Horoscope for the week from 13 to 19 November 2017

Horoscope for the week of November 13 to 19, will tell you the shortest way to success and stability. The advice of the astrologers will help to prioritize.

Money and wealth is not the most important thing in life. It is only the consequences of a successful search themselves. Once a person finds his calling, he opens all doors in love and in other areas of life. Searches for his destiny the coming period will be the perfect time. Many people will be able to find the meaning of life in mid-November. Many just make a few right steps in this direction, but it is a small and pleasant victory. Look for more positive things in life this week.


Your favorable day of the week — 18 November when there will be a new Moon in Scorpio. On this day the Moon will be weak, so she won’t be able to harm you, but will add a positive aspect with the Sun. It will be really good and productive day for the Rams, who will be able to succeed in almost everything. Similar days will be 16 and 17 November, which will also be held under the auspices of Scorpio.

On other days the Moon will be moderately active, so the problem never-ending stream will continue to visit at a time. You will be able to cope with them, but we should not lose patience in any case. If you do this, the negative emotions will flood into your life, and luck may just turn away from you. Don’t jump to conclusions this week. Make informed decisions in love, work, Finance.


Mercury this week will become the most important planet for you. His creative inclination will not be able, unfortunately, to open up, so you’ll have to be content with what we have. The situation in various spheres of life is likely to remain unchanged. Mercury in Sagittarius will remain completely exhausted, so to help you will be just nobody. To attract love, money and luck will help you only caution.

Get yourself some rest, if possible. It’s best just to escape from the bustle, to go somewhere on business in another city. All aspects with other planets, unfortunately, will this week negative. Because of this bad days will be Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. It is not worth starting anything new these days, not to fail. Better to just take a rest or change of scenery.


If the money is not going in your pocket, in love, had problems, and good luck is simply absent this week, the reason is simple — you are not a good try. The fact that in the coming period to rule the ball will be Uranus in Aries. He is an active half, but his power is very noticeable. This planet will make it so that you can break the rules, while not caring about the consequences. Try to swallow the fear, to overcome it. Do not risk in vain, and do not get involved in adventure — break the rules otherwise.

Recklessness and courage are two different things that can generate each other, but they are not linked. Bold Gemini — happy and successful. If you try to hold the Fort, not responding to the attacks of the enemy aggression, will remain where it was before. Only dynamics and a genuine desire to win you will be able to escape from the clutches of everyday life. Do not envy anyone — you can make this work.


This week you may have unreasonable anxiety that can easily escalate into depression or apathy. To avoid this, you need to trust your instincts. Venus will be the main planet, so sixth sense will help you to beat the logic. Your energy does not improve much as the planet will be in the Sign of Scorpio, which will weaken it completely. You can count on the fact that the problems don’t appear out of nowhere, but it is likely that you yourself will create them.

The most devastating feeling this week will be jealous. Especially noticeable it will be on Monday, November 13, due to the negative aspects of Venus with Jupiter. Double aspect with Neptune and Saturn on the 16th day will make the day very mixed. You will have to do business based on intuition. Throughout the week it is better not to ask advice from other people, especially when it comes to money.


The lions have this week in business tight financial. To attract money and luck will not work with standard methods. Try to throw out all my excess energy into exercise, otherwise you risk to say something or to do something reckless. In cases of financial need to think more about the future, and love will be useful to recall the past. You could give someone from the family or your significant other a promise not kept. The time has come to rectify the situation.

Don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness from the people you truly road. If you do not, then your loyalty will be put under question. Of course, this may not be just for those of you who are not accustomed to apologies, but differently, unfortunately, impossible. It is always easier with the person to gain the world by a single word “sorry” than to bend the line to end. The sun in Scorpio will stay the whole week so will be weak. This will be the cause of all your trouble.


Virgos luck this week will only bring strength of character. Don’t roll over for other people, trying to emerge victorious in all things without exception. One small weakness can force your enemies to feel it and to become more active. If you will be overtaken by negative mood, then do not despair. Find a way to get rid of the Blues, any way. It could be physical labor, walking, communicating with interesting people or a banal vacation.

