Horoscope for the week from 2 to 8 October 2017

In our world much depends on the stars, but they do not control events directly. They do this through us, the citizens, forcing them to act stupid or become wiser. Horoscope for the coming week will help you to succeed in all spheres of life.

For all Zodiac Signs should be a rule on this week. Astrologers have determined that this rule concerns the cleanliness in the house. The comfort of home and the order can attract a lot of positive energy in your life. Autumn is much less likely to want to leave your warm house, so do the cleaning right now. Clear your home of trash and dirt, making it suitable for the proper circulation of positive energy.


It’s time to activate your money talismans. It can be anything — happy clothes, purse, or other accessory. Their function in October will be more protective, because the stars and planets will be not quite fair to you. Saturn will occupy the Sign of Sagittarius, so it will retain its moderate activity. This suggests that you will have to fight for their happiness, not only at work and in business, but in love.

4, 5 and 8 October will be a very difficult day for you because Saturn will be in a very negative aspects with the Moon, mercury and Venus respectively. 3 the number will be the most positive day of the week because of the quintile of the Sun and Saturn. Problem solving will help you lateral thinking and desire for quick success. Do not hold back their ambitions on Tuesday.


There is a danger that you lose the thread leading you to success. Restore faith in yourself and find your way you will help the Buddhist meditation the “Path of destiny”. The rest of the week from 2 to 8 October will be very positive. This is largely due to mercury, which will remain in the Balance all week, retaining half activity. This planet will show you the shortest way to the attainment of happiness in any sphere of life, increasing motivation.

5, the number will be positive, because of the presence of mercury in good aspect with Saturn. The number 6 will be the most dangerous, since mercury will be in quickonce with Neptune. 6 Oct better how to relax, not to overwork and not to take on too many tasks. Thursday try to understand their true purpose, listen to the voice of the heart.


Positive attitudes is what you need right now. To develop positive thinking and use affirmations for success. In all spheres of life you will visit the inspiration, the mood will improve, and people will be attracted to you. If you don’t have to go this route, negative the Sun in Libra will put an end to your future success.

3 and 8, the number of very positive days-for the stay of the Sun in good aspect with Saturn and mercury respectively. Sunday and Tuesday will help you to defeat apathy and get rid of the internal problems. Negative for you to become less significant, and positive emotions can become the leitmotif of your life. Try to see in all only good things, to be less impulsive.


Venus this week take the reins into their own hands. It will remain in Virgo all seven days, so its energy would be equal to about a quarter of the total possibilities. Luck will stay with you, but the assistance of this planet may be only superficial. Thus, its creative principle will affect only the creation of positive thinking. Good mood is the key to success, so don’t lose faith in yourself.

October 3, Venus and Pluto will merge in a good aspect for Cancers. It will be the best day of the week. 5, 7 and 8 October luck you may turn away because of the negative aspects of Venus with Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Pay attention to any detail in these three days. On the weekends try to relax at home with loved ones or alone.


Everyone wants to attract love and happiness into your home. Lions will help with Pluto. This planet manages relationships with other people. From 2 to 8 October he will be in Capricorn, which will make it energy neutral. This week will be a great approach to finding a spouse. Avoid the appearance of jealousy and envy. Your favorite — not property, but an independent personality. The sooner you realize that everything in this world is built on positive emotions and constructive attitude, the faster you will become happy.

On Monday, Pluto will be in good aspect with Mars. This day is better to devote entirely to work, business meetings, new acquaintances, travel. Tuesday is a dangerous day, as in trine with Venus, Pluto will completely lose all their privileges. It will be a very negative time for any new beginnings. Avoid Tuesday impulsiveness.


According to the great Dalai Lama, there are three paths to happiness. Of course, Buddhism is a little related to astrology, but it closely cooperates with bioenergy. This week the stars and Moon will put you before a choice. It will be a very positive time for Virgins as patron of your Sign the Moon is almost all the time. Will start the week with the stay of the moon in Aquarius on Monday. Mild energy helps you to deal with urgent matters, and solve the most important of them. Such days — Thursday and Friday. The moon will be in Aries, so you better not to jump to conclusions and to work harder.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be held under the auspices of the Fish, so it will be a great time for creativity, romance, searching, matching halves. On October 7 and 8 — the days of the maximum force of the moon in Taurus. This is a great time for absolutely any business. You will not be constrained by anything, so do what you think is the most important. Priorities are set according to intuition. Just be yourself.


