help you — tune in to serious work.

In a relationship, the astrologer advised not to aggravate the situation for nothing. We all can make mistakes. The astrologer reports that now for you is the best time in love, because the recognition of the feelings of your significant other will appreciate by 100 percent. If you have a family or a long term relationship, lay on their shoulders planning for the future.


Taurus astrologer this week recommends rest 20, and the maximum occurring on August 18 and 19. If you have a child born under the Sign of Taurus, then it is better to give more of their attention and care — this week it will be this very need. At work and in business it is best to keep any emotions to avoid confrontation.

As for love, it is most difficult this period is for those who are in search of the second half. The fact that the stars lined up in such a way that you just need to be in solitude. Avoid people you do not know, do not visit the noisy and crowded places. From people this week will be based on only the negative, but you will be able to engage in introspection and planning.


A supportive and creative energy of the stars will grow. The culmination will be the end of the week — Sunday, the most auspicious day for the Twins. The astrologer advises to drive in the whole film and more to be outdoors and warm. The likelihood that you will meet your soul mate, are very large. Try to look stunning.

August 17 will be the toughest day of the week, but even at this time you will be able to realize all your desires into reality and achieve new heights at work. Don’t be afraid to make important decisions. This is your time, your luck. Take care of household problems and meet with relatives.


The first two days will be for you the most powerful in terms of energy. The stars will give you an incredible luck Monday and Tuesday 14 and 15 August. You are now at the crossroads of two or even three roads. You need to make a fateful choice this week. Do not have to announce it to the world — just force yourself to make a decision.

At work you will be successful. Throughout the week, the success will be somewhere close. Money signs and the signs of destiny will be very obvious. Your care will provide you with good luck. If you’ve been planning some shopping, then it’s time to implement them. You waiting for the beginning of a great love and bright moments in an already existing relationship or marriage. It will be a very productive time for any activity.


The astrologer advises you to walk more to walk and keep myself in good shape. Don’t sit at home, if possible. Escape to the country, away from all this fuss. In the city you can attack the spleen, apathy, depression. You, in your behavior can upset any of the relatives of people. Don’t allow yourself to throw words and empty promises.

At work and in business it’s time to complete important Affairs. Enough to put off important projects to the back burner. From 14 to 20 August, you will have many opportunities to solve the most urgent business. Love is a very difficult time. You may be tempted to revive the old relationship. What is most interesting — your former romantic partners can receive exactly the same thoughts and needs. If you’re in a relationship, try to be a support for that person whom you love.


Virgo this week promises great luck in almost all spheres of life. You will have four whole days with almost maximum creative energy background: 14, 15, 18 and 19 August. This week, the astrologer advises you to dress for the weather and avoid sudden temperature changes due to drafts and stay in rooms with air conditioning. Health now is paramount.

This week will not be good for finding love and attempts to strengthen it. Concentrate on your personal Affairs. These seven days will help you to be themselves, to become stronger and wiser. In love, the greatest danger is to imagine your jealousy and desire to learn all about the past of a loved one.


16, 17 and 20 August will be the most productive days. The most dangerous day this week is Friday. You may experience problems with work experience on various occasions. On other days you better not sit around at home and at work. Your colleagues will be able to appreciate your work. Creative approach to problem solving will be key to winning another’s trust and will help to make a better impression.

Relax in good company this week. Pavel Globa recommends as often as possible from 14 to 20 August to surround yourself with loved ones and friends. Don’t stay alone because you will gain enlightenment and you will not find love. Don’t forget to visit my parents. The lack of movement to compensate for exercise.


The hardest thing you will be this week on Monday, and it’s not because Mondays are difficult by definition. The stars will turn their backs on 14 August, leaving one-on-one with the most unpleasant problems. This means that you can leave troubles without attention is not necessary. Closer to 18 and 19 among all stabiliziruemost and even become favourable. Waking up, immediately start planning for the day. Do not act on inspiration in this period, try to avoid any confrontations. Love you too best to be as careful as possible. If you haven’t found your soulmate, then you should postpone activity in this area. Be in the passive search, considering candidates for the position of your loved one, but do not show excessive activity.


Eat this week healthy food, not fast food, instant noodles, tea and biscuits. Drink more plain water without sugar, eat more cooked meat and fruits and vegetables. Accustomed to this, to feel better.

Now is the best time to start a vacation, change of scenery, for travel and travel. August 20 will be the culmination of this period because luck is on your side in any sphere of life. The stars promise you an interesting fun, a good time, new experiences, good mood. Little Archers can get a little sloppy this week, so it is better to accustom to the order.


Monday and Tuesday, against all expectations, will be the most successful days for you this week. This time will be extremely positive for creativity, for something new. Do not build plans for the future from 14 to 20 August. These seven days are the best to tackle the most pressing problems.

Adventure and risks will not save you from the work, but rather, add it. However, to miss this week Capricorns will not have. You will find bright impressions on all fronts, including business and love. The only thing you should avoid is a large expenditure of money, especially on technology. For the rest, these seven days will teach you to meet problems with dignity. Believe in yourself, then everything will work.


August 15, you will face serious problems in matters of family and love. Large differences can cause a breakup of a love relationship and serious quarrels in the family. A little diplomacy will not now interfere. Even if you can reconcile, then negative residue will still be felt for a long time. Avoid any controversy, even if your arguments are extremely convincing.

Try to defuse the situation and to look for people who are ready to help you with this — at home and at work. Live with interest, trying to provoke the appearance of positive emotions. More laugh, more smile and be honest with someone you respect and love.


Now is the time when Fish are receptive to any information. This is a perfect time to study and learn new skills. Physical activity better a little lower, especially if you have back problems or legs. Monday, Tuesday and Sunday will be the best days for business and romance troubles.

It is not necessary to solve the issues that require a lot of dedication on Wednesday. In addition, the astrologer advised not to try to understand their feelings and conduct a deep introspection. Leave things as they are, relax and just enjoy. Do what is pleasing to your soul.

Live by the laws of the Universe, present everywhere and always. Pavel Globa notes the particular importance of the energy laws that govern the universe, luck and mood of the people. Believe in yourself and in your future. Imagine what you want to achieve.