Horoscope Pavel Globa for a week from 13 to 19 November 2017

Pavel Globa is one of the most respected astrologers in the CIS. He is an expert in the field of astroprognosis for any periods. In particular, this applies to the coming week from 13 to 19 November.

The most important tips and thoughts popular astrologer shared portal Woman’s day. This week many of us will have to Try to keep your happiness close. This week will be difficult because for many people the universe is preparing the impenetrable jungle of problems. The first step on the road to stability will be calm. No need to blow up your surroundings and do not try to get ahead of it.


At times you will seem lost everything. If you relax, you can just pick up and fly into the abyss. To achieve inner harmony you will be able just next to nice people. Unfortunately or fortunately, but positive energy will increase, displacing the negative very slowly. Because of this the most positive and favorable day is Sunday. Energy pit will be November 15, on Wednesday.

In any case, do not take on new responsibility. Take care of those things that weigh on you heavily and constantly remind myself. This week could be a time of problems in love. The rams will be much more jealous, envious and rude in the middle of November. Don’t let yourself lose self-control. Do not be surprised that your significant other will be strict with you — that’s OK, because you won’t notice a wrong moves. For new acquaintances this week’s not good, so don’t waste time.


Taurus will need to pay attention to your karma, or rather, that it can be rewritten for the worse. Take care of correcting their mistakes this week and do not allow new. The best day for work and love Affairs — Monday, November 13. On the 16th day it is best to step away from any troubles, because you will not be able to solve them quickly and peacefully.

This week may be held in expectation of a miracle, which never comes. Suppose that you are not frustrating. Now all the problems, even if no one shows. People can be vulnerable, so poubavte his aggression. If you are a family man, if you are now alone, you appreciate this freedom, because otherwise you may have a lot of new problems. Now it is better to avoid people. It would be better for all.


The twins will need to clear of energy vampires, because your own energy will be very susceptible to negativity. Especially clearly it will be noticeable on 19 November, the most dangerous day of the week. Boldness bordering on recklessness. You should not go forward if there is no evidence that everything will go smoothly. This week, even your health could crack. There is a chance that let you know the old “sore”.

Pavel Globa advises you not to start a love affair now, because with high probability it can turn into a bunch of problems. This week, the people to whom you promised something earlier, can demand performance of the contract. No offense to them for it otherwise you will go bad rumors. You will fall so many problems, so not worth the risk in those seven days.


Cancers this week to combat the negative energy will be common, because four days out of seven will be incredibly positive and powerful. 13, 16, 17 and 18 November, you need to conduct will be, so do not give up and the possibility to earn extra money. Do not give up also date and go meet people who inspire you. In difficult times, to cope with stress will help Hobbies, passions.

If you are not alone if you are in a relationship, do not try to spend time alone. Privacy does not help to bring relations to a new level. This will be a wonderful time to travel together for any joint Affairs. If you haven’t found happiness in love, enjoy travelling and new emotions alone. Pavel Globa advises Cancers is not afraid of spontaneous decisions in mid-November.


This week will be for the lions very successful, but not in all. Do not think about the future, about the past. Focus on what happening now. Your fate may change once or twice. Very good will be to absorb new knowledge. Get training to improve skills. 16 performance will be close to zero, so don’t expect too much from this day. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday will be spend all my time on romance and love.

Principles of life lions can be exposed to a severe test this week. Many what you believe can change, can disappoint you in the Bud. Pavel Globa advises not to stop there, if we can win in any sphere of life and advises to give up in defeat. Better now not to remain in the shadow of his injuries and not be blinded by its UPS.


Virgo astrologer recommends you to get rid of stress, because it will be the main cause of all failures, poor health, insomnia. Three days will be positive for you this week — 16, 17 and 18 November. In the remaining days of failure can destroy everything that you have reached earlier. Be careful on Monday, the most negative day of the week. Try to go to meet anyone who really deserves it. Other people assignments to do.

