Horoscope Pavel Globa for 2018

Pavel Globa is one of the best astrologers at the moment. His predictions are a collection of tips for all occasions. 2018 can be fraught with many dangers, which we will help you to know in advance.

2018 Yellow earth Dog is a time not of new discoveries, and the destruction of stereotypes, clichés. All Zodiac Signs will need to be extremely careful in everything. This is very important because in the sequence of days and events, you can miss many opportunities. Tranquility blinds, and the element of Earth contributes to this the most. People will feel that the world stopped. But it stopped your perception and not the world around.


The Rams will be in 2018, many opportunities to show their best side. All your vices and weaknesses will go by the wayside. This is a great time for work, for love and for everything you need. Happiness is not something fleeting for Aries in 2018. Happiness will be a modular form, a huge number of small victories.

Remember that in 2018 the representatives of your Zodiac Sign you can’t just pick up and chase your luck. Every moment of success will be something special, because you will need to earn it. Don’t wait for a lightning success — learn to work in a team and alone. Your methods could become out of date — this year you need to spend on learning new skills.


Selfishness now will not save you. The next 12 months can become dangerous. If you think only about yourself, then by themselves and will remain without support and without friends. Certainly, there will be fake friends who don’t care about your internal problems. True well-wishers will go into the shadows. To avoid this, you will need to not be afraid to tell themselves the truth.

Love yourself and your family, respect the interests of others and more exercise. Physical activity will benefit all of you, because it will be the basis of good mood, health. More will need to be in the fresh air. In addition, it is better not to do anything that would cause you to tire more than usual. Learn to relax in time.


Never speak bad about yourself. For example, never say that you can be unhappy. It is strictly prohibited in 2018, when the words and thoughts will acquire extraordinary strength. Your weakness — your thoughts. Gemini always see the world a little differently than other people. You need to force yourself to think about themselves and their Affairs only in a positive way. Only then 2018 will be fruitful for you.

There’s nothing more dangerous negative thoughts, then they become a negative attitude — a kind of virus of consciousness that is prescribed in the head, destroying all signs of good luck and good mood. Case you should lead as rapidly as possible and to spare them their time and effort. Favorite people will understand, and those who pretend not to, will leave, so in any case you will benefit.


Energy to self — destruct is the beginning of the end for cancer. It begins with a reluctance to move forward. Apathy conquers all, including good luck. In love and the things you will need to take a fresh look at things. Avoid doubt in yourself and in loved ones, friends and loved ones. You in 2018 will be the link between people and their victories. You will be a lucky charm for many. Now it will not give you special advantages, but then you go up to Olympus and stay there for long. Just wait a bit.

Observe mode all year, learn to relax more and are in the company of nice people. After suffering a bit now, you will ensure yourself a bright future. Do not stop and do all year finding love, new friends and partners. You will succeed — it is important to continue.


To understand what you really want from life, ask yourself this question many times. Every day in 2018 ask this question and seek an answer wherever possible. As the saying goes, he who seeks will always find. You just need a little more time to spend with people who know how to motivate. Even if you used to rely only on themselves, support will not prevent.

The fact that there is no limit. In 2018 you can very easily put himself in the frame by saying you have become what you wanted. Remember one important point: no man can become what he wants. It can only approach the ideal, so the path of self-improvement never stops. This year you will be able to feel it.


Finding harmony this year is your most important goal and task. Nothing and no one who would be able to refute it. At the beginning of this year you need to put before itself the important purposes. No one will take from you what yet, so unable to share their plans, but not their achievements. It is very important to keep all of the victory.

Live a little for myself. It is not necessary to waste time on people who you don’t like. No need to say in the face of unpleasant words to those who irritate you but also behind gossip and rumors to dissolve is not necessary. Get rid of jealousy and envy, to get things going as well as possible in all spheres of life. Your life is what you think. No more, no less.


Weights in 2018 will have to go through energy recovery high-level. Someone thinks it will carry a solid advantage, but it is not. In many respects it will be something of a curse, because the rest will not work. Constantly need to fight against something or someone. People will stop you and ambitions will sit on the ground.

On the other hand, motivation will be rife. You will not need to go anywhere for her — she is in you will grow out of you and infect people close to you. The secret of success in 2018 — the correct arrangement of priorities. Decide for yourself in what area of life success you need the most. Be calmer, smarter, wiser. Listen to the advice of loved ones and they will help again.


The thought is material, so think about a bright future in 2018 is a must. It’s time to plan for a life-changing decision, to enormous change and rest. It will be a very very busy year, which will pass very quickly if you don’t care to direct me down the right road. Plan for this year’s wedding, shift or home purchase, repair, etc.

Your life now should be as predictable. 2018 is not the time for adventures. You should be careful in everything. The only way you can avoid problems. No one but yourself needs to know about your future plans. It is not necessary to share them with people you don’t like. Act alone to the extent possible.


Use affirmations from Louise hay to be confident in yourself every day this is not very simple. Make changes around you, negativity. You will succeed — this is to be confident, since only that will help to bring into your life a sense of proportion. Everything around is constantly changing, constantly stretch you, but that doesn’t mean you have to run away from ourselves.

You will be able to find new sources of income or to consolidate the successes already achieved. The same applies to love field. It will be a good year for meeting new people or for weddings, for transfer relations to a higher level. Your significant other is likely to expect from you activity, the desire to do something worthwhile. This can be the conception of the child, repair, great buy and so on. Feel free to ask.


To riches was to you in 2018, we need to think more about how to change ourselves for the better. Don’t be afraid to attempt new things and try myself in new areas. Unfortunately or fortunately, but 2018 will be the year of the material and the purely monetary. In love all will depend not from you, but from environmental factors. It’s hard to accept, but you’ll have to do this for your own good.

In love there will come a time of coolness and respite. This does not mean that the relationship will be cool in every sense of the word. Just be a little harder to keep them on the same level. Positive emotions and the moments will end faster because of the constant cases and problems in other areas. The good news is that this will happen just for you.


If you have lost your fortune, to bring luck into your life will help you in 2018 simple faith in yourself. You may need to change direction and remove from the lives of some people who feed on your kindness. Do not be discouraged if it is hard. Difficulties will make you much stronger. You need the wisdom, so the universe will give you a challenging but feasible task.

Strive to ensure that 2018 has become a springboard runway. Need to clear and prepare for take-off, to start your own good luck that will be with you for a long time. Perhaps at the end of the year you will meet someone who will be able to trust. You will fall in love with him or become best friends for many years.


Self motivation is all that you need now. In the beginning of the year need to find a reason to improve themselves, and at the end of the year will need only a small wish. It will not be a period of great creative genius or dawn, but you will be able to consolidate its position in something else. Hard work will help you become richer and more successful. Don’t listen too often, your intuition in 2018 — it will also fail once in a while.

In love Affairs of the stars and planets promise you a big progress. Perhaps you will find someone who will help you to brighten up the loneliness, and the most enjoyable way. Some of you are married or will be married, which is also a very good choice for the current mood of the stars. Be yourself in any difficult situation and make informed decisions. This is especially true of periods of life that are momentous character.

To become successful, you’ll need to bring to life the positive thoughts. The only way you will perform all your tasks in the shortest possible time. 2018 is the year of materiality, but the spiritual things will still be in your life big Chapter. Love the life that she loved you.