Horoscope for December 2017

The beginning of winter can be a fateful moment in the life of every Zodiac Sign. In December we expect a big change — this is indicated by the planet that will change the course.

To Dec to stay happy, try to tune into the cosmic biorhythms. Astrologers have shared their observations, which reflect the main movement of the planets. Because of this, we can see a picture of the whole month and look into the future. The stars have in store for us the exciting changes that will change our view of life. Good luck on your side, you need to maintain an optimistic attitude and not to succumb to provocations of external stimuli. Faith in yourself and your success will be a happy tablet from the negative in December.


Mars and the Sun are the two main planets that will pull you from the depths of negativity in December. It is your patrons that enhance your intuition, provide power and awaken the fighting spirit. That’s why December will bring the needed change for growth and development. Treat them calmly. Something will have to admit in my life, and something to get rid of forever. The stars advise you to expel the negatives — it was too stoppers you in November. It’s time to change our thinking, to get rid of negative attitudes.

From 1 to 8 December, the forces of Mars will be on the wane, will have to rely on the influence of the Sun, which is strong and powerful until the 20th. You will not be able to Express themselves fully, you need to act more subtly, using cunning and wit. But the number 9 will be significant for you event — the transition of Mars in the Sign of Scorpio. The impact of the patron Saint will be strong and intense that will awaken your fiery essence. From 9 to 31 December will be very favorable period in your life, so long do not hesitate and do not limit yourself — take bold decisions, take action and don’t look back.


Virus program that destroys your consciousness, luck and life in General, will displace in December. It is time to step forward to new thoughts and feelings. Venus will make you give up everything that drags you down, especially if it is your erroneous views on life. With the arrival of December, Venus, manages your Sign, will make the transition into the constellation of Sagittarius where it will remain until the 25th. Then it will retain moderate activity, so that will give you many opportunities for personal growth. Your priorities — here’s what you need to focus this month. Avoid overly emotional people, and not succumb to the entreaties of loved ones, follow only its own way. In short, define their life goals.

From 25 to 31 December, Venus will be in the house of Capricorn, the impact of which will leave an imprint on the financial side of your life. In General, the impact of Venus will not change, but measured way of life is under threat. But this will give impetus to changes in life: if you’re mentally prepared, then everything will be fine.


In December, the Twins have to pay attention to energy security. Patron-mercury, while in an uncomfortable and energy-consuming position, will not allow to go beyond what is permitted. You will go to free swimming, only paddling in the fog. The first thing you need to do to deal with them. Focus on what matters to you personally, — do not do other people’s work, do not waste their strength in vain. In December will be able to clarify relationships with loved ones, if you pay attention to how people react to your words and actions.

While mercury will move from one constellation to another, more and more plunging into the abyss of negativity, you have to direct all the forces to protect themselves from the negative influence. Be careful and don’t rush things, remember all the time.


Jupiter is moderately active and creative for Cancers throughout the month, so December can be called a good time to get rid of all the problems accumulated over the year. Your patron is marked by being in Scorpio, which means that all secret will be revealed. Learn to trust your feelings, particularly intuition, which will not disappoint you. In difficult times, looking for answers to questions in your heart — they are already there.

Mars, which will be your main enemy in December, will gain strength with the number 8. Its negative impact it will interfere with your plans. You will be exposed to severe tests. The stars are sure: you Shine soak them and continue to live a full life. Most importantly — make time for relaxation. Indulge in positive emotions, for you it’s time to think about yourself first.


The most important role in December for the lions will play the Sun. The influence of your patron determines success in life. From 1 to 20 December is an important time for all of you who decided to start his life from scratch. The sun will be most active, therefore, his creative principle will not leave you even for a minute. The universe will give tips and help to get out from the clawed clutches of negativity and topical issues. Live to the fullest, it’s time to prove yourself and show the world who is the boss here.

From December 21 to December 31 you will discover the depth of feelings that you never knew existed. Busting excitement. Problems in your life will come only from-for negligent attitude. Try to think about each step in these 10 days, or take a break and bring the nerves in order. Do not chase an imaginary dream or success, give them time to “infuse”.


Hints of fate will lie on the surface. To ignore them will help Mars, which will become more urgent this month. His restless and daring energy will only benefit. First, try to eliminate all the unpleasant and to protect what so stretches your heart. To do this, you get 8 days. From 1 to 8 December events of life will slow down: it is possible that Virgos get bored. But after December will gain momentum and will not let you relax, so enjoy the calm while you can.

