Horoscope for the week from 18 to 24 September 2017

Horoscope for the coming week will tell you how to spend these seven days to the luck of you not turned away. Astrologers will share the most important tips for all occasions.

Each person can get what he wants, and not depend on anyone in this world. The fulfillment of desires depends on many factors, one of which is positive thinking or, for example, high energy. Even if life is bad, you should look for ways to happiness. As soon as a man ceases to believe in miracles, they cease to exist.


For Aries the coming week will be quite favorable, as on the scene the power of Neptune, reinforced by the constellation of Pisces. Its strong energy will help you to reach new heights and will not allow to lose an important for you business because with the more likely you will be able to find the right balance and to understand, finally, what do you want from life. To attract money, happiness and love you will help balance.

It is worth noting the two most important days for Aries this week — 20 and 24 September. 20 the Neptune will be in opposition with mercury, so that the day will be dangerous for you. Sunday will start a confrontation with Mars, which will do you good. It will be the best day for any business, so it is better to rest on Saturday.


Two planets will be this week to manage your Affairs and manage fortune: Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter negative to you, so comfortable for him to stay in Libra will begin the problems with intuition. Operate only with facts, if you don’t want to lose any of the walks of life. Signs of destiny will not help you to overcome the difficulties in Finance and love. To do this will only common sense.

Venus, however, being in Leo on Monday, will be able to help you find the motivation to move forward and gain a good mood for the whole week. From Tuesday, its energy will decrease due to the transition into the constellation Virgo, but that doesn’t mean that you need to begin to sound the alarm. It will have the strength to maintain your fire and enthusiasm.


Neptune will remain in Pisces all week. This means that Gemini will have to learn to abide by the rules in all walks of life. If you try to circumvent at least some of them, the consequences can be very sad. Good luck stay with you, try to learn how to end the day. This is very important when at stake is your honor and future.

September 20, Wednesday, Neptune will be in a very positive aspect with your patron, mercury. This will mean that the environment is better not to turn away from opportunities and never stop moving forward. It will be a very positive day for all cases, so prepare yourself for it on Monday and Tuesday.


The moon and Uranus are “playing” tug-of-war. Given your energy especially, the astrologers concluded that this week could be very, very nervous for Cancers. Your moods may bounce up and down, bringing a lot of trouble. Until Saturday, the Moon will be very stable and moderately active, which is good impact on your job performance and mood, but on Saturday her power will drop due to the transition in the Sign of Scorpio. This will mean that the weekend is better how to relax, and at home and surrounded by loved ones.

Uranus will remain retrograde and negative towards you. It would mean his desire to prevent you to achieve harmony with themselves. Your inner peace will be to break the contradiction, so get out of the shadow, if you feel that luck is in retreat. Caution — your main trump card this week.


This week, your patron will be Saturn. More precisely, he is your sworn enemy, but his energy will be crucial in the coming period of time. Often try to follow the signs of destiny and the people’s superstitions in order to somehow protect yourself. Finding Saturn in the Sign of Sagittarius means that the planet will be strong and stable. Let you know your old enemies and detractors.

Defeat the enemy and to cope with the problems happens only on Saturday, when Saturn will enter into a positive aspect with Mars. This planet will help you to show yourself. Of course, on Saturday there is little to do but try to find ways and means of influence. 23 September everything will be in your hands, and to this day, just play dumb and stay away from quarrels and squabbles at home, at work, on the street.


Mars and Neptune will be the two most important planets for Dev during the week from 18 to 24 September. As experts say site dailyhoro.ru coming period of time, you might be iconic, special. But do not relax, because the Neptune is for you negative, and he will be stronger than Mars. But the negative is small plus, because the energy of Neptune is already a well-established and permanent due to long stay in Pisces. This means that the new problems you are unlikely to be added, but the old will be felt.

Mars will give you some motivation and positive charge, as it will remain in your Sign of the Zodiac and will retain moderate activity. The main thing now is to learn how to quickly get rid of stress and negativity. Don’t let bad thoughts linger in your head.


Your psychic powers will increase this week. This will be helped by Jupiter in Libra, which helps to improve intuition. Move objects by sight and to predict the future, you will not, but will be able to feel the approach of danger. Polyquadratic mercury of Tuesday, September 19, will be a good influence on your energy, so make this day the most active.

The most unfortunate and dangerous day for Libra this week is Monday, because Jupiter will be in negative aspect with the Sun, which always provokes you to negative emotions. On Monday, stay in solitude, and on Tuesday and closer to the weekend try to change the situation, to go shopping, to relax properly.


Pluto and Uranus, your patrons come to the fore, therefore, it is possible to consider this week is incredibly positive for the Scorpions. The near future will be very good for you, as Pluto will keep a moderate activity, being in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries will also be strong and calm.

Pluto will help to establish a connection with the people around you, make new friends, have a positive impact on love the search and selection of new work. Uranus will help to reduce the time from idea to implementation. You will be very motivated this week. May 23-September because of the negative aspect of Uranus with the Moon new beginnings are not as positive as on other days. Rest well on Saturday.


Mars will be in Virgo all week. It’s good for you, because this planet will be creative and active. Saturday will be the most successful day, as the red planet will be included in a positive aspect with Jupiter, your main patron. This week is no time to rest. Become a happier you will help effective work, communication with people, a favorite hobby.

This week is perfect for a change of scene for business travel, travel, travel. Try to find the time to transform yourself and your home. Enough to remain in confusion — set clear goals and try to achieve only what you dream about.


Capricorn this week will have to reckon with two patrons — Saturn and Venus. The first will be moderately active in Sagittarius all seven days. This will mean that your principles and better rules to keep unchanged. Possible problems with the money because of the relevance of Venus, but even a small caution can save you from failure. This week will be a happy time for many Capricorns.

Stay of Venus in Leo on Monday and the virgin throughout the rest of the days will make you more successful love endeavors. September 21, Venus will be in negative aspect to Pluto, so the new Dating and romance and Dating is better not to plan at this time. Stay in seclusion on Thursday.


Aquarius, you may be able to restore relations, severed in the past. Mercury will be for you most current planet in the coming period of time, so that his creative force will be your support in love, business, work. All week he’s strong, staying in the Sign of Virgo. It is an incredibly positive situation, because you will receive what you have not even dreamed of. It will be a surprise from fate.

On the other hand, the Sun is your enemy, too, will have some degree of influence. Well, the transition to Libra from Virgo on September 22 it will weaken. This means that in the second half of the week the stress will be less than usual. At least life will be easier, than in August and early September. Be yourself and don’t go off the chosen path.


The fish can get out of the shackles of routine. Pluto will help you with this, because his creative impact will be focused on strengthening love, relationships and friendship. This week, the astrologers suggest to stay with the family, partner and friends. A pleasant environment will help to get rid of the autumn Blues and depression.

Try to see in everything only good moments, because people’s attention to your person will be the envy of some of your enemies. Try not to feel a sense of jealousy in the period from 18 to 24 September. This feeling can destroy everything that was built earlier. Look at the world easier and don’t let myself think too much about others. Think of yourself, but not from the top of selfishness.

Try to keep the vital energy intact this week. Astrological analysis confirms the presence of high concentration of negative with those who are lazy and does not set itself new goals. Are in constant search of Hobbies, so as not to impede their development.