This week is good for major purchases. To purchase lasts longer, try to persevere. This will help you Mars, staying for a week in virgin. It’s the only thing this planet will be able to help you. Otherwise, Mars will be very negative and provocative. Quarrels are possible with loved ones at home and colleagues at work. Most of the breakup occurs it is in these days.

5 and 8 of Mars will be in conjunction with Venus and in biquintile with Uranium respectively. This means that his negative side will lose. The chances of implementation of the plans will be only on these two days, which can be regarded as good news. Not all bad, especially when you have a chance for success. Use any opportunity that will give you a destiny.


Remember that even the most ordinary and normal thing, you can make a talisman or amulet. Given that this week is ruled by Jupiter for you, the talisman you don’t really need, but not always everything goes according to plan and not always stars with planets are on your side. Jupiter will be in Libra. This suggests that it will retain its creative power for the Scorpions. Only one day to be negative — Saturday. The reason is simple — the opposition of Jupiter with the Moon. It will be a difficult day, as the differences with the Moon will lead to energy dissonance.

The biggest problem this week, particularly the 7th of October, can appear in the sphere of love of life. Jupiter can make it so that all your aspirations and actions will cease to have any force. Do not try to defeat ourselves and the Universe. Go with the flow and take challenges even as some positive impulse.


Neptune took the first place on the relevance for the archers. This week Neptune is still strong in Pisces. This suggests that your ambitions will help you overcome any obstacles in love and at work. Rules of success for you are very simple — trust your inner voice. Do not deviate from their own principles and do not do anything that would cause you some doubt.

5, 6 and 7 October, Neptune will be in different aspects with other space objects. 5 number of quickens with the Sun will generate in you the desire to win at any cost, that can not be viewed in a positive light. 6 and 7, the number of Neptune will be in the negative aspects of mercury and Uranus. These two days can be dangerous for you, especially in the field of Finance, so don’t buy anything extra and do not give empty promises to partners, employers, colleagues.


It is time to cope with the autumn Blues once and for all. Uranus in Aries although it will be neutral all week, but it will help you to find some new activity that will become very important in the future. It is possible that it will even become a new source of income, but in the end everything will depend on you.

On Saturday, 7 October, Uranus will be in a double aspect with Venus and Neptune. It will be very difficult and ambiguous day which will generate you a lot of questions and give very few answers. If you can show a little patience, everything will be good in all spheres of life in the foreseeable future. October 8, biquintile with Mars will create favorable conditions for purchases and to adjust to new conditions. It will be a great day for work, but not for the rest.


Aquarius get rid of troubles and improve your mood astrologers suggest through proper and timely rest. Venus will run the show for you this week, so that will dominate emotions and not common sense. Intuition will also be strong, but don’t try to answer all your questions with her. Venus will be weak, as it will affect the virgin. This means that too much ambition is better to mute from time to time. Look at the world through rose-colored glasses, but sensibly and wisely.

Venus in Virgo is a sign that life can be enjoyable, but first you must love her with all my heart. Venus teaches you love in these times. It helps to get a maximum pleasure from romance, Dating, new Dating.


The moon this week ruled a ball for you, so luck is on your side. The moon will be strong and creative. On the weekend, you may have hidden skills and talents. Intuition, too, are gaining strength, so don’t hesitate listen to your heart.

October 3 and 4, the Moon will be in Pisces, so astrologers advise you these days to dip into his personal Affairs. Sunday and Saturday are the most positive days, as the Moon is strongest in Taurus. These two days to spend with friends or loved ones. Astrologers say that this weekend special will give honesty. You can confess your love and plan the wedding, make common cause with your other half.

To live in harmony with themselves should get each sign of the Zodiac. Just believe in yourself and in the power of their thoughts. Start your path to improve life and attract good luck with them.