Mars, this week reigns, so things would go well, but the forces of the planets will be close to zero due to stay at the Scales. Only Saturday will be a truly auspicious day for Virgins, because Mars will be in good aspect with mercury. Other days you need to pay more attention to defense. On Saturday you can safely spend money, to give time to romance ourselves.


The connection of Jupiter and Venus on November 13 will make Monday a positive day and positive in General. It will be a great day for absolutely any business. Focus on the planning and the major challenges that all the troubles that can come later, didn’t mean for you to absolutely nothing. Monday is possible and even will need to devote time to the romance, loved ones, family, friends.

But other days can go not so good. The only thing that can save you is your willpower. Victory will be hard this week, because the main planet will be Jupiter in Scorpio. It will be hard and long stretching days for many Scales. Perhaps the feeling that time stopped, and the problems piled on relentlessly. The good news is that by the end of the week all the problems will likely subside, leaving you alone.


Pluto takes matters into his own hands. This little planet has a lot of potential for you. Try to implement all the positive points that you be able. Thus it is better not to forget that Pluto wants to see teamwork. Better to be closer to the people that you like. No one will do a better job for you if you are surrounded with attention and respect of colleagues and friends.

On Saturday, November 18, Pluto will be in a bad aspect with a negative mercury. This day is better to devote to the Affairs of the slow, careful. Stay at home, and in privacy among their personal problems. Relax, regroup, and Sunday can once again safely inside the battle for a place under the sun in every sphere of life. Do not cross the enemies is Saturday, because it is fraught with serious problems. Do not show anyone your character.


The moon this week will not be very active, so archers it is better not to postpone important things for later. On Monday the Moon will be in Virgo and in a negative aspect with Saturn. On this day, possible headaches, malaise and irrational fear that will be your undoing. All that is required from you is to be themselves. You can betray close people, but it’s not their fault. Learn to forgive.

All the days, except 16, 17 and 18 November, the Moon will be moderately active and dangerous. During these three days she will be in Scorpio, so slightly loosened his grip. You will be able to make serious decisions related to money. In these days it will be easier to communicate with people, so you can try to make new friends, if enough time and effort.


Mars in Libra is very weak. It will not help you to get rid of negative thoughts, but will not add fuel to the fire. This is a very stable time for Capricorns, which is a victory. Try not to make to the public what is going on in your love. Don’t ask for advice from other people about your personal life. If your significant other finds out, there will be a huge scandal.

Better to be a bit more open, but not to say too much. Communicate, enjoy life, but don’t try to engage in your game someone from the outside. Your main goal this week — to just relax and get the most out of everything that happens. Look for benefits in everything, but don’t show intentions too openly.


Jupiter takes matters into his own hands this week. If you have a mess in the house, the mess will be in life, because Jupiter makes it so that the energy of the house and premises as a whole is decisive. It’s not how you behave and where you are. If you feel that you have a bad mood, then the problem is with the environment.

Do not try too fast to make decisions this week, because Jupiter in Scorpio will not give you a second chance. Mistakes will be felt very painful. Only the Monday is a positive day, because Jupiter will be in good aspect with Venus, which stabilizes the situation and will become your lucky talisman. It is not necessary to rest November 13 — maximum activity in love and at work will help you to get rid of unnecessary tasks.


The brain activity of the Fish will increase this week. The next seven days it is better to devote to work or training, preparing for exams. You can have a lot of debt, so don’t waste time. Work, tirelessly. Try not to go beyond what is permitted in love. Pay attention to everything that happens around you. This week the main assistant of the Fish is the Moon. Note the three days of 16, 17 and 18 November. These days support the moon will be the smallest.

On other days try to get out of the clutches of routine and doubt. This will help you to succeed in business and at work. Financial Affairs will go very well. If you want, and everything will be at your feet. Try, too, will need, that one ambition will not go far, especially now that the Moon is not very positive. Be yourself, but don’t miss chances to improve yourself.

Experts of Feng Shui and astrologers say that this week is perfect for getting rid of old junk in the house. Also this is a good time to delete negative programs from your mind. Stop thinking that you’re weak and can’t do anything about your fate. It’s holding you back, does not reveal all.