Already with the number 9 Mars gain strength by going into the Sign of Scorpio where it will remain until December 31. During this period, its strength will be very noticeable, you will feel a powerful influx of energy. Universe all the forces will induce you to action — do not resist. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you, especially if we are talking about something important and fundamental. Experts of the website dailyhoro.ru sure: the solution should only take you, unaided.


In December of Scales awaits a landmark event — the patron movement of Saturn into the constellation of Capricorn, which will take place on the 19th. This transition will give the Saturn energy, which is enough to help you get ahead in many different areas of life — from love wins and ending with the financial achievements. Luck will always follow you.

Until December 19 it is better to be careful. Try not to go from where you well: a great opportunity will meet Weights only in a bright place with a comfortable atmosphere. Astrologers recommend to dedicate two weeks of personal growth. If priorities have strayed, they need to re-place correctly. Live by the laws of the Universe, if you want to solve all their problems quickly and without delay. Yes, and problems with mood does not catch you off guard if you’re busy with something fun and versatile.


In December, in order to be happy, the Scorpions will have to take a step back, because many doors open for yourself. Astrologers believe that you will be able to reach a new level, because your happiness will to fight Mars. Until 9 December, be very careful when it comes to important things, don’t let anyone seize the initiative, it must belong only to you.

The influence of Mars in the first 8 days of the month will be weak, but luck will stay with you. The problems seem insurmountable, but that’s cheating. In fact, for you nothing will be impossible. And 9 December you will see for yourself. Mars gets stronger, and with it your energy. From this day on will have to invest all your strength in what you believe in, what set out to achieve. Forces will need a lot, but they will come to you in unlimited amounts. Don’t be shy, go forward in love and at work.


Much of what the Archers myself mentally willing, will be achieved in December. Reinforced Neptune be your guide to a world of luck, prosperity and success. Disturb you will only have a personal set of negative attitudes or reluctance to change anything. Your patron is strong and very active, so success, one might say, is in your pocket. You will feel a strong desire to improve their lives, to go forward, to achieve the desired. Do not attempt to restrain myself: fulfill the dream of now or never.

The problem topic was only filled with negative thinking. The lack of a positive attitude will destroy your plans, and even a positive impact patron will not be able to help you. Do not complicate your life obsessive thoughts. In which direction do you think determines your success.


Daring Uranium — your lucky mascot in December. The restless energy of this planet will set the tempo events in your life, tying good luck to you. Uranus began their retrograde movement in Aries, so think about every step. Unnecessary risks it is best to avoid. Try not to succumb to persuasion — save the excerpt when it comes to your personal happiness.

Of your planets-antagonists to highlight just want Neptune. His presence in Pisces will make him strong, but not enough to ruin your life. In any case you should be prepared for sudden changes. Try not to overreact to possible failures and unexpected results. If something goes not as you planned, don’t lose the incentive to continue to control their own destiny.


Venus, your main helper, this month will be to maintain neutrality. Its influence will not rise above moderate activity that will make worry many of you. December promises to be in a quiet mode, without sharp turns and serious troubles. Can only hurt your confidence. Lack of motivation will be, perhaps, the biggest problem this month. Astrologers suggest to establish contacts: useful contacts will help you to succeed in what is important to you.

The rest of the last month of 2017 will be held in good spirits, if you make yourself less nervous. December will give you a chance to start over. Venus will excite your soul, moved the hearts — surrender without resistance. Be open to everything new, especially when it comes to love. Forget about past wrongs, trust the people you love.


Jupiter and Neptune — that from this will depend on your happiness in December. Let’s start with Jupiter. The whole month he will not change his character: his power drops below half that can be called a good sign for everyone who wanted to change their lives for the better. The constructive spirit of Jupiter will help to concentrate on important weed unnecessary. According to the forecasts of astrologers, you will have a hot time, and strength should be enough for all.

As for Neptune, it will be strong and powerful. In this unity of your patrons will be hard to hide from good luck — she will literally start chasing you. With the decision in December is better not to procrastinate: act fast and original, the way you know how. Emotional support give people who will envelop you with care. In General, don’t worry — the stars are on your side.

Many of the Signs of the Zodiac don’t have to wait for New year to start life anew. December will put everything in its place. But in your office changes, you need to get rid of the burden of the past. Sometimes past memories and fears — this is the ballast, which pulls on the bottom. Do not complicate your life. May the coming month be happy for you. We wish you good mood, success,