Horoscope for a week from October 30 to November 5, 2017

Horoscope for the week will help you become more successful in love, career, and financial matters. The advice of astrologers can be very useful when a person comes face to face with an unpleasant situation.

It is important to know how to behave not only in a dangerous situation, but in favourable, in order not to lose the success. Energy protection is the right choice this week for many of the Zodiac Signs, but it is not necessary to go into protection and spoil the mood. Just try to dismiss negative thoughts — so you are in the right track. Luck be with you if you can see a thin trickle of light at the end of the tunnel and will go to her without stopping.


Strengthening of energy Rams should occur evenly, without nervous tension. Deal with your favorite things and physical exercise more this week. Your luck will be with you for all seven days, because Pluto will be the most important planet for you. Under the influence of Capricorn he will remain moderately active, so the main source of positive will come from your entourage.

People will give you a warm welcome, so life will become much easier for many of you. There is a small chance that you will not wait, but there is the possibility that someone will interfere. You will be in complete harmony with your partner. Those who are in search of, there will be more chances of success, so don’t doubt yourself for a second.


It is time to think about karma. All that you have done in the past, in the next seven days to find the exit in some cases. Note what you did wrong once, so now it didn’t bother you too much. To pay the bills have all for their misdeeds and betrayal, mistakes and so on. You require can negative Mars. From Monday to Sunday he will be in the Balance.

Of course, the planet will be completely devoid of their forces, but there is no guarantee that failure will pass you. Every action has a reaction — so says one of the laws of the Universe. You need to remember that good deeds can generate even more positive. No offense to loved ones and not be selfish now. You need to learn to be more grateful for everything.


You’re in luck, because the mercury this week reigns. This planet is capable of many things for you, however, to wait for help from her only in the first six days. On Sunday, mercury will move into Sagittarius, so completely lose their power. Until November 5, he will be in Scorpio, while retaining moderate activity. This will help you to find your destiny and solve difficult dilemmas associated with finding your place in this life.

Luck is with you, so you can afford an expensive purchase and a little adventure, a change of image, flirting. New initiatives will also benefit the Twins, but all of this commotion and activity it is better to suspend on Sunday. On the last day of the week it is better to just take a break from everything.


It will be very positive for you week, because the Moon will be strong most of the time. 30 and 31, it will remain in Pisces. This means that the strength of her will be above average, so Monday and Tuesday it is better to devote the work. Even more powerful day in terms of energy will be Saturday and Sunday, 4 and 5 November. This weekend try not to lose the desire to work and get better. The human aura is a fragile mechanism, so do not forget about the rest.

1 to 3 November, the Moon in Aries will be moderate, so these days will be very calm and measured. It is best to devote their love or her search. Few people can quickly change your mood, but this week it is better to alternate between work, love, Hobbies and financial Affairs. To kill two hares at the same time will not work, but in turn — please.


Saturn takes the reins into their own hands this week. This means that your business can fail. From October 30 to November 5, Saturn will be in Sagittarius, therefore, will protect its moderate activity. On October 31 he will be in quadrature with the Moon, which will make the day truly dangerous for you. Polyquadratic with Sun 2 Nov will make you more successful. 3 number sekstilâ Venus, on the contrary, will take all the luck from the lions and will make you nervous, impulsive.

The vices and weakness are all Signs of the Zodiac. The lions are drawbacks to hide difficult, so learn to ask for forgiveness for the harsh words in mandative tone, for selfishness. Be sincere, then everything around you will be able to understand and forgive for every mistake, large and small, and not very offensive. If you can force yourself to be more attentive to others, then all will be well.


Often you can program themselves to poverty. This week I will if you don’t have to think about the future positively. Jupiter will be the main planet, so its stay in Scorpio will be negative for you. Perhaps a series of wins will stop, but resume it will help your confidence and hope for a brighter future. November 3, Jupiter and Pluto will be in a very negative aspect for you. So on this day, you also need to avoid people.

This week should be devoted to business, work and Finance. Purchase just put it down and don’t take too serious decisions in business. Caution will be your lucky ticket to financial Paradise. It is likely that you accidental expenses and unforeseen monetary loss.


Neptune in Pisces is strong and most relevant this week. You need to remember that thoughts are material. Neptune will make them even more important in transforming the surrounding reality. Even more important you need to give what you say. Do not give empty promises to people you love and respect. Live in harmony with ourselves.

November 4 will be the most positive day for you from one of polutorametrovy Venus and Neptune. This aspect will benefit your mood. Use this day in order to succeed in love and become closer to your family. Astrologers say that on Saturday you can even need to invite guests and organize small parties, gathering of friends and relatives.


A happy person is a successful person. Interfere with your success in love Affairs will this week Venus. Its stable and strong energy, provoked by the best in Balance, will negatively affect you. Hatred, anger and jealousy can cloud your judgment. To avoid a bloody war for love and money, you will simply need to let go of resentments and bring my own emotions under control.

November 3, Venus will be in negative aspect to Saturn, so Friday will be even more dangerous. Double aspect with Uranus and Neptune on Saturday will help you to summarize the week and to draw the right conclusions about themselves and their capabilities. No one should poke their nose into your Affairs, but you concentrate on yourself, not on other people.


You do not need to know the future to be a step ahead of all the other people in those seven days. Just need to learn how to expend internal energy. Uranus in Aries will be the main planet for Sagittarius, so it is neutral and negative quality of energy will cause you to sink into chaos. To avoid problems related can be careful around and with the right planning. Not razmenivayas on the little things, do not run ahead of a steam locomotive.

The best job in these times is to work on yourself. All people have some aspect of life in which you should always make an effort to preserve success. In these seven days try to approach the ideal, becoming better. Eliminate the most annoying fears, insecurities and everything that prevents you to open up completely. This is a good time for discovering talents and find new Hobbies.


The moon this week will be home at all for you, according to astrologers. This is bad news, as the moon activates your power and be strong all the time. The problem you will constantly have to come at the most awkward moments. In this period you better move from offensive to defense. Blind defense and increased patience will become your best companions.

Weekend on 4 and 5 November, will be the most dangerous days for you. Try not to focus on the future. Live one day this week, because unnecessary hope will only interfere with common sense. Only in the middle of the week energetic dissonance a bit weakened, so work tirelessly. You should not be demanding now, especially to yourself.


The sun takes matters into his own hands. All week it will be completely debilitated in Scorpio. This is very good news because you can focus on all their problems to solve them as soon as possible. Even if your life now the crisis, this week could be a very favorable time for you. The main thing — not to start to do anything, if you are not confident in a positive outcome.

On the other hand, if everything points to a favorable outcome of a case, it is better not to linger once again. Your passion and wisdom will unite into a single whole, creating the most positive environment for tasks in which you are masters. Use common sense, but with extreme caution. When it comes to love, the sixth sense is unlikely to disappoint you. In the financial sector, on the contrary, logic is a priority.


Mercury in Scorpio is dangerous for you, because this week he will have the strength to guide you down the wrong path. You need to give more time to the family, relatives, friends, beloved one. It’s time to give, not to receive gifts. You for someone can be a last hope, a very important person. Fear not to do good — it will return to you double the size then.

Last day weeks will be the most positive, because mercury will enter Sagittarius Sign. November 5, the world’s power will plummet and you will have the ability to attract love, money and just achieve any of its goals. Sunday may be small, but you can use this time for planning, introspection, recuperation before the beginning of the new week.

This week can be very unpredictable. Even if you find a way to predict your future, everything can change. Because only you can determine the outcome of any case. Strong and determined people can change the destiny, so it is not necessary to go with the flow.