Monday and Sunday there is a risk to get sick, catch a cold. On the first day of the week to declare former love. Do not engage in the mud again — do not waste your time on trivia and illusions. Forgive people mistakes, but don’t trust someone who you’ve been betrayed before. In General, in love you better be content with what we have. Do not scold the fate for who you are now.


Be careful of the envious and do not envy anyone for yourself. Each person has his own way of life, their problems. Someone good at hiding from the presence, and some bad, but that doesn’t mean we all think alike. Towards the end of the week financial luck will come to visit you. Will only need to open the car door for her. Learn to share, then she will not leave you in the next seven days.

People can disappoint you now, but don’t need them to blame for it. Look better themselves, because the problems can come from you. When it comes to love, we will also have more to give than to receive. Selfish to take the relationship is less likely, especially if they are in the early stages. Now is a good time for a change of scenery, for travel, for the repair and ambitious plans.


To attract wealth into your life, you need to first succeed in love and tune in. Think more about yourself, but selfishness should be common. Solve immediate problems and then grasp a minor. The most powerful assistance from the Universe will be rendered on Monday, the 13th. Then the energy of the stars will decline. On 16 November there will be a complete dissonance and imbalance in the positive with the negative.

You might think that all new beginnings lucky for you, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget to look to the future and not to settle for short-term success. The only thing you can really get lucky is love. This week not only single Scorpios will be able to find happiness, but those who have long been in a relationship can give love a second life.


Sagittarius success in these seven days will be able to ensure the absence of important decisions. Relax, unwind, do not sign important papers, do not do anything you might regret in the future. Try to overcome depression, because it costs you nothing to remove the negativity from your life. Do not forget about the rest. In the days when the work will pressure you, best to relax periodically in order not to burn out.

In love on Monday and closer to the end of the week will get you constant minor skirmishes. It would be peculiar for relations of kinship, friendship, work. Tell people who you value, the truth. Now we should not build walls between you, because soon all the lies and all the hidden emotions will surface. Strive to ensure that nothing was unsaid.


Your destiny in the most positive way to affect this week, according to the astrologer, the search for new ways of development, the rejection of negative emotions. To stress and poor health had not visited you often try to be in dynamics. If you want to manifest a spirit of rebellion, just try not to show it to anyone. Be rebellious for themselves through strength in an attempt to reach myself, to find motivation to action.

Be flexible and not bend the line. Now it is not necessary to propose some requirements, because in this step people can answer a sharp negative. However, four days will be very positive for you: 13, 16, 17 and 18 November. Don’t stay in seclusion these days, because all the luck will come from your environment.


It’s time to overcome your fears and complexes, as they have very, very slow. 14, 15 and 19 November you will need to stop thinking about work and to engage in love Affairs. Sexual energy will be high, the mood suitable for Dating. What else is needed for happiness but lots of fun with a good man.

Do not think that you will be able to get a raise this week just. Even if you live in Tokyo, the authorities would wonder whether to give you a chance. Don’t ask for the increase and not stutter about it, so it will be better to do all. All the more difficult in these seven days will be for Aquarius, which have a lot of problems at work and family behind. The second half, the kids will be jealous of you to work, but don’t lose patience. Try to explain everything on the fingers.


Fish need to understand that a man’s character is a set of both positive and negative qualities. Not everyone can live with the negative sides of a personality. You will have to learn this, otherwise good luck in financial and love spheres you can not see. Try to see something good in people that provoke you to the negative. If possible, abstracted from all, just going on a trip or business trip.

Go easy on the junk food. The astrologer advises you easier to relate to other people. Try to eat right and often to happen on fresh air, because this week your brain and body will demand clean fuel. You can even take up a sport and begin a series of exercises, if time and strength.

Energize creative, to nobody and nothing was able to break. Luck is on the side of the strong and calm individuals. Only the brave will be able to become more successful. This week will teach you a lot, don’t you doubt it for a second. Pavel Globa wishes you success in love, at work and in business.